Soldiers suspected of stealing arms from IDF
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 17.12.06, 20:58
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1. where to ? guess ! south, South, or north
2. Everyone steals ordnance from the army, it's the done thing!
3. IDF's non-Arab Brothers
Elokim ,   Israel   (12.17.06)
These Druzes are the IDF's non-Arab brothers. I can see how you didn't call these people Israeli Arab. That's because you and the IDF don't consider them as such. Of people to adopt...Druzes would be the most ineffective group. They would steal from there own brother...obviously! Israel needs to work something out with the whole Arab Israeli community to integrate them into the IDF.
4. Great, so not only is the State armed to the teeth
Adamush   (12.17.06)
The criminals are too. Doesn't bode well for the innocent, law-abiding and DISARMED Israeli citizen.
5. hhhmmm
713 ,   Seattle US   (12.18.06)
Isreal's military arming the terrorists that it is fighting.... maybe use the criminals that have the weapons, to set up and bust some of the terrorists that are going to buy the weapons..
6. Say what?
Talula ,   Israel   (12.18.06)
Artillery was gathered and brought to a warehouse - and then what? the key was copied and given to anyone who asked for it? What was this warehouse, a wooden shed in the middle of knowwhere with a suitcase lock? OH COME ON!! We are talking about artillery here!! Yes, it should have been safe there, but the fact is it wasn't. Seems the IDF need a good hard shake up and a slap around the head!!
7. The fact remains...
Adamush   (12.18.06)
If law-abiding Israeli citizens were allowed to keep these weapons at home none of this would ever have happened. They'd also be much better prepared for war this time!!
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