Beirut rally: Death to Israel, US
Roee Nahmias
Published: 10.12.06, 16:29
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1. Israel Agrees to Reopen Mt. Zion Talks with Vatican
Israel Agrees to Reopen Mt. Zion Talks with Vatican
2. support
efayad ,   dubai   (12.10.06)
this is a democratic movent since 10 days no major incidents except 1 person killed what else will be called democracy
3. How come Israelies can't protest like this?Take down Olmert!
LEE ,   NY, USA   (12.10.06)
4. said Qassem speaking behind bullet proof-glass??
Israel   (12.10.06)
HA HA HA HA HA - that wasn't the Lebanese people, that was rent-a-crowd, paid for by Iran. If he was so sure that's what the Lebanese people wanted, and they love him so much, why was he behind bullet proof glass - and where was Fatso? aka Nasrallah? he's terrified to show his face in public (period) he knows the first time he does, he's a dead man, that's how much the people of Lebanon love him.....................NOT! What a deranged bunch of misfits.
5. pity
tsedek ,   israel   (12.10.06)
6. Where are our "Hundreds of Thousands?"
Naomi Phillips ,   Las Vegas U.S.A.   (12.10.06)
As Israel continues to be governed (sic) by the most base, craven, opportunistic and corrupt leadership, those unafraid to voice their conscience demanding accountability meet with derision and are marginalized. Where are our "hundreds of thousands" publicly supporting those voices in demanding resignations, a new government and reform?
next we will have the burning of the paliament buildings. these scenes are just a re-run of the histories which gave rise to such people as hitler, mussolini, stalin, and many others who pillaged and murdered their ways into the infamous histories. what lemmings these folowers of the bollah creed!
8. #2 efayed
linda   (12.10.06)
Wait untill muslims will rule lebanon and see if people will be that free again to protest
9. Even if they don't work they have to eat & shit
malcolm   (12.10.06)
When several hundred thousand people have to eat, drink, piss & shit with little room to do it they eventually go crazy. Perhaps Nas is getting cocky because be believes his god is directing him to victory. That's a good thing.
10. You said it #4, Israel!
Israelit ,   Israel   (12.10.06)
And if this was an anti-government rally, who started the chanting "Death to Israel! Death to America!"? Sounds an awful lot like fundamentalist Islam from outside, not the Lebanese. I thought this was about Siniora.
11. has Seniora cried yet? no?
an Israeli   (12.10.06)
that's what happens when you put on an act: before you know it it becomes reality. All the hypocrites of Lebanon having a hard time controlling the devil they tried to make a deal with as long as they let him use their land and incite their people to kill Jews. So nice to see them now. Bye Bye Lebanon. The land of the cowards and the liers, you made your deal with the devil and now it's time to pay your dues. All the better for us, next time we won't have to go from house to house to see who is Lebanese and who is Hizb-Allah, god willing Hezb-Allah will be Lebanon. You really earned what you get.
12. God bless Nasrallah. He always keeps his promises !!!!!!!!!!
Whatever it takes ,   Dark Justice   (12.10.06)
13. #8
Lebanese ,   USA   (12.10.06)
Those protestors are not only MUSLIMS, they come from the all secs in the Lebanese society. Half of those people are Lebanese Christians and Druz. So, don't even try to give it an Islamic face.
14. HELP...
help ,   LEBANON   (12.10.06)
15. Death to US and Israel
Sagi ,   Israel   (12.10.06)
and all the others. The only ones allowed to inherit the world are Muslims, the true believers, all others are infidels and must die in the name of the great one. Death, death, death. Only death is sacred. Life is forbidden.
16. What's the news here?
Mush DeLeon ,   Brooklyn, New York   (12.10.06)
This is the same old story. Why can't they harness this manpower and improve the Lebanese GDP or improve the Lebanese health care system. Oh, that's right, because they'll use any excuse to miss a day of work, especially when it means eating shwarma, and cotton candy, and participating in a "Death to the Jews" poltical orgy. Buffoons.
17. #14, why? so that you can call us child murderers?
Oh, please post   (12.10.06)
oh really? you mean we should get in and only bomb Hizb-Allah while the rest of Beirut and Lebanon go on with their ordinary lives? Oops! we already did that. And you libeled us and lied, and lied, and lied. Every Hizb-Allah we killed became "civilian" the minute he was dead. The despicable creature you have for a PM cried to the Arab league about the crimes that those "murderers Israelis" commit! Ofcourse it wasn't his crime letting them building bunkers and tunnel complexes beneath homes, and build military facilities inside residences. No. It's OUR crime. We are the horrible criminals. We, who sacrificed our boyes, husbands, brothers, to go in from house to house so that god forbid we wouldn't hurt non Hizb-Allah Lebanese. Just to see those non Hizb-Allah Lebanese libel us and lie in the most shameful way over and over again. Wasn't it Seniora who laughed at the cameras, ahen they asked him about resolution 1701's commitment to free our two border patrollers? The same Seniora who broke our hurts with his tears, showed his hyena's character with his laughter. He doesn't seem to be so worrried about the war crimes you commit, does he? We don't even know whether they're dead or alive, or if they get medical treatment, I havn't heard anyone in Lebanon having any problem with that. I havn't heard anyone in Lebanon having a problem with the previous shameful war crime of holding border patrollers and a grandfather in inhuman conditions for years without letting us know whether they had been dead, untill after the exchange. I havn't heard anyone in Lebanon having any problem with a nazi TV channel, Al-Manar, aired from Lebanon to the whole world, portraying Jews using children's blood to eat, and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. You never had any problem, as long as it's us they kill and libel and you libeled us as well. You dug your own grave, and you did so in the most hypocrite immoral way there is, I'm not even sure you're any better than Hizb-Allah. We can't help you even if we wanted to. The whole world believed your lies and calls us child murderers. And frankly I don't even want to. Call me when Seniora cries, I'd love to see that. Next war will be against Lebanon, not against Hizb-Allah, znd we won't have to go in from house to house to kill Hezb-Allah, only to be announced by Seniora they were innocent civilians as soon as they die.
18. ALL of my comments were censored
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.10.06)
19. Hey LEE, you're going to respond to my TB
sk ,   USA   (12.10.06)
#46 on ...,7340,L-3337007,00.html aren't you?
20. no15
toni ,   sabme   (12.10.06)
i tkink your wright . but lets assume your wrong, we can pretend that there calls for death to israel and death to america is just a front to there real intentions of peace to israel and life to america. we are in deep you know what and western leaders are to blame because they have the means to know the difference. but not the balls to admitt it . like the titanic the captains will go down with there ship of fools.
21. STFU Sk, leave your fairy antics in the Galut and Gehenna
Sasha ,   Spring Hill, Israel   (12.10.06)
22. self-proclaimed true believers,
vered ,   israel   (12.10.06)
What a load of nonsense
23. how frightening
robin ,   israel   (12.10.06)
A whole society not afraid to unabashedly hate and show it, and still come off looking like victims.
24. As Hezbollah is at war with the US ...
sk ,   USA   (12.10.06)
and as these are supporters, why exactly shouldn't the US have dropped bombs and killed hundreds of thousands of the enemy? This gives another meaning to the idea of "melting into the general population." I'm not just letting off steam, by the way. During WW2, Dresden was bombed, and can anyone deny that the present demonstrators are AT LEAST as much enemies as those who happened to live in that German city? Clearly, the US has to return to a more effective war making tactics.
25. What would someone from Dubai (efayad, #2)
sk ,   USA   (12.10.06)
know about democracy?
26. Lebanon seems doomed
Uzi ,   Haifa   (12.10.06)
27. talkbacks
toni ,   sabme   (12.10.06)
democrasy in these talk backs are self evident. it is a worth wild goal to have the out cast have a voice is it not?
28. #19- sk my friend- part 1
LEE ,   NY, USA   (12.10.06)
Hi sk, I'm really touched by your infatuation with me. My words must of really stirred something within you and I’m very pleased to see that. That was the intention after all. But, my lack of response on our last give and take stems from my realization that some people don’t really involve themselves in debate for the sake of intellectual or spiritual advancement. Some people simply need to feel like they’ve had the last word or proved themselves more erudite and wise. Since I see you debating with everyone in that fashion I don’t see much point in drilling my point home. But, you’ve asked nicely several times and I will do my best to respond to you as difficult as it may be. This difficulty stems from the fact that I’m having a hard time understanding where the root of your hatred for what you label “Haredim” comes from. As much as you would like to group them into one umbrella label, “Haredi”, the reality is much more complicated then that. Within the “Haredi” society there are different approaches or facets of thought and this is reflected in their actions and their relations to the state. There are Ashkenazi Haredim, and Sephardic and Mizrachi Haredim. Within each of these groups there are many other groups like Hassidic and Litveshe and many more. Even within, say Hassidic, there are those that follow different philosophies and that also effects their relations to the state. For example, there are Hassids that follow the Gerrer Rebbe, the Bostener Rebbe, the Satmir Rebbe, the Lubavicher Rebbe, and all have different facets. Many Lubavitcher’s serve in the IDF and many other Haredi are among the best the IDF has to offer, like the Nachal Haredi. What holds the common thread among them all is that they follow the Halacha from Sinai. Their exteriors may look different, but does that really matter? I re-read your TBs and you seem to be fixated with their style of dress. Your “clown suit” comments allow me to understand a little more where the root of your hatred comes from. I cannot believe that your perspectives are so shallow and on the surface that their dress should bother you so much. So what if they share conformity in dress? What’s it to you? Is conformity in dress such a bad thing? Don’t all soldiers in the IDF wear the same uniform? Why do you think that is? Can you understand that it has something to do with discipline? Appreciate that, don’t mock it. And you, are you not conforming to the whims of this generation’s taste in fashion? But who really cares? Why judge them by their dress anyway? Maybe the real problem is that you don’t want fellow jews to look different then the citizens of other nations. Maybe you have that Zionistic chip on your shoulder that a jew must look and act the same as everyone else, because if not he invites anti-semitism. Maybe your that jew who hates to be part of a separate chosen nation. But realize that this is your problem, not theirs. It is you trying to conform and hide your jewishness as much as possible. You seem to have a major self-esteem problem and that’s reflected in your fixation on religious garb...
29. sk my friend- part 2
LEE ,   NY, USA   (12.10.06)
So you see my problem with responding to you? There are so many Haredi, some that fight in the army and others that do not, some that study all day and others that work, some that believe in the state and some that do not, some who dress differently and some that do not. But, for the hater, it’s not comfortable to look at things as they truly are. It’s more convenient to simply lump them all together and condemn them. And as for sucking the resources of the state, well, they make up a part of the population. Its only natural that funds of the state go to all sectors of the public, not just the ones who you like. For instance, if I was a tax paying Israeli, and many Haredi are (granted many Haredi are not, just like many secular Israelies are tax evaders) then I would feel uncomfortable knowing that my tax dollars (or shekels) are going to fund public schools whose agenda and curriculum I don’t like and even oppose. Those same tax dollars are spent on an army that tomorrow can be employed to throw my settler cousin out of his home (btw, I appreciate your admiration for the settlers, I love them too and you’re right that they reflect the Macabbee spirit). But we have to live with that because that is what holds a society together and united. A common bond and sense of responsibility one for the other. Your hatred does not contribute to fixing or advancing anything. It can only do damage. Unfortunately, you’re not the only one who’s expressed such malevolence towards the many sectors that you lump together. Its truly sad and I wish it changes. The best thing we can do, for the good of ALL the Nation is to simply understand each other and tolerate our differences while staying united. The times we’re in certaintly calls for that. And understand that the Haredi or the Orthodox Rabbis in general spend all their days and nights trying to preserve authentic Torah and Halacha. They may seem weird or clown-like to you, but understand that without them, we would not be here and without their Torah knowledge and leadership the Nation would surely crumble. It is fair to say also, that without them, the jewishness of the state would also be lost. Gay parades, reform marriages, no respect for Shabbat, and I really don’t believe that this is where the average Israeli strives to get to. I’m not telling you to become Haredi, but at least appreciate that they’re an important piece in the fabric that make up our people. I hope that was sufficient for you.
30. Lebanon
silvio ,   italy   (12.10.06)
It is all clear. The Moslems are evidently to the attack on all the fronts. Lebanon by now is lost to the Western World. All this for guilt of a weak Europe, cowardly, meaningless and therefore subject only to compromises fools. Like the Byzantine Civilization disappeared because of the useless words when the strong action needed, as the Western Civilization will observe between not much time the his end to advantage of the Islamic World. That God helps us!
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