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Beware: 'Master dealmaker' is back
Yoram Ettinger
Published: 09.12.06, 13:16
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31. Baker's continues loser attitude and policies of appeasement
Remy ,   kiryat ata   (12.10.06)
This report is no surprise and merely continues the Baker doctrine of make any deal you can regardless of the long term consequences as long as things stay quiet for a while. Baker should never have been hired to write report due to his conflict of interest as attorney for Saudi Arabia...one of the major ME players and terrorist supporters. What a jerk.
COMMON SENSE ,   US   (12.11.06)
So Poppy resurrected his foreign affairs relics to bail Jr.out of Iran One has only to recall how pissed off Baker was when Israel blew the Iraqi reactor to figure out which way the wind now blows. So get the hell over it. To paraphrase somebody else Israel has become sickeningly subservient to the whims of the administration and too humble and apologetic before the EU. Now Israel can take her destiny back and act in her best interests from a position of strength and superiority in the region. Israel has become a virtual pariah state by trying to capitulate. Screw that! Try throwing your weight around and see if that does not garner more respect in the ME than being the spineless nation you have become. Conflict is the eternal price for Israel's existence. Do not continue being decadent, complacent, and weak. Your survival is contingent upon your strength.
33. when good negotiates with evil , evil wins
usa   (12.11.06)
when good negotiates with evil, evil always wins. when good is thinking "fair and square", evil is thinking, doubt and scared. good wants to see both sides, evil wants to change the tide. good looks for hope and trust, evil looks for hate that must. good wants love and equality, evil wants bias and insecurity. When good negotiates with evil, good must always win.
34. Baker=Moonbat made in USA
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (12.15.06)
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