A step away, another world
Karmit Sapir-Witz
Published: 17.12.06, 18:20
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1. Another world
Christian ,   Sweden   (12.17.06)
Where in Jerusalem can you find the Schneller Compund and the Neitin Houses? I have searched my Jerusalem map in vain. And please write more about this world and its inhabitants. Tel Aviv we do have in Europe, but not Mea Shearim, any more.
2. #1 Another world
Aviva ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.17.06)
Neitin Haiser are on Mea Shearim St. near Shivtei Israel. Schneller Compound is in Geula, it is an army base, I believe.
3.  #2 Thank you, Aviva
Christian ,   Sweden   (12.17.06)
4. Anyone interested, contact me...
Daniel van Dalen ,   Jerusalem   (12.18.06)
Interested in learning some more about the area, feel free to contact me. I'd gladly give some tours next week during the christmas days, when I'm off from work anyway (I work in customer service with European customers.) Just send me an email. Christian: it is a north of Malchei Yisrael street, between that street and Bar Ilan / Yirmeyahu.
5. one question
hanan ,   jerusalem   (12.18.06)
do you think the place tell about the history .. or the history tell about the place .. i feel here in jerusalem , where i was born and live .. as if the history tell about the place .. but once i was in egypt .. i see that the place tell about the history specially when i visted aswan and aloksure .. and when i visited the pyramids .. i do not know the explanation of this ,, may the tourism is different than the resedency .. or it is different from one place to another
6. Why would a secularist care?
Paul ,   austin, USA   (12.18.06)
7. #6 is a rabid Neturei Karta
They are PLO funders and supporters and they gloat and celebrate when Jewish blood is spilled in Israel. Their biggest thrill is the murder of our Israeli children.
8. # 4 is the Neturei Karta creep
An Israeli ,   Israel   (12.19.06)
Sorry , Paul. What a horrible mistake on my part. To compare you to these evil pieces of vermin, even by mistake, is a bad error. Please forgive me. I don't think you would gloat and grin like a demonic hyena and celebrate the slaughter of Israeli children, as these scumbags did in the Hague.
9. To write to #4
is writing to a Nazi.
10. And as everyone can see....
Daniel van Dalen ,   Jerusalem   (12.19.06)
The attitude of the average Israeli regarding those chareidi Jews who refuse to bow to the Zionist idol. Interestingly, the author of the article did not even mention the feelings held by the communities in question regarding Zionism. Ger (Gur) is the most pro-Israeli chassidic movement there is, very active in politics and quite a few of them live in the West Bank. Belz is neutral. Karlin-Stolin is moderately pro-Zionist. The others are for the vast majority extreme anti-Zionists. This includes Toldos Aharon, Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok (in their area, you'll find posters saying "Zionists - Dogs: Two words, one meaning" and "The Zionist animal has no relation to the human species.") However, that does not influence their attitude to any secular or even religious-Zionist Israeli who visits. What we hate is the ideology, not the person. There is no sense in hating the person. Then, of course, there are numerous other places which are not mentioned in this article, such as Dushinsky, Slonim, Rachmastrivka, Lelov, Sadigura, Rizhin-Boyan, Mishkenos Haroim, Spinka, Kalev.... I think I've got them all here. Personally I am affiliated with Dushinsky and can be found there every leil shabbos, so #8 and #9, meet me there. Furthermore, just for the information of the others here (I don't even care to respond to #8 and #9), I have no connection with Neturei Karta and I am not a 'Nazi', and I wonder how Jews can feel such hatred for other Jews. Even if I were affiliated with Neturei Karta, so what? Please note that the guys who went to Iran are not mainstream NK - they are outcasts, a tiny group of extremists, even within NK. The majority of those who identify as 'NK' do not support this little group of extremists. My personal main issue is that the Zionists have and are always trying to *replace* Judaism with Zionism. As one person told me once, "I don't have to keep shabbos or kashrus, because I am a Zionist, and that is enough." That is the ideology which we are fighting, which we must fight. You can be a great Jew living in chutz la'aretz, in Kiryas Joel or London or Williamsburg or Antwerp, keeping mitzvos just fine. And you can be a horrible Jew by living in Eretz Yisroel and not being shomer Torah uMitzvos. Check what the Ramban, Sefer Chareidim etc say about those who live in Eretz Yisroel but do not keep Torah uMitzvos. Then of course we still have the shalosh shevuos (three oaths), as explained in the sefer Vayoel Moshe. But that's another issue altogether.
11. Dushinsky 'Chassidim'
Disgusted ,   ISRAEL   (12.19.06)
are fierce haters of our country. Do not meet this 'person', if our country and the soldiers who gave their lives for it, as did the precious children killed in piguim, are precious to you..Hey there, Doolen you missed out Klausenberg, I wonder why? I guess it's because they're 'decent and loved TRUE Chassidim, who are a magnificent and positive blessing to KlalYisroel ( Laniado Hospital is just one example) and not haters and destroyers like your 'nouveau' lot.
12. response to #11
Daniel van Dalen ,   Jerusalem   (12.19.06)
First of all, my name is not 'Doolen'. Next, the reason I didn't list Klausenberg is that they are not in Jerusalem. I was listing groups in Jerusalem, and then only in the central / M.S. area - for example, I didn't list Amshinov (Bait VeGan) either. Regarding 'haters of our country', I wonder just who is the hater here. You do not know what you are talking about. In my (Dushinsky) shul, we were saying Tehilim every day during the Lebanon war this past summer. You obviously do not know what you are talking about. I suggest you buy and carefully study the sefer Vayoel Moshe to understand the issue here. The Satmar Rov, the Baal Vayoel Moshe cried about every killed IDF soldier. You are slandering him. Reading this again, am I getting it correct that you accuse us of not caring about killed IDF soldiers and children killed in terrorist attacks? Am I reading this right? May I perhaps remind you of the fact that it was in front of our headquarters on Shmuel HaNavi street that bus 2 exploded a few years ago, killing a large number of people, most of them children, R"L? And you say we don't care? Man, you are sick. You are sick, if this is what you accuse us of.
13. #12
Where did he say that you 'don't care'? Yes, the Sh'muel Hanavi slaughter did shock and show many, who had been unaffected till then, that they are part of Klal Yisroel in ISRAEL. My soldier sons,( shomrey mitsvot ) would, I presume, not be welcome in your area, in their uniforms. I (and many others) did not know that the Satmerer Rebbe cried for ISRAELI soldiers killed ? I repeat, ISRAELI!
14. #13
Daniel van Dalen   (12.19.06)
Well, he did cry, for each one of them. If you thought he was partying during Israel's wars, you have been LIED to by people whose objective is to slander him. Check this:,7340,L-3283540,00.html
15. Still mystified
#13 ,   ISRAEL   (12.19.06)
Chareidi members of my own family took part in this, and are even mentioned . So this is all known to us. I don't see where it mentions the Satmerer Rebbe cried over Israeli soldiers, but if you say so... 'Partying?' What a strange word to choose. That's not a word known in chareidi circles, or to me, for that matter. It's quite goyish in fact . May the wellbeing of our nation, ISRAEL always be your aim, Mr Dalen. Shalom.
16. great grandfather
Martin Goldman ,   Guaynabo, Puerto Ric   (10.27.07)
Family history says that my great grandfather was a "Hassidic" rabbi in Jerusalem. My grandparents were married around 1905, so that's the time line. His name was Moshe Goldman. I would like to find out anything about him. I plan to visit Israel in July 2007. Thanks.
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