Palestinian: Soldiers invaded my home to nap
Ali Waked
Published: 19.12.06, 15:00
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1. So, "bullying" is the problem?
Andras Bereny ,   Kfar Tapuah, Shomron   (12.19.06)
If there were no palestinist muslim rock-throwers to kill Jews, there would be no need for the Jews to patrol the area.
2. Why complaining can't you keep your neighbour
3. And not only that
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.19.06)
They ate up all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and drank all the beer.
4. Huh?
Avi ,   Baltimore, USA   (12.19.06)
If these soldiers did nothing more than sleep, how was it possible for them to continually stop Jbur's extended family from checking up on him?
5. Bullying is a problem
Peter ,   Toronto Canada   (12.19.06)
Andras, Bullying is a problem. I am a strong supporter of Israel and its fight against terror. However at the end of the day Israel and Palestinians must live side by side. Every attempt to belittle and humiliate Palestinians that is truly unneccessary is a lost opprotunity to build bridges that may in the end help us make peace. That is not to say I am against every action that Palestinians find humiliating. They have long argued that checkpoints are humiliating. However checkpoints are a neccessary fact of life that would not be reuired if Palesitnians would cease acting as suicide bombers. comandeering someones private property for a nap is however, belligerant, and provocative.
6. # 1, Andreas
Ben ,   SAD   (12.19.06)
You can't make collective gilt here! It clearly states that no stoning was there for years. And what, will you punish a guy from New York, just because another New Yorkean tried to shoot you? What kind of attitude is that?
7. It´s OK
JACK, ,   DC,USA   (12.19.06)
IT´S OK! You must give shelter to your fellow israelis. They were doing Tourism.
8. It's occupation, stupid !
9. #3 where you there?
10. #5 We don't know anything from the article, but
AK   (12.19.06)
what the "humiated" Arab tells us. Israeli Army side's explaination is contained in the last paragraph and a very short one, at best. This is hardly an objective and informative piece of writing. Why the house owner felt put upon, we don't really know whether Israeli soldiers had any justification for occupying his house, or were they actually bullying his family.
11. snore!!!!!!!!!!!!
12. This publications is getting worse by the hour
Roger ,   USA   (12.19.06)
Ynetnews is beginning to have a look and feel of the yellow press.
13. #6, Wron, it does not state that there was no stoning
AK   (12.19.06)
but only the Arab house owners statement that there was no stoning in years, which statement may or may not be true -- the article does not offer objective support for this statement. Sorry, but given the total lack of veracity of Arabs in general, as demonstrated by their fake claims from Jenin massacre to fake funerals to fake olive trees destructions, to doctored photos and Pallywood, I am not prepared to take claims made in this article at face value. Besides, having a house comandeed for a few hours is hardly collective punishment.
14. this story makes no sense!
Yosef ,   Jerusalem   (12.19.06)
so i am supposed to belive a one sided account of what happend? how would the family know the soldiers are not doing any recon if they were kept inside a room inside the house, they would have no knowledge of the goings on in such a situation! this is just one more example of attacking the idf for doing the great job that they do! and as usual ali waked,efrat wiess & ynet show how balanced and fair means nothing
15. Another bogus complaint
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.19.06)
Arabs have made so many bogus claims (Jenin, Al-Dura, Gaza Beach, Olive Trees, Settlers Stole My Underwear etc.) that every complaint of this nature should be assumed to be FALSE unless compelling evidence is provided. The leftists who encourage these bogus claims in order to hamper IDF should be FINED for every false complaint.
16. Bullying eh!
Raabert ,   USA   (12.19.06)
Very funny, if you guys had not stolen Palestinian land there would have been no need to feel insecure. The only insecuruty you feel stems from anti-semitic feelings rippling throughout europe and asia because of your brutal occupation of Palestinian land!!!
17. Sadly this happens to the Palestinians all the time
This type of thing happens to Palestinians quite often were their homes are simply taken over by Israeli soldiers and the Palestinians are made prisoners in their own homes! One of my friends who lives in Bethlehem said this happened at their house the other day while they were at work and their children were at home. The soldiers took control of the house from 3pm-10pm and would not let the parents go to their children who were in the apartment with the soldiers. Just imagine having your 5 year old child stuck at a home full of soldiers, and imagine how scared those children must have been being stuck their without their parents. In this case it was a Christian family being harassed by the Israeli soldiers, but it happens to Palestinians of either religion. Any 5 year old who would have to endure this type of incident can never be normal. Israelis wonder what creates so much hatred amongst the Palestinians, well this is a perfect example of the kind of crap that does that. Do you think that little 5 year old will grow up loving Israelis? After all, his only contact with an Israeli is a soldier barging into his home effectively taking him and his siblings hostage for 7 hours. Are you guys all blind to the incurable psychological damage this creates amongst Palestinians? Of course the Israeli Army is going to deny this incident. They deny every single incident, just like they write of every civilian death as "accidental" or "exaggerated." The IDF never takes responsibility for their actions, they always try to write it off as someone else’s fault or "untrue." And yes this IS a BIG DEAL. There's even a US Constitutional Amendment specifically stating that Americans cannot be coerced into quartering soldiers. Of course, US law does not extend to the Palestinians, but still it display the significance of this issue.
18. Stop attacking israel and there won't be any need of patrols
rachel ,   usa   (12.19.06)
19. Met m'Ayafut
Mush DeLeon ,   Brooklyn, New york   (12.19.06)
Sometimes soldiers get tired. What's so shocking here? Hell, I'm tired right now, and I haven't been a soldier for years.
20. #18
Why don't you stop stealing their land first? Israel doesn't want peace, if they did they would stop building settlements inside the West Bank. I don't think Israel's going to get much from the Palestinians as long as the settlements continue to expand. Even during the "peace process" Israel kept building more settlements and taking more Palestinian land - including some of the best farmland and water resources. Palestinians continually suffer from water shortages because the settlers are given preferential access to water so they can make sure their lawns are green, their swimming pools are filled, and other such grave necessities are met. Realistically, what are Palestinians suppossed to think when Israel keeps building settlements? Oh yes Israel is committed to giving us this land, that's why they keep stealing it from us and building more houses on it!
21. #15
Yes, because we should always believe the IDF and never believe the Palestinians. Why don't you go spend a few days living with the Palestinians and then find out for yourself whether these claims are bogus or not. I did and I saw many abuses committed by the Israeli soldiers and settlers taking place. If you actually knew what daily life was like for the Palestinians then maybe you'd feel different. But no, you just sit here in front of a computer all day making pointless statements on theses talkbacks. Such a rough life isn't it? The sad thing is people like you sit around and make up conspiracy theories about how and why the Palestinians are making stuff up. You cannot accept the fact that your side does MANY things wrong and should be held accountable for its actions.
22. #19
OK, the US government should remember your address so the next time there's some tired soldiers near NYC they can just barge into your house and take a nap on your bed and couch. I'm sure you would really appreciate that. Stop being so ignorant, if they were that tired they should either go back to their base or suck it up and keep going, that's what real men do right? Or is the IDF made up of such wuses that they have to threaten innocent, unarmed families with their M-16s in order to have their nappy time??? Oh my, those poor babies....
23. #20 Has never lived in Israel nor known an Israeli
Kate ,   Jerusalem   (12.19.06)
Settlers stealing all the water to fill their pools???????? What pools? And to water their green lawns???? What green lawns???? What water? Had you ever been to Israel you would be all too aware of our chronic water shortage - not to mention the almost total absence of private pools even among the very, very wealthy. People living in settlements are just NOT in the wealthy class.
24. to Kate
Well I know many Israelis and in fact I lived on Kibbutz Affikim for several weeks and in fact was assigned to help them fill up their pool. So unless I was hallucinating for those few weeks I know for a fact that there are swimming pools in Israel. Second, I reccomend you go to google earth and look at the sattlite images of Ariel, Almog, Ma'ale Adummin, and others. If you look at the images you can see very green lawns compared to the surrounding areas as well as nicely sized swimming pools. So unless google earth just painted swimming pools on the images for fun there is clear evidence they are there! Better yet why don't you ask someone who lives in one of those above-mentioned settlements. Third look at the B'Tselem reports on water usage. They cite swimming pools and such as a reason for the water shortages for Palestinians. And Israelis use at least 4 times as much water as Palestinians on average! Talk about mistreating the Palestinians. So for your information, I have been all around Israel and the West Bank. I know not every person in Israel has their own swimming pools, but still the ones that exist in the West Bank are very harmful to the Palestinians.
25. to #24 where did you get all this
swimming ,   pools   (12.20.06)
nonsence from, from the way you describe Israeli life, you - have - never -been -there! you liar, liar, liar!!! go spread you propaganda somewhere else, you can't do it in this forum, this is not an ignorent crowd, "Al " go there, they love to publish this kind of antisemitic , Israel hater and jew hater talkbacks/ propaganda.
26. so what's wrong with that? they
Nili   (12.20.06)
only wanted a place to take a nap the poor guys, don't be so hard on them..........
27. Not very hospitable
Carlos Murphy ,   Red hill Aus   (12.20.06)
Is this the famous Arab hospitality,the soldiers wanted a bit of kip,so what. Maybe they should have asked nicely. and behaved themselves.Which I'm sure they did. Surely there are more important things happening that need reporting on, than this silly story.
28. Better napping than Gaza violence
Steve ,   USA   (12.20.06)
B"H Somehow these complaints of annoyance seem much better than what Hammas and Fatah have to offer in Gaza. Nappers versus bullet exchanges .... hmmmmm..... I think the nappers are the better choice. It may not be convenient. But it sure beats the path the poverty that is assured with the civil war in Gaza. I would say these are relatively well-off and should be thankful that they do not face the more difficult situation in Gaza. It is not like I would like nappers in my house either. But I sure would prefer nappers over the option that the PA and Hamas have to offer.
29. #20 who are you an american do gooder ?
rachel ,   usa   (12.20.06)
who believes all the bull all these liars are telling you ? how come you don't say anything about the 1000 000 jewish refugees who were kicked out of arab countries some of which the families had lived for 2000 years way ,way before Islam .. $1 billion taken away from them . They want everything stolen from them ....Why don't you fight for that injustice?
30. #22 Is there a war in Ny city . Last time I
rachel ,   usa   (12.20.06)
heard there was not........I guess you have no sympathy for people being threatened by suicide bombing etc ... You have a big mouth who seem to talk what is politically correct but I bet you would be the first one to start be telling on your neighbors in case of war
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