Neturei Karta: Iranians making logical claim
Neta Sela
Published: 12.12.06, 03:38
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1. Information on Neturei Karta
Maria T ,   Canada   (12.12.06)
I googled this item but there's not enough information or explanation about it. Could YNET have someone write a column and help explain this phenomenon? Talkback writers, could you help? I thought I had an opinion on everything, until today. I'm speechless.
2. If this was about Islam , there would be millions of
rachel ,   usa   (12.12.06)
them out in the streets . This is shameful. Only ignorant kooks or psychopaths would believe the holocaust never happened. These people need to come back to reality and start paying taxes......
3. "Peace Now" in funny hats
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.12.06)
Uri Avnery, Yossi Beilin and Shulamit Aloni are all jealous because the Neturei Karta got invited to the Jew Haters Convention and they didn't.
4. Neturai Karta Should Be Exiled
Rich ,   Miami   (12.12.06)
Get those leacherous creeps out of Israel and out of the Jewish Community. They are scum of the earth.
mac   (12.12.06)
ISRAEL should expel them , let them go to Iran. Israel has to wake up and start cleaning up their own backyard. Those who are against the state , should leave. Legitimate opposition is fine , but in Israel's case too many commit treason .
6. Neturei Karta are a small cult
Alex ,   Haifa   (12.12.06)
They are funded by Arab money, documents showed Hirsch got tens of thousands from Arafat. Their speeches and websites are written for them. They are frauds and banned by every religious jewish organization in america and israel
7. Neturei Karta
Yan ,   NYC,USA   (12.12.06)
NK is a perverted sect---their main postulate is that Jews deserve exile and persecution meted out to them since this is how Hahshem shows love for the jews. In their warped minds Holocaust is the greatest act of Hashem's love----and since their rabbi managed to survive by buying his way out----that means that he is the chosen one and so his teaching are righteous (they ignore that many ravs who do not share Nk view survived--but such is their closed society ) They are an absolute minority even within a minority of haredim ultra-orthodox jews--no more then 2000 total---I am sure that in the 40s these idiots would shake hands with Eichman and praise him. Yvet Liberman is right--anyone who does not recognize Israel as a Jewish Zionist state should be expelled arab and jewish rejectionist alike.
8. More on the misbegotten Neturei Karta
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (12.12.06)
As we have Anti-Zionists on the left (Finkelstein, Chomsky, Pappe), here we have Anti-Zionists on the right. I hesitate to describe Neturei Karta as "Jewish", as they have crossed the line by explicitly supporting the enemies of Israel against other Jews. Even most ultra-orthodox won't have anything to do with them for that reason. The "Jewish minister" in the Palestinian cabinet is NK. Those standing outside a French hospital praying for the recovery of Arafat were NK. The "black hats" standing with the haters of Israel outside a local university during Lebanon II this past summer were NK - one never sees them here otherwise. The only consolation is that their numbers are rather small. But I'm curious what kind of papers they use to travel to such "conferences", since they don't recognize Israeli documents.
9. Neturei Karta - well done.
Anna ,   Israel   (12.12.06)
Neturei Karta should be congratulated for extending the word of peace and sanity in the region. Israel's leaders could learn a lot from them.
10. Neturei Karta
Gerald ,   USA   (12.12.06)
Don't know what Maria put in Google, but I Googled up Neturei Karta and found 106,000 pages, plus a Wikipedia reference.
11. Why did it take the Litvaks a matter of months.....
Mush DeLeon ,   Brooklyn, New York   (12.12.06) pass a herem against the Hassidim in the 19th century, and today's rabbi's have stalled for decades on such a decision for the NK. If anything, THEY have forgotten what it is to be a Jew. Oh man, oh, I'm going to go throw up.
12. Naturei Karta
Michael   (12.12.06)
May they all rot in hell, when I read this I want to vomit. The day they are expelled from Israel, I will celebrate. A good starting point for them is Iran.
13. 2 Different Questions
FIsher ,   Bangkok, Thailand   (12.12.06)
Holocaust existed, we know for sure that it is fact and not fiction. Not a debatable topic. A history that has been well recorded. As for Israels existance, I believe it should exist, but if Iran wants to debate that, then go ahead.
14. Title incorrect
Change title of article. Not haredi Jews rather haredi-dressed Jews
15. the holocaust did happen and still
tea man ,   marjayoun leb   (12.12.06)
going on did you know alchool kills 12 times the 9/11 victim each year and buch didnot fight it becuase the islamofacist are not doing it aids and malria kills every year equal no of holocuast victim every year no body fight back since islamo facist donot do it i hope some body islamo claim he did it so they do something about it
16. karta info
maiku.emon ,   wilmington, us   (12.12.06) they actually have a legitamite argument. althoguh i am not karta i am anti-zionism. we will not inhabit zion until messiah gathers us. any action towards this before hand is a blantant violation of torah.
17. Neturai Karta
Joe ,   Canada   (12.12.06)
and hitler made friends with stalin too.
18. Neturei Karta
sheri s ,   santa monica califor   (12.12.06)
Plenty in Google---just add it to advanced search as a phrase. Wild group, I had never heard of them until now, either, & I'm Jewish
19. Jewih lapdogs at Iran canine conference
rondur ,   australia melbourne   (12.12.06)
There are no words beyond: sewer rats for people like the Neturay Kharta. I survived the Holocaust. It is a pity they survived too.
20. Well...if the Haredi Jews feel ashamed that
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (12.12.06)
Jews are living in Israel....then deny them access back into Israel. Let them stay in Iran if they feel such shame that Jews could live in Israel. Why contribute to the problem if it moves you enough to fly to Iran, and dine with the new Nazi's of the Middle East. "Viva Iran," the Haredi's proclaim proudly.
21. Israel not established on ashes of Auschwitz
Joe ,   UK   (12.12.06)
With all due respect to Rav Lau, Israel was not established on the ashes of Auschwitz but is the materialization of the Jewish people's centuries-old longing to return to Israel and re-establish a Jewish polity on its land. This yearning translated in modern times into Zionism, which did not wait for the Holocaust to happen to make the Jewish people's aspiration for its own state on its ancestral land a reality. Claiming Israel exists because of the Holocaust feeds Ahmadinejad's contention that whether or not the Holocaust is a myth, Palestinians should not bear te brunt of its consequences.
22. not as bad as it sounds
Wm ,   Illinois, US   (12.12.06)
Hmm, I read at least some of the speech on their web page and it really doesn't sound as bad as all that. Maybe I missed the worse parts but the speech specifically says the holocaust occured and that millions died because of it. I'll keep reading it but as long as discussion on the holocaust is reasonable, as with anything, I am hesitant to condemn it
23. holocaust
24. NK are sick bunch of self-hating nuts.They should be banned.
Marwan Khoury مروان ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.12.06)
Just like the neo-Nazis and other extremists are prosecuted and punished, these mindless fanatics who represent the fanatical fringes should be isolated and denied any public assisance, services or protections. By their catering to the enemy they have commited an act of treason and should be treated accordingly. No state, much less Israel can tolerate such betrayal. In Iran they would be in prisons and executed by the anti-Semitic mullahs.
25. Why waste time thinking about NK?
Dave from Canada ,   Toronto   (12.12.06)
Why do we waste our time thinking about NK? Why don't we help our Samaritan Israelite brothers and sisters who live in Israel? Why don't we accept Karaite Jews? Is it because both groups don't wear funny hats and payos? By the way I am a (rabbinic) Jew, but I think if we accept Conservative and Reform and NK, we should absolutely accept the Karaites and Samaritans right now as brothers and sisters.
26. Neterei Karta Actions
Michael Danesi ,   Newton, USA   (12.12.06)
As a non-Jew, non-Muslim interested only in peace in the Middle East, I wonder if there exists a transcript of the speakers' words at the conference in Iran, so that outsiders could judge for themselves on the actions of Neterei Karta and on the conference itself?
27. let's see if the pope condemns this disgraceful seminar...
yonatan ,   nyc   (12.12.06)
personally, i will be really surprised if he does. i'm not optimistic, hopefully he'll prove me wrong. neuteri karta don't even know what it means to be jewish. what a disgrace they are, and please don't give me the religious b.s. they are traitors and should be deported from israel and meant to live in their own rat holes with ahmadinejad at all the other fanatical anti-semities.
28. #23, how exactly did you support the Jews prior to Israel
AK   (12.12.06)
What exactly did you do for the jews prior to 1948?
29. your post on the Holocaust on Ynet
Neal ,   Kaufman   (12.12.06)
you sir are a moron. How you can compare janjaweed who rape, mutilate and murder innocent men women and children who've done nothing whatsoever to antagonize anyone to the IDF and it's efforts to catch or kill murderers of innocent Israeli men, woman and childredn in response to unprovoked a lethal attacks (think Gaza rocket attachs after Israel WITHDREW from Gaza) is beyond me.
30. neturei karta
are iranians in drag. end
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