Rice hints Baker report to be snubbed
Published: 15.12.06, 15:39
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1. Baker-Hamilton too old to grasp the "Changed World Reality"
KMR ,   Middle East   (12.15.06)
2. The baker report
Arie ,   Afula   (12.15.06)
could have been written by chamberlain from the grave. It is a prescription for surrender and the "road map' to the next world war
observation   (12.15.06)
4. Iran will get the nukes anyway, sooner or later,
observation   (12.15.06)
and that`s the cold hard truth. if i was US, i would get them to cooperate on Iraq while you can, because once they get the nukes (and belive me they`ll have em) there`ll be nothing to negotiate on.
5. baker-hamilton report
jerome ,   basalt, co   (12.15.06)
should be shredded! I don't agree with the Bush administration on alot of things, but this is one where they are using there brain.
stude ham ,   outremont, canada   (12.15.06)
Help from syria and iran??? what fools this baker and company be!
7. bakers illconceived formula
chaim ,   miami beach usa   (12.15.06)
8.  A failed policy is better than policy
tea man ,   marjayoun leb   (12.15.06)
that how the Bushies think since they are slow so slow ,they will be out of office before they fiure new one so every body should relax and stick to their plans happy holiday
9. Dubelya
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (12.15.06)
Because of his regard for his father, who had depended on Baker for advice, he failed to see Baker's anti-semitic and anti-Israel mindset. Now, I believe he's beginning to understand.
10. Happy Hanukah
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (12.15.06)
All the talk of war and all the messes in the world notwithstanding, I wish the staff of Ynet and all the Jewish backtalkers a Happy Hanukah and peace for us all.
11. Baker Report overcooked, throw it away
John ,   NZ   (12.15.06)
12. #4...Iran will never have nukes...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (12.15.06)
they may enrich some uranium or plutonium, but they will never, ever, posses nuclear weapons. The world, including China and Russia (Irans only allies) will simply not let it happen. If they even get close, you bet your ass Israel and the US will stop them (probably by using force). The world should never bow down to and appease terror supporting states. Observe that!
13. Jim Bakers analysis of the Iraqi situation
Steve Keller ,   Hollywood,Al ,USA   (12.15.06)
Jim Baker has always been insensitive to Israels interests. He doesn't mind if Israel has to give away all of her assets. Concernig Iran, Baker doesn't want the USA to face up to Iran about the nuclear issue. Instead, he wants to crawl into bed with them. Iran, based upon the information I have read and heard about, has got to be delt with harshly and soon or we will be kissing their asses from now on. It seems that the more they threaten the lower we bow. If our government is to sorry to deal with these assholes then everyone of the government cowards needs to be voted out of office.
14. Baker-Hamilton out of touch with reality
Johnson ,   USA   (12.15.06)
15. She's siding with Jewish lobby against the will of US people
Heartland ,   USA   (12.15.06)
who overwhelmingly want to end Bush's fiasco in Iraq and bring the troops home safe and sound, not in body bags.
16. #12 DR.
Khalid   (12.15.06)
If Iran "will never, ever, posses nuclear weapons," as you claim, then what the F*CK is all the fuss about?????????
17. this report was a manuveur by Bush
to gain some time and appease the then increasing anti-iraq and anti-bush sentiments. it was a very safe bet for him. if he likes the report he will increase the support. if he did not like it, he would say he respected it but did not agree. he would just thank them and show them out. many knew this report was never meant to be implemented anyway...
18. to #12 you still live in the 20th century
palestine hawk ,   alkods palestine   (12.15.06)
we are in 21th now do you think if they donot ((america or israel ))know for sure that iran has at least something will held back attacking iran what about 12 cruise missile that iran aquired from ukraine do you think they are tipped with candy like a giant ((pinada)) to deliever on israel birthday think again what they try to do now is to stop mass production of nukes and deliverey systems rockets
19. Rice is smarter
Brod ,   USA   (12.15.06)
Rice is smarter than the Baker Report.
20. iraq war
Mikulas ,   Bratislava, Slovakia   (12.15.06)
I think it is best for the USA to pull out now rather than to wait for more humiliating experiences and replace the French as those who never win a war.
21. Happy Hanukah to M. Hartley
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (12.15.06)
My favorite balktalker, You ROCK girl!
22. to #20
Scheherez   (12.16.06)
Ha ha ha ha! Oh how true! But wait...haven't they already? France have to feel pretty good now. They knew when to admit they weren't a war-winning nation. The U.S.A. still hasn't learned from the Vietnam Fiasco!!!! U.S.A...YOU HAVEN'T WON THEN, AND YOU WON'T WIN NOW!!!!!!! P.S: The World Wars don't count, by the way...that was a multi-nation effort!
23. #15, peddle your anti-Semitism elsewhere
dead sea squirrel ,   San Jose, America   (12.16.06)
"Heartland," I notice you contrast the so-called "Jewish lobby" with the "US people" as two opposing forces. The unavoidable conclusion is that you don't think American Jews are Americans too. You are an anti-Semite. Please crawl back under your rock and stay there. Thanks.
24. just buy the oil
J D ,   USA   (12.16.06)
US should have just made a fair deal over time for Iraq oil. Would've gained allies, peace. Baker Report = give Iraq oil to corrupt private companies, on backs of dead Americans & Iraqis. I wouldn't let'm do it if it were my oil, either. Bush & Co. want that oil and I fear they will get it irrespective of whose blood is spilled, or how much. Big $$ in oil and in weapons production. Military/industrial complex rules this sad ball of blue. Vote it out.
25. To Joe, #21
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (12.16.06)
Thank you for your kind wishes, but I do so hope you meant to say, "backtalker." "Balktalker" is what my grandkids call me, when I don't yank that Visa fast enough out of my purse and then have the nerve to ask why they ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE an iPod holding 5 million songs, when they listen to the same 10; over and over and over. When they tell me that I rock, it means that I just lost another argument that their parents won the day before :-)
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