US to double emergency equipment stored in Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.12.06, 08:57
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1. Finally some good news....keep it coming!
Gabi ,   Sydney   (12.12.06)
2. Thanks for helping out.
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (12.12.06)
I hope those "emergency" items include a few F22's, MOABs and sidewinders. We appreciate the help Israel. After all, we're running out of room to store those things :-)
3. But How Long ????????
1.5 Billion Muslims   (12.12.06)
Reality Check , World
4. Prelude to coming war?
Josh   (12.12.06)
5. Helping war criminals
to keep on killing innocent children what a shame
US ,   US   (12.12.06)
USA should have nothing to do with Israel- Israel is a shamed, and disrespected state. and USA is too good too be associated with it. Nonetheless, thanks for the temporary storage facility.
7. #3 and #5...didn't see you in the article...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (12.12.06)
about Gaza children's deaths. Where are you when Palis kill each other. You blame Israel for everything and then call them war criminals? You are so blind and brainwashed, you cannot even see what is happening around you. You are both pathetic people. Why even bother coming on an Israeli website? Go spew your hate somewhere else.
8. I agree with #5 and #6
FM ,   Seattle, USA   (12.12.06)
The US should distance itself from Israel and our Congress should stop accepting Israeli money. Association with Israel only causes us more problems with no benefit. If Iran should be attacked because some day it MIGHT have nukes then Israel should be attacked for having nukes all along and LYING about it.
9. Emergency Supplies Storage
Flash ,   Seattle US   (12.12.06)
Arab leaders keep the masses uneducated, branwashed and poor while enjoying their position and power. Instilling hatred and blame against Israel takes the onus of their leadership failures and deflects it elsewhere onto this universal "enemy". And, our citizens blindly accept what they read and hear in the media and take it as fact. Its time for everyone to wake up. There are no other allies or friends of the US in the region accept for Israel.
10. does it include striptease videos, in case Lesbian show null
11. simple comment..
ken amaro ,   san francisco usa   (12.12.06)
Discusted to tears,how can my tax money go into this situation of occupation of plaistine in violation of international law? "osama bin laden hates us because of our freedom" the pres after 9/,we are hated because of this type of support ..when will we be payed back on the loan with interest???????
12. Keep thewar crimes happening
Marilyn ,   Adelaide, Australia   (12.13.06)
The US only has the false information fed to them by the Jewish lobby. They are deluded and deranged by helping a nation as rich as Israel while helping the people of Palestine starve to death quicker.
13. Disgusting
Sick of Israel ,   Los Angeles   (12.13.06)
With so many countries in the world lacking basic food and medicines I feel sick to my stomach that my taxes are wasted on the murderous Israeli state. How much longer can the US public support these war criminals. And lay off with the "only democracy in the Middle East" rubbish, Israel is an apartheid state, at last Jimmy Carter is trying to educate the masses.
14. Test
Randy ,   Wichita, Ks, USA   (12.13.06)
How would you answer the questions? 1) If all of the Arab states threw their weapons into the sea, the following would happen? 2) If Isreal threw all of her weapons into the sea, the following would happen? I think you can rationally see who is the aggressor now.
15. #13
Flash ,   Seattle, USA   (12.13.06)
So, aid to Israel thoroughly disgusts you, eh. Well, then, you would be completely appalled at the way your precious tax dollars are spent with other countires and organizations...yes, even those with ties to violence and terror. We citizens really do not have a say-so with the level of taxation we share or the way those revenues are spent. Then, the propaganda, aka The Evening News, spreads the misinformation we are so prone to hear. The whole process sucks. We just try to survive and get by while the ones at the top do the dictating.
16. #14 WTF??
FM ,   Seattle, WA, USA   (12.14.06)
the same thing would happen to whoever was stupid enough to throw their weapons into the sea: they'd be invaded and taken over. It would happen to almost any country that made the same mistake. I think you're point was lost along the way. Who are you trying to say the aggressor is???? Are we supposed to read your mind or something? Maybe you should state directly what you think would happen.
17. #16
Randy ,   Kansas, USA   (12.14.06)
If the Palestinians threw down their weapons, the fighting would stop. If Isreal throws down her weapons, they would be slaughtered. I mean, come on, even a Starbucks slurping liberal from Seattle could figure that out.
18. naivite
FM ,   Seattle, USA   (12.15.06)
I think it's naive, and/or too trusting, to think that Israel is the innocent, peace-loving darling that you speak of. Israel is a war-like nation created by war-mongers and imperialists. The tired excuse of Israel fighting for it's very survival is not fooling anyone anymore, nor is the smear of "anti-semite". Israel has picked up where the NAZIs left off with genocide--I mean "transfer". And Israel was founded on terrorism by terrorists. I'm sure the average Palestinian could tell you exactly what would happen if they gave up their struggle. Believe what you want, but be ready to be wrong. By the way, there are plenty conservatives and libertarians in Seattle, too....and I wouldn't be caught dead in a drone factory like Starbucks.
19. Entangling Alliance
Brian ,   Chicago   (12.18.06)
Sick of Israel, Remember, Hamas was elected in a democratic election. But because Israel didn't like the results of the election, they put pressure on the US and EU to end support for the Palestinian Authority. Great isn't it! Israel always tried to manipulate popular opinion by saying it was the "only fuctional democracy in the Middle East". Now that Palestine is a democracy and the people have spoken they demand "Recognize Israel!!" I guess they'll keep on chaning the rules just so long as they keep getting what they want. Until the world wakes up to the constant deception, manipulation, corruption, and government penetration by Israel, we will all suffer for the crimes of zionism. It's time that we sound the alarm among the Gentiles.
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