Beirut rally: Death to Israel, US
Roee Nahmias
Published: 10.12.06, 16:29
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61. #57 was not me. #56,58&59 were.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (12.12.06)
62. LEE (56, 58, 59)
sk ,   USA   (12.12.06)
LEE, I really don't want to get into Torah exegesis or the etiology of sexual orientation, although I have written some about the latter elsewhere on Ynet. Suffice to say that your claim that "there is no such thing as a homosexual or a gay man" is demonstrably false. You asked specific questions of me, and I answered very specifically, I thought. I urge you not to ask me questions if you don't intend to engage my answers. No offense, LEE. You seem like a good guy.
63. sk: fair enough
LEE ,   NY, USA   (12.13.06)
I also thought I did my best to answer your points. I guess I failed at that. Its understandable why you are not even attempting to answer my specific question (#56). Its an impossible task. The verse cannot possibly be understood in any other way from a rational point of view. All the rest of my comments were not questions and were not meant to be answered. But, regretably, because you do not want to engage in this aspect of the discussion, any further debate would be futile as it does not approach the root and cause of our differences. That's all right by me. I understand. I'll be looking forward to reading your future talkbacks. I do enjoy most of them.
plyadies ,   LA USA   (12.14.06)
I feel you are not the only one being censored here. I wrote many and very rarely I see my comment. I'm being censored and I thought this was an honest place.
65. middle east
bear ,   kitchener canada   (12.14.06)
i say one more try for middle east peace. desarm iran and north korea from there nukes if it means miltiary action. that stops the bullies of crimminals that leave a threat of world peace.
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