Ahmadinejad: Israel to disappear like USSR
Dudi Cohen
Published: 12.12.06, 22:15
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1. Are there no limits to this guy's "nuts?"
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (12.12.06)
2. Maybe we should just throw ourselves in the SEA
Barny ,   Rubble   (12.12.06)
I am soooo scared every time this man talks, maybe we should do everything he says, just like he inslaved people.
3. Naturei Karta Also Spying 4 Iran?
concerned citizen ,   nyc   (12.12.06)
After kissing that modern day Hitler, the N K should be denied return entry to the land of Israel. They will do Anything to advance their goal of destroying Israel (see their website)and are probably enemy spies.
4. Naturei Karta should be charged with treason
concerned citizen ,   nyc   (12.12.06)
As well as collaborating with the enemy.
5. Liberate humanity from Hirsch & Ahmadinejad,quickly please
7. We have a bigger problem THE ISRAELI ARABS
They are going to Syria and any other ME state and have actual power in the Knesset. Why should they be allowed to freely travel to our enemies?!??!?!?!??!
8. Ahmadinejad need mental treatment
Joel ,   India   (12.12.06)
Ahmadinejad need mental treatment as this mad guy lost his senses and he need to be treated dangerous. His ideas are so fanatic and need to be stopped for the goodness of humanity.
9. Fight neo-Hitler
denon ,   Bosto, USA   (12.12.06)
Fight the devil now, save the children before he sacrifices them to his master - the one with the horns and the tail. Don't bother researching your faith and wonder whether the satan exists - he is here. We need to fight, G-d is with us.
10. Concerned Citizen # 4
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.12.06)
Just like there is no limits to the Haredi fanatism! On that strange photo, it looks like they are about to "lock lips"...or is it just my fertile imagination?
11. Is it just me or are those two about to kiss
Jabroni ,   Miami, Florida   (12.12.06)
Next they'll be wanting a parade in Yerushalayim as well!!!!
12. Some of this is laughable, some disgusting.
David ,   Boston, USA   (12.12.06)
Good news is Israel and the Jewish people are eternal. We have outlived all enemies and will outlive Haman and those in the Arab world trying to steal our land.
NOOO NOT MICKEY   (12.12.06)
bill handel ,   brooklyn, usa   (12.12.06)
Where does Achmadinejad say that he want to kill Jews? He sems to be talking only about regime change. Did I miss something?
15. NK have conspired against national security - arrest them
Matt   (12.12.06)
Issue arrest warrants for any NK individuals returning from Tehran from the Holocaust conference and trying to gain entry to Israel for suspected conspiracy against the national interests of the country and its people. Their return to Israel if they try is against the national interest and not conducive to the public safety and well being should they try. They should be treated like pariahs just like other groups in the past who are anti-democratic and try and harm the public good like the conspiring jewish terrorists previously threatening politicians.
16. now tell me again why we are in the UN?
Arie ,   Afula   (12.12.06)
17. Monkey boy in the Members Only Coat!!
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (12.12.06)
Wow he just gets more retarded everyday...maybe all that radiation is eating away at his brain!
18. Mr Olmert: He is your Hitler either get him or get out!
Al ,   Canada   (12.12.06)
Isreal demands leadership. You have proven yourself to be pompous and weak. Its show time! Either you put up and fight or get the hell out of the ring. We need a leader now!
19. Resolving Ahmadinejad
Alan Ross ,   Bergamo Italy   (12.12.06)
Ronald Reagan dealt with Ghadaffi to great effect. Why does no one do the same with Ahmadinejad?
20. God bless Ahmadinejad the saviour of Muslims.
Kiumars ,   Iran   (12.12.06)
21. too # 3 4 concerned citizen
Yosef ,   Jerusalem   (12.12.06)
i dont mean to stick up for those retards that go and make out with a nazi like Ahmadinejad but you have to rem that not long ago members of our own knesset went and visited syria, iran, and they were accepted back with open arms to this country, these guys are no threat, they are not in the knesset they are nor privy to information like the traitors in our own knesset
23. to no 6
fish   (12.12.06)
jews won't be able to start a militia, for miltia warfare you need the territory which not controlled by the central government, or have a support of another state( like hizbullah). But it may be a good idea to start one, and fight without looking behind one's shoulders, and not under the CNN's view.
24. to #19
Ivri   (12.12.06)
because no one has Beitzim like RR. Show me one western leader with Cojones.
25. Zionists don't like freedom of speech
Amin   (12.12.06)
Ahmadinejad is not calling for violence. He calling for the dismantling of the Zionist state and the return of the land to the indigenous people: the Palestinians (which include muslims, christians and jews). Zionists can't stand the truth and don't like freedom of speech.
26. The start of the end
Ali ,   Canada   (12.12.06)
Go back to where you came from....
27. bad news for lieberman he is going
tea man ,   marjayoun leb   (12.12.06)
to experience the living in two empires and both of them will vanish where he i going next do not send him to america please ihave relative there
28. Dovy from Toronto, where are you now?
Jenny   (12.12.06)
Does it make you happy to see your blood brothers hug and kiss a man who denies the Holocaust? You and your ilk make me sick and believe me Hashem will make you pay for your disloyalty to the Jewish people. Tfeh.
29. These are the Negociating partners for the Bakerboys,EUBlair
Alan ,   SA   (12.12.06)
30. Lieberman's our embassador to hasten disappearance of Israel
Ahmadinejad   (12.12.06)
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