Netanyahu to ambassadors: It's 1938 again, stop Iran
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 19.12.06, 12:01
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1. World does nothing as FIRST Target are JEWS.Israel Act NOW!
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.19.06)
2. Natenyahu
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (12.19.06)
I don't know the man's politics at home, and those are none of my business. He is, however, right on the mark about Ahmadinejad. Saying, "never again" is easy. Now let's back it up with actions and make sure it won't turn into another joke phrase like, "peace in our time."
3. 1000 days bullshit, Israel has to do something in<1000 hours
Joseph ,   LA   (12.19.06)
4. Stop the holocaust comparisons
You are going to use that line so many times that the memories of our loved ones will be nothing more than your political tool, Netanyahu. Stop abusing our parents and grandparents for political gain.
5. Preemptive Military Strike Is Only Option
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.19.06)
Nothing else is going to work. Sanctions will never work, the Europeans are weak-willed appeasers, & who knows if even America has the will. This leaves us. We will be the first target, make no mistake about it.
6. B.B. = solutions
mordechai ,   jerusalem, israel   (12.19.06)
B.B. is presenting a posible solution to the Iranian nuclear threat while most of our government ministers are now just discovering that the problem exists.
7. #4 this is NOT a Holocaust comparisons
John ,   Raleigh NC   (12.19.06)
1938 was the year of the great appeasement which really started WWII. Fifty million dead folks later it was over. As for the Holocaust, I thought we were to remember it so as not to re-live it. I sujest more people compare situations to it. Hey!
8. Ahmadinejad like Hitler ?
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul   (12.19.06)
I would like to share my honest comment with you. ............................. Why I cant take Ahmadinejad like Hitler ? Because I am Muslim ? Because, I also have some deep hate (subconscious) in my mind , which I dont really know ? Because the books say, take one of the muslim country, show his leader to world as hitler, than make The US beat them ? Because I believe, even they will have the nuclears some day , they cant use, world stops them. There is non-stop probaganda about Him. Just like old Saddam. Saddam is down today. Isnt it important me (as normal world citizen) cant (maybe dont)believe what Netanyahu say ? My point : I just cant believe. All I see The world dont want a radical muslim country in middle east. Maybe after Iran, Saudi Arabia will face same things in far future. Yes, when I look at todays politics I dont feel good. No matter what happens in middle east WE ALL PAYING FOR IT. is that easy to blow up muslim countries ? how about our turn (my country) ? or we already been passived by the power ? So, how can I trust in the politics on Islam world ? how can I keep working for peace ? should I work for peace ? or should I join to the other side ? I am speaking symbolic. I will never involve into the wars which I am not in, which we didnt start. Is it important what I think ? or I am one of the worthless ? am I tomorrows Islamicfacist ? I dont want to be. I just dont want. why I write all those things, I want politicians see how such a nice man going into bad slowly slowly.
9. do u mention Israel have nukes too
1.5 Billion Muslims   (12.19.06)
Reality Check ,world
10. to No. 4
ash ,   gush etzion   (12.19.06)
oh, that our parents and grandparents could have had voices to defend them before they were butchered and massacred. sadly, we have a lot of experience in this and each time an enemy rises and makes statements, there are always those who dismiss him. this is not a political matter when 7 million lives are at stake, jew, arab and others. this is a humanitarian tool. to think otherwise is to be counted like those who thought hitler to be nothing but a nut.
11. holocaust comparisons is a tool....
jahud belimsky ,   berlin   (12.19.06)
to brainwash people, to spread fear and hate, used by the gov to justify the millions of dollars for the military
12. who belives.....
reiner berger ,   hamburg   (12.19.06)
Now we’re doing the same thing with Iran. And the International Atomic Energy group of the UN flatly contradicts a congressional report which talks about the danger of Iran’s nuclear weapons, and the international group, which has conducted many, many inspections in Iran, says, well, you know, you need to -- and they give the Israeli people a kind of half-education. That is, they say, they use the phrase, “They’re enriching uranium.” Well, that scares me. You know, they’re enriching uranium. I don’t really know what it means, you see, but it’s scary. And then you read the report of the International Atomic Energy group, and you see, well, yes, they are. They’ve enriched uranium to the point of 3.5%. In order to have one nuclear weapon, they have to enrich it to 90%. They’re very, very far from even developing one nuclear weapon, but the phrase “enriched uranium” is, you know, repeated again and again, you know.
13. Linda # 1
Aaron ,   Jerusalem   (12.19.06)
Linda I gree with you but why don't you come and live with us Israelis here maybe you could share a bit of fall out when Iranians retaliate. You are an American comfort seeker encouraging others to war while sipping your coffee in New York. We know how to take care of ourselves thank you. I suggest you find a way out of Iraq before telling us what to do.
14. Netanyahu in the old people's home!
M.Salin ,   NY   (12.19.06)
to solve the complex problems of this time we dont need this kind of fanatic people
15. To stupid Moslems #9, read this:
Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv   (12.19.06)
The fanatic Islamo fascists are bent on world domination and destruction of Western Civilization. Israel has nuclear capabilities to protect itself against maniacs like you and your nut-case Moslems friends. Realty check my friend.
16. remember Saddam H.?
Avi ,   Haifa   (12.19.06)
with his WMD´s he was a threat for the whole universe! :-)
17. Ben Avraham
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (12.19.06)
That guy is not Muslim. Trust my feelings. should you need say stupid before the word of Muslim :)) come on my friend ! little carefull, hey you look okey. I felt bad while reading your comment :))) Lets be pozitive. But That guy is definatelly is a IDIOT :)))
18. Mr. Netanyahu MK
ricardo kolbe ,   cologne, germany-eur   (12.19.06)
Mr. B. Netanyahu MK (extreme right wing-Likud) is well known here as the person who broke the Wye-Agreement 48 hours after it was signed with the help of Pres. B. Clinton. He is one of those who openly declared that there will be no Pal. state alongside Medinat Israel, so he should not be surprised that Iran and others (million of Jews not living in Israel) do not recognize Israel outside the Green Line.
19. Reality Check. No One Is Going To Stop Iran. No One
David ,   Marietta USA   (12.19.06)
Bush in the US is now a lame duck weakling with no political support. He won't do anything. The liberal wing in the ascendancy in the US Congress has worked tirelessly for 50 years to lose American wars and support American enemies world wide. They won't support anything. Europe is a zuchen vey. Blair may spout a platitude now and then, be he isn't about to do anything, and he is on his way out. France? That pathetic European Islamic enclave is a joke, and a bad one at that. Germany? Yeah, right, you couldn't get them to send troops next door into Yugoslavia to stop the slaughter 10 years ago. So who is left? Argentina? Olmert? He has a great record at defending and protecting the Jewish state.. The Israelis themselves? El Al flying on Shabbat is much too an important issue that worrying about national existence! No, it's Israel or no one. And I doubt if Israel has the stomach, or the will, or even training, to do what is necessary for survival. I recommend you do your last bit of sight seeing in Israel while you can. Israel probably will indeed cease to exist within the next 5-10 years. The only one I do trust in this battle is Ahmadinejad He is committed, dedicated, on target, and has his master plan. And he has the smarts to know that no one is going to stop him. Israel is lost, probably for another 2000 years.
20. #12
Meni   (12.19.06)
They may be very far from a nuclear weapon now, but there is somebody there saying things like 'wipe israel off the map'. One must remember that some people in the West are very focused on trying to 'understand' and 'discuss' the feelings and opinions of the Muslim world. However, through this, these same people are forgetting the feelings and opinions of Jewish Israelis, which incidentally may matter more. Those feelings are of a group of people who are as a whole the surviving branches of a big tree that for the most part has been repeatedly cut down, most recently and terribly by the Nazi's. Imagine for a second that you are one of those branches -- would you hesitate, when the time comes, to turn Iran into a glass parking lot if it means saving yourself from what has happened time and again to your ancestors? Of course not. The people of Iran must realize that by supporting this leader and this government they are probably not going to destroy Israel (which has no issue with Iran), but they may be about to destroy themselves. Think! Israel is not the helpless Jewish people of the 1930s. They are Jews with Nukes who have a very recent memory of genocide. They are going to use them if they have to.
21. To Atilla of Turkey
Ironcandle ,   Atlanta, GA   (12.19.06)
The US was prepared to launch a full scale nuclear attack on the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Do you remember this? Do you understand what that means? We were going to destroy all of Russia and Eastern Europe if they tried to attack us or you, for that matter. The US has given the same assurances to Israel. If we have to destroy several Muslim countries to protect our friends, then we will do that. The Israelis need to understand what is coming, but more importantly, Muslims need to understand what they are truely facing. I don't think they do. And don't start talking about Iraq, keep in mind we have not lost our temper with Iraq or any other country at the moment. You should hope that it remains that way.
22. What is that ! is that a joke
No, it's Israel or no one. And I doubt if Israel has the stomach, or the will, or even training, to do what is necessary for survival. I recommend you do your last bit of sight seeing in Israel while you can. Israel probably will indeed cease to exist within the next 5-10 years. The only one I do trust in this battle is Ahmadinejad He is committed, dedicated, on target, and has his master plan. And he has the smarts to know that no one is going to stop him. Israel is lost, probably for another 2000 years. David , Marietta USA (12.19.06) ------------------------- Come on David, even My hope(which is in deep lost) about world Peace is bigger than your hopeless. take one of below; 1. You are joking. 2. You are a great politician. 3. You are one of a Lovely Christian friends who indirectly supports Israel :) Atilla Karagözoğlu
23. #8, Because Ahmadinejad sounds and behaves like Hitler.
AK   (12.19.06)
Ahmadinejad has designs on conquest and domination just Hitler had. Jews are a first step for any despot, since they propagate freedom and moral and ethical rules which despots abhor. If you don't see the pure evil in Ahmedinejad may be you're not really a moderate you fancy youself.
24. Ironcandle , Atlanta
A.K.   (12.19.06)
you talk too strong. you almost destroy half of world in your comment. let me make joke :) ----------------------- are you talking to me :(((( are you sure :((( look I dont ask again:(((( do you know how many countries we did take in history :(((( dont make us come to Atlanta :((( ------------------- that was a joke. everyone is talking like dictator in these days. that is not good. I hope we never lose our self control to support the peace. Atilla Karagözoğlu
25. What a way to start the New year,
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (12.19.06)
With a big bang!!!
26. #9 Reality check for 1.5 billion Muslims
AK   (12.19.06)
Israel does not hijack airplanes, Israel does not blow up subway stations, pizzerias, markets and restaurants, or Islamic centers, Israelis (Jews) do not cut people's heads; Israeli Jews don't kidnap and murder innocent people, no do Jews, in general; Israeli Jews do not fly airplanes into office buildings Israelis don't intend to impose Judaism and their laws on the world In other words, Israel is a civilized country that can be fully trusted with ALL weapons they possess. Now, look around your 1.5 billion Muslims and show me any country as civilized and trustworthy as Israel is. The truth is that quantity (1.5 Billion) doesn't mean quality. And that's a true reality check for you.
27. #12 How do you KNOW that Iran is far from getting the bomb?
AK   (12.19.06)
How do you know what they have or have not? Are you privy to Iranian secrets? And why would you have all this trust in the IAE , an organization more politicized than efficient? And which part of ' eraze Zionist Entity off the map' don't you get?
28. Res. to # 15 so called "stup. Mosl"
Ricardo Kolbe ,   Cologne, Germ. - Eur   (12.19.06)
# 15 - B. Avraham Esq. your comment is nothing more than a racist slur and using inappropriate language; please don't forget that the new US Defense Sec. confirmed that Iran is threatened in the west (Medinat Israel), in the north and in the east by nukes and therefore needs a robust defense system. Mr. Olmert MK and Mr. S. Peres MK confirmed recently that Israel has nukes already available; insiders mention a figure of 80 to 250 pieces. The question is also: Is Israel (Kadima, Likud, Our House Israel)preventing peace in the region because of the nukes they have?
29. #23
"....If you don't see the pure evil in Ahmedinejad may be you're not really a moderate you fancy youself." ------------------------------- okey okey. take Iran, no problem :))) just, please dont say "you are not a moderate one" We got a lot muslim countries left , anyway :))) I am giving you Iran, now :))) Atilla Karagözoğlu Man who sold Iran to save his modernity :)))
30. Add-on to #26
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (12.19.06)
Lest we forget: Jews do not freak out on cartoons that depict Moses. Jews do not burn churches, and mosques nor do they desecrate graves. Jews are loyal subjects of the countries they reside in. They do not form subversive 5th column terrorist cell. Jews like the Moslems do not dance in the streets and pass out candy on such events as 9/11.
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