Neocons: We expected Israel to attack Syria
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 16.12.06, 16:07
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1. It's just what I've been saying all along
John ,   USA   (12.16.06)
The US is controlled by the Jewish Lobby, not American public will. David Duke would agree with this article. But you would never see it printed in a mainstream US media outlet, it would be condemned as "antisemitic". Oh the folly we live in...
2. Same Thing I Thought .....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.16.06)
Why the hell didn't we attack Syria? I couldn't believe we didn't. Every day I was waiting for the news until the last week of the war when I realized we had accomplished nothing. We mismanaged Lebanon & we missed a great opportunity to topple the Syrian dictator. Our gov't has no strategy, no vision, beyond speeches for the media to pretend they're not total failures. We've become a nation of losers & you know what? No one likes a loser.
3. To #2
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (12.16.06)
When you consider all the suggestions that fell by the wayside and were not implemented, the word, "control" is a huge overstatement. Lobbies having become an unfortunate reality in DC, there are much worse by which to be controlled than the Jewish one. All lobbies should be outlawed.
4. stupid
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (12.16.06)
"At their prime, the neocons held the reigns of American decision making." This is a typical, stupid, ignorant, shallow statement of the Israeli media, parroting whatever makes Jews or Israelis look as bad as possible. The officials Benhorin goes on to cite were not so high-level and did not hold the reins of anything. Bush, Rumsfeld, Powell, and Cheney made the decisions and hold full responsibility for the decisions they made. Leave it to the slapdash, shallow, ignorant Israeli media to parrot hostile cliches that they pick up abroad.
5. Neocons got USA into a "Vietnam Mess"
efi g ,   Washington   (12.16.06)
Neocons got USA into a "Vietnam Mess". Bush and Cheney listen to Neocons when it comes to Midle-East because they have no clue. I'm glad the Rueopeans were smart enough not to jump into this Mess called the "War against Terrorism". What a joke. Next US President might that Barak Obama guy, just watch.
6. the rebellion in Iraq would have ended
Richard Fisher ,   sparta nj   (12.16.06)
your still in la la land
7. Hey guys in the USA
PT   (12.16.06)
I have an idea. Why don't YOU attack Syria?
8. "Neocons" are one of the few sane groups in today's world.
Márcia ,   Brazil   (12.16.06)
9. To 1# John the antisemite
Christian ,   Sweden   (12.16.06)
Evidently you are of the same kind as David Duke with his KKK affiliation. In the US there is a Jewish lobby, yes, but it is only one of several lobbies and it is certainly not in controll of US policies. The article showed that clearly, but you were not able to take that in, because you are a believer in the Jewish conspiracy to controll not only the US but the whole world. Probably you get some kind of sickly satisfication from going public with your drivel in a Jewish talkback.
10. Sitting there in the US..protect...and claiming things..
what an ugly thing to do.. i agree that israel should have bombed syria (and iran) but its hard..its not easy...israeli soldiers dies... g-d bless israel
11. #1: Basket Case
George ,   Atlanta, GA   (12.16.06)
John used the occasion to attack the Jews on a Jewish web site on Hanukkah, only to display his utter lack of reading comprehension. If nothing else, the article is about how Arabist State Department runs American Foreign policy defying the will of the people expressed via elections. And, yes, Olmert's government is to blame for much of the turn for the worst. This one is right on the money:
AnAshamedCitizen ,   OfWorld   (12.16.06)
if intellectuals of the most powerful nation in the world are these, may Gold help us all.
13. these brainless morons
don't know what they are talking about. they are longing for a bloody WWW3. maniacs!!!!
14. Dr. Meyrav Wurmser
Arn ,   Tel-Aviv   (12.16.06)
"If Syria had been defeated, the rebellion in Iraq would have ended." With this one preposterous assertion Dr. Meyrav Wurmser has exposed the shallowness of her perceptions and her capacity for magical thinking. What, for her would constitute a Syrian defeat? Syria had been roundly defeated several times in the past and last I looked she is still there making trouble. Is she suggesting that Damascus be reduced to rubble or that Israel physically occupy Syria? Hizbolla is Iran's dog not Syria's. It is simpler for her to berate Israel for not attacking Syria than holding the US to task for not attacking Iran.
16. America messed up inIraq NOW WANTS TO FIGHT TO LAST ISRAELI
Alan ,   SA   (12.16.06)
17. basically restates the obvious. ISRAEL LOST THE WAR
18. John is another name for Toilet +
Yitzhak ,   Jerusalem & USA   (12.16.06)
First of all John, you and Ilk use any little argument to; distort the truth, twist words and end the end make yourself(ves) look as stupid as you really are. Enough thought wasted on you. Second as far as Israel attacking Syria. This "War" started because of soldiers who have been captured. (I thought the fighting was not going to stop until they were returned) If there would have been some way to provoke Syria or possibly seize a convoy of arms coming from Syria to prove action against them. Had Israel attacked Syria they would have been looking AT LEAST a two front war. They present Israeli government does not have the will (I prefer Balls) to get the job done right. The Arabs know how to play to the media & hide in "civilian" populations where as soon as there is collaterial damage the media is there reporting it.
19. re: 9. To 1# John the antisemite
John ,   U.S.A   (12.16.06)
From someone who lives in the U.S., I think I know a little mmore about the control that the jewish lobby has on America than some from from Sweden, if that is where you are really form!
20. Blame Olmert Dr Wurmser
Jay ,   Israel   (12.16.06)
"Hizbullah defeated Israel in the war. This is the first war Israel lost," Dr. Wurmser declares. I agree with most of what you said except this statement above. For there to be a winner, there has to be a loser. The winner is the one that reaches its main objectives. I admit Israels objectives were not achieved but neither was Hezbollahs, so therefore i would call it a stalemate. If anything, the ones that lost the most were the Lebanese. Bye the way, i apologise for Olmerts inept performances and i sincerely hope that the current government gets replaced soon. He is a very big embarassment for us in Israel too.
21. The author Is right it was Israel's duty to invade Syria!!!!
Daniel ,   Formerly Isrel   (12.16.06)
The iraqi insurgency is argely fueled by Syria, and an Israeli defeat of Syria would have ende it in the early days. For thoseof you who want to know what a defeat of Syria would have been: It would have been a war as a result of which the Syrian Bath Party fell and Syria was foced to surrender stratigic territory on Its border with Iraq. And yes it was Israel's job to invade Syria to help the United States: That's what allies do, they take risks and go to war to help one-another. But then what can be expeced from a country that won't go to war to potect itself
and jewish american- ISRAELI FIRSTERS. dont let the door hit you on the way out.
she is a disaster- and NOT EVEN A TRU AMERICAN_ she is a JEW-ZIONIST that would kill USA soldiers for that jew state.
24. #19... Why spoof me
John ,   USA   (12.16.06)
Some people.... Somebody spoofed me again. What a pea brain.
25. Why didn´t the US attack Syria?
Uziel   (12.16.06)
They know quite well that the whole Iraki experiment failed because Syria, Irak and Saudi Arabia were meddling in. The latter country is manageable, but why on earth should Israel get entangled in a four front war (Lebanon, Gaza, Judea-Samaria and Syria) just to put a patch in an ignorant American policy in the region? As many other times they want Israel bleed instead of the US in times of war and then to withdraw from our territories in times of "peace" to please their most prosaic political interests. Wanna make a deal America? Utterly destroy the Iranian nuclear program and Israel will pulverize Hizballah and Syria. And best regards to James Baker...
26. The time is quickly coming
Arie ,   Afula   (12.16.06)
When even the left wing coward leadership we are now encumbered with will have to respond to syrian aggresssion with mith military force. If we are lucky, the olmerts and peretz' will be gone soon and a newer active leadership that is only concerned with OUR security will take the helm!
27. 5 Efi, you just dont understand the bigger
freedom ,   canada   (12.16.06)
picture and that is so obvious to me. The UN was unwilling to intervene in Iraq to stem the killings by the previous Baath regime. There was really no other option but for the only superpower to go into and help. Now we have a situation where Sunni fights Shiite and that was going to happen anyways whether the USA was there trying to help or whether its not there.. Go look in Lebanon, look in Gaza, same old same old. When that part of the world respects life and God like the USA. The world will be a much better place to live.
28. 1 Now that is a little funny. David Duke is entitled
freedom ,   canada   (12.16.06)
to his opinion. And so am I. His opinion is worthless. End of the message.
29. 6 Again, the so called religious rebellion
freedom ,   canada   (12.16.06)
between the sunni and shiites is going to take a very long time to resolve.
30. 12 Just goes to show how much help that
freedom ,   canada   (12.16.06)
the morons in Iran need. Hopefully god will clean up the mess in Iran, so the world can be a safer place.
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