Satmar court slams Neturei Karta
Neta Sela
Published: 15.12.06, 20:48
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1. Satmar Traitors
Shalom ,   usa   (12.15.06)
I personally prefer the Lubovitchers who I see as the true defenders of the faith. But today I am proud of the Satmars, who I have real issues with, but who stood up and rebuked the 7 heretics. They should now be formally excommunicated and forced to leave Israel. Let them go live in Iran with their new found friends.
2. Satmar Hassidim
Rustum ,   London, UK   (12.15.06)
What a pity the Satmar's ignorance of matters go in the way of their strong condemnation of the Neturei Karta guys who went to Teheran. The Satmar condemned "...those committing insane acts to walk hand in hand with the Arabs.” The intense dislike of Arab goyyim has blinded them to the fact that the Iranians are neither Arabs nor speak Arabic. They might use the same squiggly letters, but if you are going to come out with catch-all generalisations, what a pity the Satmar have shot themselves in the foot by condemning "the Arabs". Of course the conference in Teheran has shown the Iranian government to be a laughing-stock in their ridiculous expressions of hatred for Jews and Jewish history. The ignorance of the president does a great disservice to a great country. However, the ignorance of the Satmar in their condemnation puts them somewhat in the same camp - as their inability to recognise the differing histories and cultures of "Arabs" and "Iranians" shows them to have the same disregard tor facts as the President of Iran.
3. 47 Orthodox members of my family were exterminated
Don ,   USA   (12.15.06)
in the Holocaust and now we see the Orthodox Jews going to Iran, a country that supports crimes and murders against the Jews/Israel. They are ugly anti-Jewish freaks who are worse than our enemies.
5. to #3
mordy   (12.15.06)
Don- I think you should be more careful in making Orthodox Jews=Neturei Karta or even Satmar. Pretty much all Modern Orthodox Jews today are perhaps the most fervent supporters of Israel. Even the non-Zionist Haredi Orthodox Jews are always supportive of people of Israel and Land of Israel, if not the State of Israel which they do not recognize because it is secular. Neturei Karta by any means does not fall into definition of mainstream Orthodoxy. I
6. Rustum - well done
Paul ,   Austin, USA   (12.15.06)
I'm pretty sick of the ignorance that tries to declare all muslims as arabs. It's as idiotic as US Jews assuming every Jew speaks yiddish, eats gefilte fish, and have relatives who suffered the shoach (and, thus, are obligated to perpetuate violence and suffering in the name of the dead). Ahmedinejad is a degenerate. He's the egomaniacal, Persian equivalent of George Bush. People like that have no place in politics. Unfortunately, the Israeli trend is to declare ALL Persians Jew-haters, which only makes things worse.
7. Rustum..for once we agree
DR ,   Florida, USA   (12.15.06)
Anyone who makes these kinds of generalizations based on faith or culture is ignorant. Orhtodox Jews are no different than the fanatic Muslims who want to kill all infidels. Same hateful breed. The world needs to marginalize these extreme elements and moderate all world views. that's the only way different cultures can live together.
8. to Rustum
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (12.15.06)
If more than one Arab attended the conference, then you can save your pity. Again, you focus on the "racist" words of Jews but never on the real physical damage that Arabs cause to Jews and to each other.
9. Rustum: So? If Not Arab What Are The Iranians?
emanon ,   USA   (12.15.06)
10. Shame to all of US
Boris ,   Los Angeles, CA   (12.15.06)
I have lost a lot of family members during WW2 in the Babiy Yar in Ukraine and I could not agree with most of you more. While reading article and all of the comments, I was trying to justify their actions. But as much I was trying to think it through I was not able to do that. Unfortunately these few Jews are not the only once who do despicable acts. We also have different kind of people, who are also Jews, running Erets Israel who are ready to sell our inheritance giving by All Mighty “ Blessed Be He Forever! “. We should all be ashamed that we as G-d’s chosen even let it come to this. When will our actions will become like actions of or Forefathers “ Avraham, Yitzhak and Yakov “? When we will stop acting like harlots and become “ Light to the Nations”? I am sorry for such a harsh words but I feel responsible for these people’s actions, because they are my people as well, just like most of you who will post a feedback and who will read thoughts. They are not the only once who betraying everyday! We should all be ashamed. We should start as one body, just as G-d is ONE! Let Him (Blessed Be He!) bring us from the Physical and Spiritual galut ! Please E-mail me if you have any ...
11. the Holocaust
Yisraeli   (12.15.06)
I grew up with no Bobbas or Zeidas where are they I asked as a kid? I grew up with no uncles where are they I asked as a kid? I had 1 aunt, wow I actually had a relative. I later learned there was another aunt but she and her husband and 2 children were sent to Aushwitz only the odest son at 15 managed to survive, a nephew of my father. That nephew and 1 aunt were all the relatives I had, I thought it was the norm then but later learned the truth. For the deniers, where are all my relatives? I know where they are, they went up a chimmeney in smoke after being murdered by gas. And why? Because they were Jews. They were all from Kecskemet Hungary.
12. Beilin, Naturei Karta, and other fringe
Alex ,   LA, USA   (12.15.06)
These guys are similar to Beilin's Meretz people who visit on regular basis convicted killer Arabs in Israel jails. Both Beilin and Naturei Karta say that they doing it for ... . Of course, they do it to get publicity hence money.
13. Shlomsky, Mike Wallas, Beilin, Vilan
Alex ,   LA, USA   (12.15.06)
These 4 guys went to Iran because of money. For the same reason they went to meet Arafat. They don't have at all support among Jews. They, likeleft-wingers Shlomsky, Mike Wallas, Beilin, Vilan, will meet anyone if the price is "right".
14. erev shabbos and I'm still shocked
Avraham   (12.15.06)
OK, #2, the Stamr didn't specify Arabs except that they're walking hand in hand with them. These were Farsin, not arabs, which everyone know. The point they were making, I think, is that they are aligning themselves with the muslim arab spearhead who wants to destroy jews worldwide and make a new Kalifa. Don't forget, ,the NK, HaRav HaGadol, Yitmach Shmo, "Rav" Weiss gets a $20,000 check monthly from the PA. Oh, and French Kissed Arafat in public. I think the NK members need lobotomies, to be honest.
15. of course Neturei Karta and ahmadiNajad
palestine hawk ,   alkods palestine   (12.15.06)
are guilty of genocide they killing the myth they murdering the tools that have been used for 60 years to get compassion and sometimes even pity for the suffering of jewish people 22 million russian no body mention them in a fancy name why??
16. And why did they do this?
Robert Goldman ,   cooper city Florida   (12.15.06)
the NUT CASE KARTAS and the SATMARS have been feauding for years, Hell in New York the two sects were killing each other (Paying Goyim gang memebers back in the late 70's early 80's to off each other) (Proof is in the JPost archives Oct 1979) Both sects want the end of the state. both are a annoyance to the state. so let them hate each other at least that will keep them from throwing rocks at cars on Shabbat!
17. To Rustum
charles ,   petach tikva   (12.15.06)
That the Satmar made a [ big ] error by talking about arabs in place of iranians is not important for me . The surprise was that they firmly condemned this act . Maybe because of the public outcry , or because they were fearing that all Jews over the world will condemn the satmar as a whole . i'm still waiting that a Cherem be put on them , a condemnation is not enough
18. Unlike the Persians, Arabs are peaceful ppl. except
John ,   NZ   (12.16.06)
the terrorists. But Neturei Karta are traitors. They sold their country, identity for a few dollars more. They gave new meaning to the word anti-semitism.
19. They are all nearly the same Traitors
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (12.15.06)
These people are just as bad as those who attended the conference in Tehran. Maybe a titsy witsy bitsy less bad.
20. to#2 RUSTAM
Dave ,   n.y.   (12.16.06)
for the first time, i must say, you are right. they are just as pathetic, fanatic and ignorent as the Iranian regime.
21. Finally, A Call from Hareidi Leaders That Makes Sense
Yonatan Koss ,   Chi Town, OR USA   (12.16.06)
If Neturei Karta members had read history books they would have Know Yassar Arafat’s uncle had private audiences with Hitler. Not only that he was the grand mufti of Jerusalem and incited an intifada against the Jews and British in Palestine with gold Hitler gave him for arms! Yes the Arabs were part of the Holocaust and no-one has made that point from plain history! The Neturei Karta have been paid all along by arabs to spout propaganda, they are just a very small part of a well run PR campaign against Israel. Wake up Israel start your own PR campaign and dump Olmert, he can’t lie convincingly any longer!
22. who can say who is jew r who is not
1.5 Billion Muslims   (12.16.06)
i thought Judism was religion but what i found out reading all this talk back is there elite gruop who determine who is Jew and who is not , i never understood why one of my fevrite philosepher Spinoza have been denied his Jews Roots , but i get now , there was and ther is Elite Grour who determine who is jew r who is not , is like God man who administer his flock , it is interasting . Reality Check , World.
23. #2
v. n.y. ,   usa   (12.15.06)
the issue here is not the difference between arabs and persian/iranians who have their own language and written language. the issue at hand is not the condemnation by the satmar group against the arabs or the persians. it is the condemnation by jews against other jews who took it upon themselves to DISGRACE our history, religion and past and all the victims of that past as well as the historical fact of the holocaust genocide of most european jewery. those few jewish representatives who went to iran to DISCUSS and DEBATE the right of israel to exist and the right of jews to have a homeland are a disgrace to judaism and their nation and brothers. i don't see any arabs debating the existance of muhammad, especially with jewish representation. i don't see any arabs debating jerusalem being the rightful jewish capital for milleniums with jewish representatives. and i do not see any israelis and past jewish victims with number tatoos on their arms being permitted to enter iran and represent the TRUTH of ww2 and the holocaust. the enormity of this mistake these hassidim did is astounding. it goes against any and every jewish fiber in any jew's body. it is shameful if it wasn't so rediculous. to see jews kiss a muslim leader is no big deal. we are not criticisizing this. what we are critisizing is a jew embracing a muslim that is a megalomaniac deranged person, a hater of israel and jews in general despite claiming otherwise, a person who wants to wipe the israeli state and erase it off the map. had ahmadinejaad professed to just debate the holocaust, no everyone would have been so outraged. but the outrage is directed at those who were willing to cohost this conference knowing ahmadinejaad CALLS FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF THE ONLY JEWISH NATION AND ITS WIPING OFF THE MAP.
24. LOL "They wereplaying IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT"
Alan ,   SA   (12.16.06)
25. #23 and denseness
Rustum ,   London, UK   (12.16.06)
You say that the issue is not the difference between Arabs and Iranians... and you then go on to say "I don't see any Arabs debating the existence of Muhammad." Your argument is tantamount to discussing the Catholic policies of the Vatican by referring to the the protestant policies of the loyalists in Northern Ireland. I wonder why it is so difficult for rabid Moslem-haters to differentiate between Arabs and Iranians, between Sunni and Shiite - but then the standard of knowledge of US representatives on intelligence committees is not much of a standard to go by. From your message, I understand, that whatever the ignored subtleties, whatever the differences in tradition, outook, historical background, you - and many other Moslem-haters - simply lump the indigenous non-Jewish Middle East into one amorphous mass against which you can direct your intense dislike. It seems to me that the best way of addressing issues to to have some sense of exactitude and not to lump all your opponents together in one broad sweep of the poison pen brush.
26. rustum
toni ,   sabme   (12.16.06)
you wrote to no23? you dont really believe what you write .do you? iwouldnt debatethe existance of muhammed. iwould debate his life being a wothwhile example to follow. explain to me the difference between sunni and shia. tell me why they slaughter eachothere. or dispise eachother tell me why sunni alquida threatens shia iran. tell me why more than 90 percent of suicide bombers are muslim tell me why islam is involved in most wars on the planet. tell me why muhammed said dont make freinds with the christians and the jews . why did he point them out and not just say . do not make freinds with worldly ness. i dont hate muslims i hate muhammed. make us love amorphus mass/ proove that type of thinking is wrong dont blame the outside for whats wrong inside. typical muslim responce blame everything else ..
27. Satmar Hassidim
hariseldon ,   Newark, USA   (12.17.06)
It is nice that the Satmar's smell the coffee and dissociate themselves from the Neturei Karta. But religious fundamentalists like them - whether Jews, Muslims, or Christians - are the enemies of all humanity for thje crimes they have committed in the name of God. Only Science and rationalism have ever improved things or delivered results - put your faith in them.
28. Netura Karta Terrorist Org.
David ,   Brooklyn   (12.17.06)
In the spirit of Chanukkah let our voices be heard. It is great for your sharing your families Holocaust memories on this site. Let the Rashaim hear it too! Let us expunge the N.K. from our businesses and community. Did Kahana meet with Arafat or involve himself with Bin Laden? Why isn't the N.K. on the Terrorist banned list? Write your Senators and Congressman.
29. Those who participated...
Doreen Ellen Bell-Do ,   Tzfat, Israel   (12.17.06)
...should be excommunicated and deported - preferably to Iran.
30. #12
Correct, every word. All scum.
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