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Olmert's nuclear ambiguity gaffe
Ronen Bergman
Published: 13.12.06, 00:14
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1. What a bumbling idiot
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.13.06)
Elections Now!
2. So now u saying it was Planed.
1.5 Billion Muslims   (12.13.06)
then how can u Justify Iran 4 not having Nukes : i got it all u have to say Iran Muslim Country and no body nows when this crazy muslims get their hand nukes what they will do , but second thought Bakistan is muslim country who have nukes and Osama Bin ladin did not obtain Nukes although there is Muslim Country who have Nukes this do not up . reality check , World
MK ,   Philadelphia USA   (12.13.06)
The idiot, Olmert, was trying to make some sort of moronic display of the savage nature of Iran, and he lept into a totally incorrect example. He said that Israel has never threatened to annihilate anyone - TRUE, and that Iran threatens to annihilate Israel - TRUE BUT, then he marches off into some pathetically incorrect history lesson in naming the US in the list of nations that haven't threatened to wipe out their enemy - FALSE. The US followed the strategic doctrine of "Mutually Assured Destruction" for more than 40 years, which threatened the USSR with the total and complete incineration of every single man, woman, child, and pet. JFK made this threat on national TV (a full nuclear retaliation as a response to a Cuban nuclear launch against ANY country in the western hemisphere). What the fool Olmert probably wanted to say was that the US and Israel and Britain never threatened to annihilate its enemy FIRST (although that was only true because the Soviets were, at their base, rational and wanted to live - unlike the arabs/persians). But we always PROMISED total annihilation of the USSR, even if the entire US were destroyed!!!! Olmert is the biggest embarrassment I have ever seen in my life.
DSM ,   USA   (12.13.06)
I don't know if it was said on purpose or was a slip, but Olmert didn't say enough. In addition he should have said that Israel will annihlate Iran if attacked. At worst it will have no effect on Iran's promise to wipe out Israel and at best it may make the Iranian government think twice. But once said, Olmert must mean it.
5. All Ohmert let the world know.....was that Israel has
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (12.13.06)
the ability to inflict massive retaliation if Iran and their buddies want to irradicate the Jews. If none of the anti semetic oil grubbers want to stop Iran....Israels nuclear Arsenal is quite capable of taking care of the Syrians, Iranians, and all other nations that want to attack Israel, and destroy the Jews. Everyone moans and groans about twenty-nine hundred Americans being killed in Bagdad. How about millions of Muslims when they make a move on Israel? Iran and their terrorist supporters, ought to ask themselves whether they really want to glow in the dark.
6. Amen David #1
CP ,   USA   (12.13.06)
7. Put him in jail like Vanunu
Russel ,   Tlv   (12.13.06)
Olmert and Peretz, the Laurel and Hardy of Israel. Someone please fire these two - they are the greatest danger to the State.
8. To ynetnews
JSB   (12.13.06)
Is it leagal to publish pictures of the reactotr in dimona?
9. Israel nuclear
BJ ,   Basel, Switzerland   (12.13.06)
I think the remark of Olmert was deliberate as a warning to the Iranians, due to his fear of their nukes vis-a-vis Iranian will annihilate Israel.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (12.13.06)
Now these opinion makers are going to tell us we are in capable hands.What a joke,we all know what a disaster olmrat is.I have written before,that in his arrogance he will flap his gums no matter what. Even when iran drops the bomb he will show restraint,because he is spineless. As usual we the people will pay in blood,meanwhile all those great writers for ynet can babble on with great insights and mind games.We are sinking fast,at the hands of a immoral and corrupt bunch of self interested egomaniaks.
11. #9: Quiesence
Yosh ,   Abuja   (12.13.06)
The tacit acknowledgement of Israel's capability worked just well. He didn't have to blurt it out, no matter how frustrated and embittered he may be. The Iranians, or the rest of the world for that matter, need not hear it to believe it first that Israel has n00k$ and had better not be messed with. Olmert just reinforced the trueness of his incompetence.
12. more tools for tikkun olam?
wadosy ,   usa   (12.13.06)
...although you gotta be a fanatic to impose "benevolent global hegemony" by killing millions, dont you? i mean, wouldnt killing millions sorta scew up the benevolence of the operation?
13. Of course it was intentional ! Iran just woke up !
redmike ,   tel aviv & london   (12.13.06)
the 6th century Iranian leaders don't believe in history ! They don't even think the Holocaust happened ! Why would they believe that Israel gained nuclear capability in the late '50s and now has over 200 nuclear warheads. The above is common knowledge ! I am not an Olmert fan but this was no slip of the tongue ! Get real and look at Iran's reaction !
14. #12 - you're trying to say something !? Try again !
redmike ,   tel aviv & london   (12.13.06)
try to rephrase your post .. the crux of your idea is interesting .. MIke
15. Some people still don't understand Olmert
Itzik ,   Haifa   (12.13.06)
This guy is doing everything to make more money for his family. Money is one and the only reason. Follow the money. Stopping the Gaza operation gave him a chance to go to EU and check his bank accounts via his family, son, relatives, meet his donnors. Presumably a treat of war with Iran and nuclear Arab states will somehow help his children abroad. Follow the money.
16. for which goal vaanunu spent 18 years in jail ?
dovdevan ,   ashdod , israel   (12.13.06)
17. Iran already has nuclear weapons
Joe ,   Houston, USA   (12.13.06)
They got some from the former USSR, by way of Turkmenistan. But these 50 warheads are getting old, that's why they are developing their own enrichment industry, since they have plenty of uranium ore. Nuclear power will allow them to sell more oil, and also keep their defensive arsenal current. I hope to be VERY far away from the Persian Gulf if U.S. or Israeli morons attack Iran...
18. For Israel's protection
Ray Delarwelle ,   Bellville, OH, USA   (12.14.06)
I hope, for Israel's sake that they have a very capable nuclear potential. It may come in handy someday. It seems to me that most Americans care for Israel and it's people. It's the different administrations that send out differing attitudes. Maybe Israel doesn't have enough oil to be exploited. Ray Delarwelle
19. One Democrat I'm 100% in agreement with
George ,   Atlanta, GA   (12.14.06)
"A U.S. politician is calling on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to resign, stating Olmert's premiership is "dangerous" for the Jewish state and his alleged mismanagement of the war in Lebanon this past summer harmed American interests and U.S.-Israeli relations..." http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53363
20. Israel's nuclear bomb
Ovidio ,   Italy   (12.15.06)
"To act in such a way that the Jews who died in the gas chambers would be the last Jews to die without defending themselves." - Golda Meir I think everything else said is only pointless chi-chat
21. Contact
roman Hinz ,   Germany   (02.10.07)
Dear Mr.Ronen Bergman, could you please send me an eMail address of yours were I could send you a letter of my father in law who needs to get in touch with you. Thanking you in advance. Best Regards, Roman Hinz
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