EU charges Iran with destabilizing Middle East
Published: 15.12.06, 14:09
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31. Israel want wipe iran off the map.
1.5 Billion Muslims   (12.16.06)
Reality Check , World
32. to #11
Russian Jew ,   USA   (12.17.06)
Stop imposing your agendas on us. We have enough problems of our own. Turkey is Israel's main Islamic ally. So, #11, go to hell! Or better yet for starters Armenia can show how it supports Israel and stops its cozy relationships with Iran.
33. Who will take out Iran?
BJ Woodruff, PhD ,   Graceville, FL USA   (12.17.06)
In Israel's Bible it says, Israel's God will take out Iran. How? When? God's timing. But, it will happen, for Israel will NEVER be removed completely, because they are God's Chosen people. And before EVERYONE, Nation against nation with Nukes, Israel's Messiah will return and take over. Read Rev. or the prophecy in the Old Testament.
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