Olmert: Willing to trade land for peace
Published: 16.12.06, 07:35
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1. Despicable. Olmert Always Eager to Trade Jewish LAND for WAR
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.16.06)
2. Is Olmert Still PM
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (12.16.06)
Is Olmert Still PM. Is he still in office? Is this traitor for real?
3. Im a palestinian american
Faiz S ,   Cleveland, Ohio Usa   (12.16.06)
im an american born palestinian muslim, and i hate to say time after time, that the palestinians have missed there chance for peace, from the evacuation of gaza by israel, to Olmert reaching out, and time after time my people reject it, Israel gave a cease fire and hamas sends kassams, now is the time to destroy hamas, they are an obstacle to peace, israel has proven its intentions for peace and the palestinians have not, what a shame, kill meshal and i believe peace will come, u cant have peace when haneyeh is in irans behind, that shows real bad intentions
4. yes he is and he will still be
Simon Mohammed ,   VA USA   (12.16.06)
he avoiding war to save life from booth side and mostely of the other side, he is showing his wisdom while he can burn the whole area. Still the other side need to do some thing positive and think about the interest of their people, and the people arround them. and i think it is comming. no joke about it
5. Olmert defines the word "scum"
Dan   (12.16.06)
6. olmert
friend   (12.16.06)
please shut him up !
7. re olmert
anise   (12.16.06)
this traitor should be arrested
8. unbelievable - is he really the PM ?
mac   (12.16.06)
no, he has been cloned by the Arabs
9. olmert's nonsense
ingram   (12.16.06)
he is as dangerous as the PALS
10. he is a laughing stock
Kippa   (12.16.06)
embarrassing !
11. " the radical and inflexib
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, MO USA   (12.16.06)
You are the radical rebel who would be the broker of land that belongs to all Jews past, present and future for a suicidal fee. You were last elected to 30th on the Likud party list and didn’t make the elected list. You have never been elected to a national position, as your party has never had an elected leader. You are the incumbent of a coup but still sport a suicidal real estate license. You called those in the Likud who were against ceding land to the mass-murdering extortionists as rebels. Yet you are the radical to appease the mainstream homicidal Hamite extortionists claims on the land of the Jews. You take your bribes through your wife’s $150k art sales is nothing compared to your treasonous acts of committing Jewish lives in war with no desire to return those who are abducted by the mass-murders nor any will to eliminate any further threat to the nation of the mass-murdering extortionists who should have their right of return to the homicidal Hamite peninsular homeland of their own name. This cannot be happening.
12. Is Olmert for Real? Is this a political charade?
Brooke ,   thornhill canada   (12.16.06)
If Olmert is serious, then why is there not an Israeli uprising to remove this treasonous, treacherous government immediately?!?! . Has Gaza, with Kassams as thanks from the Palis, and Lebanon, with ketuyshas from the Hezzies not shown irrevocably that land for peace is not ever an option? If Olmert is playing the political game, then he needs to wink, wink, nudge, nudge Israelis.. Like the "moderate" Abbas, who speaks only in Arabic of Israel's destruction. Stop giving us heart seizures if you are currently using political douvle-speak. If the PM is serious, then he is a traitor. Either way, he is totally untrustworthy and shaping up to be Israel's worst PM. Be gone!
13. Hey stupid...Don't Give up land, Just Give it Back!!
Kal ,   Syria   (12.16.06)
14. "Top 10 Reasons to Dislike Olmert" List
Ari   (12.16.06)
10) His daughter called the chief of staff a murder during the lebanon war and his wife is a shalom achshav extremist. 9) He wasnt even able to raise his children as zionists, they made yerida 8) He didnt even serve in a combat unit, he did his service as a journalist in the IDF newspaper Ba'mahaneh. What a joke. 7) He didnt even have the guts to visit Sderot after the qassams kept hitting them after the gaza withdrawal. 6) He's corrupt to the bone. Don't even get me started, the list is long. 5) He cant keep his mouth shut; e.g. the nuclear weapons and the soldiers in captivity comments were amazingly stupid for a sitting Israeli PM. 4) He is stupid enough to think that realignment will solve Israel's problem with the arabs. 3) He is stupid enough to think that negotiations with abbas/fatah will solve Israel's problems with the arabs. 2) He - not arik sharon - was the architect of the gaza disengagement. Thanks for the nonstop qassams Ehud. Since sderot isn't enough of a mess, maybe soon you can help bring them to ashkelon too? 1) He is the first Israeli PM to take Israel to war, and lose.
15. Giving up land doesnt work i.e. Gaza, S. Lebanon
RA   (12.16.06)
16. where is the jew ,,,,,,
haim ,   mtl canada   (12.16.06)
we must find another one to do the right thing AND FAST ?
17. Give up no land
Casiopea   (12.16.06)
The jihadists will demand more immediately. Remember Gaza.
18. After Israel loss of war in Lebanon, the retreat continues
Mohamed ,   Ejerusalem Palestine   (12.16.06)
19. Israel is losing and begging to retreat from occuppied land
Ayman ,   Haifa   (12.16.06)
20. Stop giving Jewish land away!!!
N ,   UK   (12.16.06)
Send all the Arabs to the Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine aka (Trans)Jordan.
21. Willing to trade land for peace
silvio ,   italy   (12.16.06)
But Israel where does she hides so much lands to give to the Moslem giant so? It seems me a suicide of State! Perhaps does one means the Desert of the Negev? I don't understand.
Dan   (12.16.06)
24. Olmert seen as "weak" by Arabs
Reuven ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.16.06)
Olmert is again on his knees to the Arabs and is gleefully promising them they can have virtually anything if they'll just leave us alone. This "man" turns their stomach as he does mine. The Arabs can smell weakness and pounce on it like a hyena on wounded prey. What Churchill said of the Hun can now be applied to the (extremist) Muslims, "The Muslim is either at your feet or at your throat." Olmert needs to wise up and stop whining and begging his enemies like a defeated supplicant. Be a man, have courage, have a conviction about something...anything and be consistent. He has no vision. Does he know anything of honor, duty, self sacrifice and love of country? Does he know his job is to protect the citizenry of Israel? Hashem help Israel and protect us from the cowardice of this attorney.
HENRYK ,   RAMAT HAN/ISRAEL   (12.16.06)
26. giving up!
freeman   (12.16.06)
its not called giving up its called giving was never yours to say i will give it up..
27. That is good Start.
1.5 Billion Muslims   (12.16.06)
Reality Check , World
28. all kadima voters should apologize
aaron ,   ra'anana   (12.16.06)
this man, this party is a disgrace
29. olmert must be removed-if israel is to survive.
debra ,   usa   (12.16.06)
30. where did this meshugner came from?
REUVEN ,   USA   (12.16.06)
who is land he is going to give up??in magddiel there is place called ""SHALVATA""it is a place for those who lost their head.please send olmert there and i pay for it.""HU MAMASH MESHUGA""
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