Sharansky receives US Medal of Freedom
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 16.12.06, 20:23
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1. No one has shamed the American people more than George Bush
Persian CAT   (12.16.06)
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (12.16.06)
There are Israelis much more worthy of this honor. This award debases and degrades the medal and dishonors those who have received it before.
this undeserving man could only be awarded this by someone dumber then him. BUSH.
4. Congratulations Nathan!
Dan ,   Israel   (12.16.06)
5. #1,2, and 3
DR ,   Florida, USA   (12.16.06)
Don't you guys have an anti-Bush/anti-Israel party to go to? You people really need to get a life and find a new website to post your hateful Bullshit on.
6. Sharansky is true hero. Mazel Tov!
LEE ,   NY, USA   (12.17.06)
7. What did Sharansky do to deserve this
Richard ,   New York, USA   (12.17.06)
Medal? Absolutely nothing! I can't think of one thing that he did in Russia or in Israel that would make him worthy of such an honor. It's all politics and not reality.
8. G D Bless Nathan
Hanna Elkins ,   USA   (12.17.06)
I see some know nothing about Nathan Sharansky or ever read his book. He has a TURE Jewish and Zionist heart. I knew his wife well when I lived in Israel not a sweeter person you could find. They are religious which I think the Israel Gov't could use these days. Nathan should be PM not the losser Olmert who want to give ALL of Israel away
9. congratulations
mordechai ,   jerusalem, israel   (12.17.06)
Congratulations Natan. Israeli patriot.
10. Mazal tov-NOT!!!
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, MO USA   (12.17.06)
Great, put it next to your suicidal real estate license to broker the land that belongs to all Jews, past present and future, for a piece of paper from the mass-murdering extortionists who should have their right of return enforced to their homicidal, hamite peninsular homeland of their own name. You were a force to bring "jews" from behind the iron curtain but then to say now that mis-placed mass-murders who are remants of a imperializing fordce from another land should have another state from out of an area where only the Jewish state has ever existed seems to portend a lack of moral resolve at best. Which did you get an award forbelieving in your people's right to freedom or condemn them for living on their land and reward their mass-murdering extroinists by paying their ransom for a piece of paper?
11. No less deserving than Mandela, Pope and Mother Theresa
Tzviki ,   NJ, USA   (12.17.06)
Natan Sharansky is certainly no less deserving than the other three. I would love to see all the bigots who have a lot to say about this standing up to KGB.
12. #11, No comparison
Persian CAT   (12.18.06)
Mandela, the Pope and Mother Theresa have never been the members of a fascist party, the Likud. Sharansky proved he is even to the right of Ariel Sharon by resigning to protest the return of land to its righful owners. Sharansky is nothing but a lowdown hypocrite who showed his true colors when the real test came. He believes is keeping people under occupation for his sick extremist ideological reasons.
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