Olmert: Iran wants nuclear weapons like Israel
AP and Ynet
Published: 12.12.06, 00:26
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andrew ,   miami,fl   (12.11.06)
2. Germany: 2 faced hypocrites
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (12.11.06)
Germany will never cancel their business dealings with Iran. Their criticism is only hot air. Meanwhile the Austrians who were also responsible for the holocaust don't say one word.
3. It´s overdue. What would a true friend of Israel do?
Hans ,   Markdorf, Germany   (12.11.06)
4. Germany wants only to retrieve some of its money, it paid as
compansation to jews, the iranian and israeli jews !
5. courage
sam ,   NZ   (12.11.06)
I wish Olmert stop wasting his courage on Iran and start talking to the Hizbullah to free thoses poor soldiers. He is surely a loser.
6. Which is really the surprise?
Arie ,   Afula   (12.11.06)
that olmert is a raving idiot or that we have nukes?
7. The PM of Israel? NOW?! oi vei! "Shma Yisra'el........
Fred Nerks ,   Israel   (12.11.06)
8. tongue utters what the heart and mind hold
everyone knew Israel had nukes, since he knows slippage is just tongue uttering the truth. second Olmert's defense of democracies having a right to won nukes is a disgrace to a mind. who used the the first and only nukes in the world? the US. who killed more than 50 million Ukranians without blinking? the Russians. who killed 2 million Algerains? The French.. where is children every day enslaved for work and sex? China... who told the US that it will not hesitate to use the BOMB if Egypt were to keep winning in 1973? Israel... who would use these bombs if they would come close to losing a war? all of the above... please save the lies you faceless hypocrites... so let's allow all the other democracies in the world to have nukes? let's also put a prerequisite of not having ever had threatened to use it? now this would work.... NO NUKES TO ANYONE IN THE WORLD, NO EXCEPTION...
9. I disagree with German reparations / compensation
Monk ,   USA   (12.11.06)
I don't want any compensation or reparations from Germany for the genocide and Holocaust they perpetrated. How can money remedy the horror of what many German citizens did to their Jewish guests? What good is money after these atrocities? I would have been out in the streets in Jerusalem in the early nineteen fifties protesting beside Menahem Begin (and many Holocaust survivors) against David ben Gurion's plan to take German reparations for the Holocaust. #1, perhaps you are right, Germany owes Israel nothing. However, German citizens who murdered Jews and who aided, abetted and sympathized and still sympathize with those who murdered Jews will one day give an account, I believe. This is what my faith teaches me. Don't tell me you are a Christian and then murder the innocent and justify it. Murderers must be held accountable.
10. Iranian threat
mordechai ,   jerusalem, Israel   (12.11.06)
If Israel is one day in the position that it must attack Iran, it is good that the Prime Minister is going on record over and over again pleading with Germany to take actions to limit the Iranian threat. This will take any future wind out of European complaints at the time of our action when they say "why didn't Israel talk instead of taking military action."
11. Olmert should not have said Israel has nukes
Jake   (12.11.06)
The policy of Israel on the nuclear issue is nuclear ambiguity, on the grounds that any admission of nuclear capability would trigger an arms race in the Middle East. Olmert should have kept his mouth shut.
12. Keep Olmert, He is the best for ultimate Palestinian Victory
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (12.11.06)
14. The Answer to THE Question About Olmert...
Erik   (12.11.06)
...Yes, he really is THAT stupid.
15. In case you thought Olmert couldn't do any more damage....
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (12.11.06)
he does this... on national German TV, no less. Since the Israelis have yet to throw him out of office for corruption, cowardice and dishonesty, maybe now they will get rid of him for incompetency. Are they waiting for Nasrullah to organize their protests for them? Come on, Israel.... jallah!!!! This moron and his cronies are ruining you!
16. its not his tongue that is the embarrasment
david   (12.11.06)
its the rest of the body. every gram of olmert is an embarrassment.
17. For Once The PM did something Right
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (12.11.06)
For Once The PM did something Right. I have been pleading in these talkbacks for Israel to do this as a deterant for both Iran and countries that want to destroy Israel both physically and economically.
18. WTG Mr. PM
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (12.11.06)
I guess now that you let the entire world know about Israel's secrets how are you planning to convince the world that Israel should keep its nukes while others should not? Just when you cannot sustain more damage., Mr. Olmert comes and makes our day!
19. Olmert is the End of Israel
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (12.11.06)
No way Israel survives a fool like this, no way. Shas and Israel Beteinu stay in this Government of Israel's Destruction because they are power-seeking fools.
Ron ,   Petach Tikva   (12.11.06)
21. palestinian holocaust
samir   (12.11.06)
"Speaking at the Knesset Monday, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni referred to the Holocaust denial conference in Tehran: "No one can erase the horror, the evil, the piles of hair, the mass graves, the numbers on people's arms, the humiliation and the experiments on humans – no one can erase all this." NO ONE ALSO CAN ERASE THE TERROR OF THE NAKBA IN 48 AND ALL THE TERROR THE PALESTINIANS HAVE EXPERIENCED. THIS IS ANOTHER HOLOCAUST DONE AGAINST THE PALESTINIANS BY HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS.
22. It is not secret, the whole world knows it ...stupid
Noora ,   Bahrain   (12.11.06)
23. Olmert
Gideon Reader ,   Miami(USA)   (12.11.06)
Olmert: This schmuck is a , well, a schmuck. Cannot anyone tell this Polititurd to shut his dumb mouth? Is there anyone in Knessett who can offer a bill to bring down the government before Olmert sinks the country, and caused the death and injuries of thousands? My God, who did Israel pissoff in heaven to warrant THIS plague on the Jews?
OLMERT + KADIMA OUT ,   usa   (12.11.06)
25. Olmert is Iran's PR man good job
1.5 BILLION MUSLIMS   (12.11.06)
this is the end of case against Iran Nukes , Olmert articulated perfectly so we all let go and go our lives . PS: Olment send some Flowers and well come Note to Iran 4 joining the nuke Club. Reality check, world
26. It is difficult to lie all the time, truth comes out
tony ,   usa   (12.11.06)
27. slip or a satanic flip
tea man ,   marjayoun leb   (12.11.06)
what he is saying people get ready war is coming
28. Iran wants nuclear
silvio ,   italy   (12.11.06)
Ahmadinejad does not want nuclear weapons only. He wish bomb Israel country to wipe out.! That is the big difference of the serious argument.
29. Tea Man
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (12.11.06)
WOW!! You are so right. I hope you enjoy your front row seat, while I will be watching 3,000 miles away!
30. Silvo
jellybean ,   Chicago   (12.11.06)
I agree with you! People like him are Dangerious and need to be eliminated.
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