High Court: PA residents eligible for compensation
Aviram Zino
Published: 12.12.06, 09:50
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1. Compensate Terrorists?? NO WAY!!!
REBAB ,   Israel   (12.12.06)
2. High Court Screws Up Again
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (12.12.06)
I'm not surprised.
3. not a penny until...
1. all Gush katif refugees are first compensated. 2. Terrorism is stopped. Our aggressions are in defence. If these terrorist use other people as human shields they should be the ones compensating them, not us
4. the court's abiding by the law
it would rule that compansation money be put by the "legal" protection wall, on the Israeli side ! or sending the money to the "legal" settlements only. the law of "legally" illegal is its only law.
5. This is such a load of camel poo!!!
Gabi ,   Australia   (12.12.06)
Who in their right mind gives compensation for actions of self defence? If they want to act all civil and legal, then lets make a hesbon (account) for both sides and they can calculate amounts at the end of the financial year. For every Qasam attack, Drive by side shooting, Suicide bomb, kidnapping, act of war or violence that causes damage to any property in Israel, causes injury, loss of work etc should also be calculated and added to the same hesbon. Then lets see who owes who money at the end of the year!! Until then this bill is one sided and highly unfair towards the state of israel. Whats next, they're going to pay bonus packages to Iran Nuclear workers for making the bomb on time?
6. self destruction
juliana   (12.12.06)
Wow, how generous! looks like the appeasement policy will work on your way to self destruction. Good luck.
7. Our state is very rich
Klamen ,   Israel   (12.12.06)
Yes, we have enough money to give out to terrorists, but where's the money for non-paid municipal workers, for the poor, for the victims of disangagement, for ... ?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.12.06)
Can we sue the PA for the costs of fighting terrorism, for all the security guards, for the loss of life from suicide bombers? The PA is an enemy political entity whose inhabitants are not entitled to any compensation. The court should recognize reciprocal right in this case, that if they are entitled to some compensation, then so are we. This is a one-sided decision & very ill-considered.
9. Compensation should come from the West
Richard ,   New York, USA   (12.12.06)
and be part of an overall peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.
10. i thought palestinians don't recognize israeli courts?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.12.06)
when they are put on trial, just listen to the terrorists proudly boast that they do not recognize the legitimacy of israeli courts. now put some money involved and watch them scramble to the front of the line to get their "rights" compensated. typical greedy hypocrites whose beliefs change for a little money.
11. WHAT THE @*%!
Josh ,   San Diego 2 J'lem   (12.12.06)
We are in a War for crying out loud! We are supposed to pay our enemies for damages?? Don't you people get it?? These Palestinians want to KILL YOU, ME and everyone else. That's right. They want to take your life and will not hesitate to do so. Let that sink right on in. And what about human rights? These people don't know what human rights are. We put our soldiers lives in danger to protect THEIR human rights. Whatever, this is a load of crap. In Ref to compensation, has anyone offered to compensate all the Jews that fled from Arab lands? I am sure that this is about 10 times the amount any Palestinian would receive. You want to talk about compensation lets talk. I'll bring what I have and you bring what you have and we'll see who deserves more. 10 out of 10 I win. Also, the Pakistani's and Indians did a population swap; we took in our Jewish brothers and sisters as refugees so why can't the Arabs do the same? Hmmmm looks like our gov't better get the message out. Kick out Olmert and get BB back in there!
12. Payment
yaakov ,   Jerusalem   (12.12.06)
should come from selling of Baraks extensive real estate holdings not from the pockets of our poor or month-month working citizens, that would stop all future low court rulings on giving compensation to yishmael.
13. #17 then put Israel in jail
observer   (12.12.06)
Israel is still tealing the tax-money of PA and is continuing its policy of demolishing houses of arabs and killing them. If Israel does not have the money to compansate them, it should be put in jail.
14. Now the Arabs can rejoice! The Jews have lost their brains!
Danny ,   USA   (12.12.06)
15. #10 whose beliefs change for a little money !!
yes they should change their beliefs only to recognize Israel, but not to get their rights.
16. Aharon Barak Greater Danger to Israel than Terrorists
against the grain ,   bet bel   (12.12.06)
This revisionist monster is even more demented than Olmert. When will we be free of his menace?
17. The knesset should declare the high
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.12.06)
court a terrorist organization.They worry more about foreign enemies than they do about the citizens of the state they are supposed to serve. The court should never have foreign representatives or the representatives of foreigners heard before it. Where the hell is the justice for the Jewish victims of arab terrorisms? When are we to receive justice in our own land?
18. and the UN is going to compensate Israel
Kofi   (12.13.06)
why not we never hold the Arabs reponsable for anything they do to Israel or any other country. and for the human rights group glad to see they go after ALL countries equally, as long it claimed to be done by Israel. have they frogot about thr rest of the world??
19. Who compensates us
Mannstein ,   USA   (07.10.07)
The US taxpayer to the tune of 2 Billion USD year in year out , that's who. Incidentally this sum has just been increased by our represntatives on Capitol Hill otherwise known as Israeli Occupied Territory.
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