EU to Israel: Stop violating int'l law
Ronny Sofer
Published: 18.12.06, 12:35
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1. Firstly, the EU can stick their demands where the sun
Talula ,   Israel   (12.18.06)
doesn't shine. Secondly, why isn't it violating international law when requests from a third party to visit our kidnapped soldiers, or even receive comprehensive information about their welfare are repeatedly denied? Why do they always have one rule for the rest of the world and one for us? We must just ignore them and do what is best for us. Only WE will take care of US, noone else will. Until the EU and it's cronies show a fair and balanced view of the situation here, they should just shut up.
2. What "Palestinian Lands"?
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.18.06)
Land does not become "Palestinian Land" just because they claim it. All the land that is privately owned was bought and paid for by Jews, purchased from absentee Turkish landowners. Land that was captured during the 1967 war was Jordanian government land. What gives the Jordanians the right to the land? Because the British gave away the Arabian peninsula to the Robber Gang of Said and then cut off a huge hunk of the Jewish National Homeland so that the "royal Hashemite tribe" could have a kingdom to rule over. It is not as though the current claimaints have ever won the land in conquest or paid for it in hard cold cash. Jews have done both.
3. EURABIA and "Palestinian land" ???
Jane ,   Gwent, UK   (12.18.06)
The EU expediently ignores the historical fact that there is not now, nor ever has been in antiquity, any such entity as "Palestinian land". The EU also ignores the Oslo accord which describes the territoties as "disputed" and not "occupied". Political expediency and the re-writing of "international law" to serve the interests and agendas of the nations is again the order of the day in EURABIA.
4. T0 #1
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (12.18.06)
I agree with you wholeheartedly, but let's do something for those kidnapped soldiers and their families. Let's light a candle. It's such a little thing, but it may of some comfort for them to know that they're in our thoughts.
5. #1 Just that and nothing more.
6. Zeropeans, who cares?
Francois ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.18.06)
7. Bravo Kyle! What Palestine ???
Larry ,   Fairfax VA   (12.18.06)
It is true as the sky is blue there is very little land that so called "Palestinian" Arabs owned. However there is much land that they have squatted on and claimed as theirs since absentee Arab owners were in other Arab countries. The Big Lie of Palestine lives on and let us not forget; Arab Palestinians never existed before 1929 and the evil Jerusalem Mufti Amin Husseini "created" this phony Nation of Arabs to fight a Jewish Presense on Jewish Land
8. #2 Kyle, what "american land"?
def one ,   Dubai, UAE   (12.18.06)
Land does not become "american Land" just because they claim it. All the land that is privately owned was stolen through mass murder and rape of red indians. Land that was stolen 400 years ago during the massacres of war ago was red indian land. What gives the americans the right to the land? Because the British landed on it and put up a flag and claimed it? its not as though the red indians welcomed the foreingn invaders?!! i dont see no northern american apart from the red indians as the true people of the land. anyway, america as israel was born on the sufferings of other people. maybe thats why they support each other...they both recognize that fact, oh no atleast israelis do, but not the americans, the picture you have on a one dollar bill is that of a slave owner. ignorace...
9. FREE THE BASQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arie ,   Afula   (12.18.06)
Arie ,   Afula   (12.18.06)
11. EU..UN resolutions are NOT int'l a book
12. to all Eurabians
Daniel ,   Columbia, SC, USA   (12.18.06)
Sorry, but other folks don't wish to be like you, and surrender to Islamists... When will Eurabia do something about Darfur?
13. #8 Dummy in Dubai
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.18.06)
The U.S. acquired its land through purchase (Alaska, Louisiana) and conquest. How did Muslims acquire land? Through conquest. Then they lost it after being conquered by others. BTW it is racist to refer to indigenous Native Americans as "red indians." The native Americans waged wars of conquest against other tribes until they were conquered by, and assimilated with the Europeans. You Arabians continued the practice of slavery for 100 years after it was abolished in the U.S. and even to this day in Sudan and Mauritania. Ignorance, hypocrisy.
14. #9 arie mand #13 kyle
Patrick ,   Quebec city (Canada)   (12.18.06)
Could you stop your bullshit arie, couldn't you? To serious matters, you just don't answer with nonsense... "it is racist to refer to indigenous Native Americans as "red indians" Can you stop talking politically correct. After killling millions and millions of Amerindians for centuries like rats, you are trying to make amends by calling them Native Americans just like in Canada. It's making me sick to hear that! You still keep them into reservations like artefacts in museums. The worst in this is probably that for many americans (actors for example but not only, it turns out that they might have as ancestors a Native american in their family! Hypocrites!
15. Kyle , you are wrong
charles ,   petach tikva   (12.18.06)
Because today they treat all their Asian building workers , even in Dubai , as slaves . Their passports are confiscated , they have no rights , sleep in overcrowded dormitorys[ ? ] and so on . You see , sometimes i agree with your writings .
16. #12 Eurabia has not learned the lessons
German Kafir ,   Regensburg, Germany   (12.18.06)
When will we do something? Most likely never. My countrymen believe the proper answer to our nazi past is more of the same pacifism that enabled us to conquer Europe and slaughter tens of millions of people, including 6 million jews. If we were really committed to stopping resurgent nazi ideology, we would be flooding the islamofascist states with soldiers right now instead of sending them on a party cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. Don't count on us, take your defense back into your own hands. P.S: Depose Olmert and shoot him for treason.
17. Slavery a "cherished Muslim tradition"
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.18.06)
Here in Colorado a Saudi man was sentenced to 27 years in prison for holding an Indonesian woman in slavery. When he was convicted, he whined and cried that "Islamophobic" Americans were depriving him of his "religious right" to "practice traditional Islamic customs" (like keeping slaves)
18. #2 Kyle.
Khalid   (12.18.06)
"Land does not become "Palestinian Land" just because they claim it." What about because they lived on it for hundreds of years? LOL you have the most twisted account of history. This is what you want people to believe (if you ever read any credible books you'd realise how comical you sound): The Jews came after the Holocaust to this 'land without people,' AFTER that, the Arabs of the Middle East hate Jews so much that they came and invaded several times the Jewish homeland which was now filled with only Jews (since they came to a land without a people), and only after that did the Palestinians emerge and are now trying to steal the land from the Jews. You know what's weird? I have pictures of my grandfather at his home in Haifa in 1929, maybe he was just on a trip from Syria or something because nobody lived in this "land without a people." Maybe he lied to me it being his house.
19. To #16
Ironcandle ,   Atlanta, GA   (12.18.06)
I never thought of the Germans in that manner. I know, as a country, they regret what happened and are truely sorry for the death and destruction they caused. You are correct by saying they are doing the same thing over again by NOT ACTING to stop the killing and actively fight those that want to destroy Israel and murder Jews. The Germans have the power to help, they should use it.
20. #14 Silly Canadian
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.18.06)
Most of the Native Americans assimilated with the Europeans that is the reason many Americans are proud of their tribal ancestry. Nobody forced Native Americans to live on Reservations like "museum artifacts" but they observe their own Tribal Law and not subject to U.S. law and run casinos without paying income tax. I don't know of any American tribal leaders who are outspoken nazis like your indigenous Canadian chief Akenew.
21. #18 Khalid, your grandfather lied to you
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.18.06)
Just like Edward Said lied about his family's "villa" in Jerusalem and it turned out he was Egyptian and his family lived in Cairo. Jews lived on the land for millennia and most of the Arabs came from Egypt and Syria after Jews began developing the land which had been wasteland for centuries. How stupid do you think we are? There are many books written in the 1850's and 1860's that describe the empty wasteland of "Palestine." Try reading "Brief History and Descriptive Geography of Palestine," "Innocents Abroad" and "Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant." Do you think that the Zionists wrote these books in 1948 and then used their Zionist time machine to spread these books all over the 19th century?
22. To #19
Tom ,   BSAS,ARGENTINA   (12.18.06)
Well. Germany Sold TOP CLASS Submarines to Israel... They are helping. Not to mention the strong bonds between the two countrys. Long Live Israel
23. #11
SAM ,   USA   (12.18.06)
"Read a book" is my line. But you used it appropriately
24. Hey Patrick from Quebec.
SAM ,   USA   (12.18.06)
You may be misinformed about American Indians. You are correct that they don't care about being called Indians. The Blackfoot (Browning) reservation high school's nickname is "the Indians" and they like it. The only ones who have a problem with it are the white leftists. However, they are not forced to stay on the reservation anymore. Its just hard to leave when the US Government gives them a house and stipends to live on. The ones who do leave are few and far between. How do I know? I am associated with two tribes. AND.... there is a big difference between Indians and Arabs. Americans, and for that matter Canadians are the "Palistinians" in North America. Our forefathers concured these areas and displaced and massecred the natives. Now, we wouldnt be willing to give anything back and if for some reason the Indians got a small portion of thier land back by displacing us, we wouldn't like it. 100 years ago you may have had the same reaction from white Europeans as the Arab populations demonstrate agianst Jews. As you may understand, Americans revolted against the crown whereas Canadians evolved. We are mirror images of each other and for the most part, the same "people".
25. Hypocrites
steven ,   france   (12.18.06)
The EU,and the UN are a bunch of Hypocrites;;When Israel does all in her power to defend her citizens;;This is ,according to them a Breach of Int Laws;;But when the EU and the UN cause Human disasters like the Bosnian War,and the Rowandan massacre;;and more recently DARFOUR Europe and the UN just sat by and FILM the murder of Hundereds and thousands of innocent civiliens;and what about the recent "MISTAKE " killing of innocent Afghan civilliens ,by NATO warplanes??Did we hear INTR outcry..;NO;When the USA decided to build a WALL along her border with MEXICO;;;wwhere are the European and int Outcry;.??SO please Once and for all The EU should just shut the Hell up and take a good look at what is happening in their own countries before using Israel as an Escape goat;;to hide their Incompetances.Every country has all the right in the world to do anything to protect its citizens;;be it a wall,or by force,The EU and the UN have no lessons to give Israel...;
to KYLE ? EDWARD SAI ,   JASMIN FRANCE   (12.18.06)
27. Khalid
SAM ,   USA   (12.18.06)
Try to get past the Islamic propaganda. Even by Roman, Byzantine, Turkish and British records, Jews have had a continuous presence in the land of Israel. Arabs concured the area centuries later. Still there was a Jewish presence. It is documented that the Arab concurers allowed Jews to return to Jerusalem because they helped the Arabs against the Persians. There is no doubts that Jews lived in the lands you say were solely ever Arab. Jerusalem always had a majority of Jews in its population (until 1948 when they were expelled from the old city). All records and archeological evidence prove that. Al-Aqsa Mosque is built on tghe ruins of the Jews ancient temple. You need to actually read some 3rd party sources and you will realize Jews have legitimate rights to self determination in thier ancient land and at this point Israel truley earned it. Please note that most Israelis are ready to agree to a Palistionian state just like in 1948, but with security. Is that a lot for them to ask after centuries of Arab discrimination and abuse? Kyle is absolutrely correct
28. #18 Khalid, Jerusalem census JEWISH majority in 1850
David ,   Boston, USA   (12.18.06)
Jews did not start coming back to Israel in 1930s and 40s. Some had lived there continuously for centuries in not millenia. Just look at Hebron, Shechem, Jerusalem. While there were also Arabs who lived there, Jews are and were the native population, but have been forced out over the years. Even E Jerusalem was JEWISH until Jews were forced out in 1920s. Look at the census of the land for the past 200 years. As for land ownership? Most of the land was owned by Government, Ottoman Empire, then British. IT was not mostly Arab or Jewish owned. Were there Arabs there for centuries? Absolutely. Were there Jews there for centuries? Absolutely. Is there an Arab Palestine? Absolutely, its Jordan. Is there is Jewish country? Absolutely, its Israel, including Judea and Samaria. Will borders be modified? Absolutely? Will there ever be a second Arab Palestine? I seriously doubt it ever. Should there be a second one? Definitely not.
29. Kyle and others.
Khalid   (12.18.06)
Kyle, no, I don't think those books were written in 1948 and I don't believe in any Zionist conspiracy to rule the world, no matter how much you would like me to believe it. There were Jews in Mandate Palestine before 1948, this is a fact. They were living largely in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Other than that, the vast majority of the other inhabitants of what was then Mandate Palestine were Arabs. This is a fact. Edward Said's parents were two of these Arabs living in Palestine, my grandparents were another two, and 750,000 were deported forcefully upon the creation of Israel in 1947-1948. This is a fact. When you deny this fact you are as absurd as Ahmadinejad denying the Holocaust. You are both proven wrong by historical facts. The "land without a people, for a people without a land" lie was retracted after it was discovered that this land was filled for the most part by Arabs. Why do you think the Balfour Declaration, the document which 'justified' Israel becoming a State for Jews on the land of Palestine, had in it the words "and nothing shall be done to the non-Jewish majority who inhabit the land." But I guess, Ben Gurion and Moshe Dayan crossed that part out. There are conspiracy freaks and idiots on both sides of the conflict. Ahmadinejad is one on side, and Kyle and his like are on the other, and the people in the middle are who look at the facts on the groundm
30. #22 Dolphin Class Subs
German Kafir ,   Regensburg, Germany   (12.18.06)
The U-Boote are not a sign of support but of embarrassment. Germany agreed to it when Iraq used scuds against Israel during the Gulf War. German companies had previously helped improve the range of the missiles and supplied chemical weapons to arm them with. Because Israel is considered to be at war and not a NATO ally, German law usually does not permit weapon shipments and I think there have been several problems with this under our last ultra-pacifist government, even when it comes to stuff like tank engines. Nazis and pacifists alike take issue with it under the slogan: "There's nothing like a little Entrüstung (moral indignation) to help Aufrüstung (armament)."
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