Opinion  Sever Plocker
Zizek and the Zionist-Nazi alliance
Sever Plocker
Published: 09.12.06, 19:51
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1. israel
Allyson Edwards   (12.09.06)
i dont care
megi ,   LONDON   (12.09.06)
3. So?
Uriel ,   SAD   (12.09.06)
That's September 26th 1937! No one even knew what atrocities are prepared in Dachau, Treblinka etc. It was a secret! And, of course that Haganah wanted to negotiate with the Eichman - I would do anything in my power, even negotiate with Amalek, to save my people! That's in the basis of politician: you are nothing, your people are everything, if you have to kiss ass of the Hitler himself to save million Jews, on your knees, mister, and buckle your lips!
4. Something alarming about leftists intellectuals/philosphers
Emily ,   Calif   (12.09.06)
What is alarming today is how the so-called "intellectual" class has become so anti-semitic. They try to whitewash their actions and beliefs by calling it "anti-zionism." America on the whole is not an anti-semitic country, but based upon the anti-semitic drivel being taught on college campuses today, the future doesn't bode so well for future generations. And look at England with their academic boycotts against Israelis.
5. anyone thinks that..
jason ,   usa   (12.09.06)
someone hates Israel a bit to much?
6. #1 - what do you mean?
?   (12.09.06)
explain what you don't care about
7. #1 and #3 you miss the point.
Re-Read the last 4 ,   paragraphs   (12.09.06)
Re-read the article's last four paragraphs.
8. Intellectuals are laughable, as we as the
freedom ,   canada   (12.09.06)
dangerous liberals we see in society today. With their endless irrelevant analysis. Anyone see the ethnic cleansing happenning today. The United Nations is a joke and all justice revering nations should withdraw their support of this organization.
9. Interesting
Benjamin ,   NC/CO   (12.09.06)
I never heard of him before today and doing simple research (I am a grad student) states in his bio that he has participated in at least one conference/symposium in Israel. Who sponsored him, what did he discuss, when, etc.? Too many intellectuals criticize Zionism; perhaps sometimes Zionists give them too many reasons. Since it is not a perfect ideology, their exist many imperfections within its various streams. As a Zionist, I think that we need to recognize its faults and change them--though a consensus will be as difficult to accomplish as the ME peace process itself. True, the standards of Universities have decreased over the past few decades, but propaganda exists everywhere and on every side. Shalom/Salaam.
10. Proving the thesis?
David ,   US   (12.10.06)
Doesn't your article and the knee-jerk hateful response of your readers prove Zizk's point? You are again equating anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. You can call me a self-hater if you wish, but I have many Shoah survivors (and sadly, non-survivors) in my family, yet I still do understand that there is a distinct difference between opposition to Israel, or even more broadly the Zionist project, and anti-Semitism. Until you understand this, you will both strengthen such hypotheses, and also worsen anti-Semitism worldwide to all our peril. The state of Israel is NOT the represetative of all Jewish people worldwide, and it's actions are often indefensible to say the least. And, you can be a Zionist, and still admit that Israel is far from sin-less.
11. Slavoj ZIzek
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (12.10.06)
Never heard of the guy most intellectuals have too much time on their hands,they should do an honest days work once in a whileand get of their Anti Jewish ,Anti Israel rantings.
12. Important topic
Petra ,   Bat Yam   (12.10.06)
Absolutely impressive article; moreover, it's not all that much fun to read Zizek who likes to prove with every sentence what a great intellectual he is -- so Plocker proved quite a bit of dedication by going through this material. And Plocker is right: Israelis and Israel's supporters vastly underestimate the influence of intellectuals like Zizek.
13. never heard of him. seems more clown than intellectual (end)
dante ,   uk   (12.10.06)
14. Amazing the Left never talks about Stalin/Hitler Pact
AK   (12.10.06)
and following trade and cooperation. The no question that Soviet behavior was having impact on the the collapse of poland and the rest of Europe. Western Communists were like mindless zombies then and they haven't changed since. Zizek an intellectual? Well, just like a new definition of Liberal, the 'intellectual' gets to be redefined.
15. #9 Your changing will not stop anti-semitism
AK   (12.10.06)
Anti-Semitism has nothing to do with want Jews do or don't do, but everything with anti-Semite. Please, read the book by Kenneth Levin "The Oslo Syndrome: The Delusions of People under Siege."
16. Make a Case Against Zisek!
Ed ,   USA   (12.10.06)
Zizek is hardly an intellectual leader as far as Israel goes. His views reflect what is common in American Universities. Part of the issue is the status of the ethnically unified nation state. It has not seemed justifiable to academics. Second, the settlements are viewed as a throwback to European imperialism--instead of, say, attempts to break down restrictions about where Jews can live. Third, Israeli intellectuals have been reluctant to respond to people like Zizek, prefering to dismiss them as anti-semites. More Israelis need to make the case for Israel's right to exist. Even after 60 years, it remains the central issue.
17. yet Jews are still have to have a "reason" to
Michael   (12.10.06)
have a homeland that every other nation has. the reason is simple Israel is the land that was given to the Jews by G-d. If the world really believes in G-d. then let G-d be the judge. This is the "root cause" in the world. The sooner the world realizes its hypocrisy and its fake Morality. The sooner the world can heal be peaceful and prosper. Where all people Christians, Jews, Buddhist,Hindus and Moslems can live in harmony.
18. 1937 sounds to me WWII wasn't even there
gabriela ben ari   (12.10.06)
for the world to realize what Nazis are capable of
19. Every One is An Anti-Semite
Jean Paul Dondes ,   Amsterdam   (12.10.06)
Slavok Zizek is an anti-semite. Jimmy Carter is an anti-semite, James Baker and Lee Hamilton are also anti-semites. You get the picture...
20. Zizek is not building Nukes - Ahmadinajab IS!
Ronny ,   TA   (12.10.06)
21. anti-"semitism"
adam x ,   usa   (12.10.06)
you guys don't seem to have noticed that arabs are semites too something going on there
22. 17 -the jew left - the middle east
so tough luck- just like europeans moved to USA or Canada- - we cant go back and TAKE land- and this 'god thing' that is jsut the jew version of god- and the jew cant force that on the rest of the world if we dont want it-
23. is anyone genuinely surprised?
Vitaliy ,   NJ, USA   (12.11.06)
Anti-Semites existed before, they will exist later... we must not concentrate at their existence, but put forward the reasons why we want to exist in the way we want to exist. We have seen empires rise and fall, we lasted through centuries and millenia and revived our own language and a state! Even being a non-denominational Jew, I can say that there is a G-d, which cares for us and will not let anti-Semites like Zizek get the last laugh. True we have been killed en masse before, but the same fate befell many other groups. Yet we are the only ones who have managed many such attacks. We can withstand anything.
24. To all the Zizeks of the world...
Salomon ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.11.06)
and to those who do not understand the essence of Zionism, please read: http://www.think-israel.org/benzimra.jews.html
25. Zizek on Israel
Arieh Lebowitz ,   New York, USA   (12.12.06)
See this item by Zizek in teh well-read U.S. democratic socialist newsmagazine, In These Times, from this past August: http://www.inthesetimes.com/site/main/print/2793/ Lets be Realists, Let?s Demand the Impossible! Why pragmatic politics are doomed to fail in the Middle East ...
26. Two words for Leftists: MOLOTOV-RIBBENTROP
Jake   (12.15.06)
That was the name of the Nazi-Soviet PACT signed between Stalin's emissary and Hitler's emissary, dividing Eastern Europe between them in 1939. Days after Germany invaded western Poland, Stalin invaded eastern Poland, AS PART OF THE AGREEMENT. Worse was that Communist parties in the West followed Stalin's orders in condemning CHURCHILL'S "aggression" in declaring war on Germany. Their position didn't change until mid-1941, when USSR was invaded, and Stalin spent 2 weeks in solitude trying to figure out how cousin Adolf could go and betray him like that. And then they complain about a failed meeting in 1937 to try to unfreeze Jewish financial assets in Germany in exchange for a financial payoff????? Give me a break!
27. Adamx, Jews didn't create the word "Semites"
Jake   (12.15.06)
That was created by Jew-haters in Germany, as a euphemism. Jews never called themselves "Semites" in history, and the existence of such a nation or race is ficticious. It can only describe a group of languages.
28. This Zizi is based in Germany
Jake   (12.15.06)
He teaches at the University of Essen
29. Revisionist Zionism
John Doe ,   The Earth   (01.26.07)
This article serves as a white-wash of the actual historical affinities and connections of Revisionist Zionism and Nazi germany - and misses the entire point of Zizek's criticisms. It is astounding how much arrogance and lies serve to prop up a bad idea.
30. Zizek
eugene ,   los angeles, ca   (04.05.07)
He is not based in Germany. He is based in Ljubljana, Slovakia, at the university there. He speaks everywhere. Secondly, why does it seem that once a person critisizes Isreal he is automatically branded antisemetic? Being a Polish Jew, even I have to admit that he has a point. Jerusalem is turning into pre WWII Berlin. And the farce of Israel using semantics in political argument (we are not building a wall, it is a "fence") is rather insulting. And what if God (or G-d) does not exhist? What would that make the Israeli situation? If it were not marked by an idealogy, I believe it could only be recognized as invasion and terrorization.
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