Having a blast for Hanukkah
Published: 19.12.06, 17:16
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1. Very dubious
Paul ,   Austin, USA   (12.19.06)
Way to go in cheapening and dehumanizing our customs, IDF.
2. Happy Chanukah Andros !!
malcolm   (12.19.06)
3. #1
When you're risking your life like these soldiers instead of pontificating from far away Austin, maybe then you'll have a right to preach to them. In fact, having read several of your talkbacks before, it appears you have a thing about Israel and it really has nothing whatsoever with "cheapening and dehumanizing" your customs.
4. Ashkenaz or Sephardi Robot?
Gavriel ,   Balto   (12.19.06)
This is important because if most of the parts came from mizrach and also the robot chooses the sephardic custom becuase it is a baal teshuva robot whose parent(s) did not keep the shabbos or torah then according to most opinions there should be a tradition.
5. Creative way to improve morale!
Jesse ,   USA   (12.19.06)
Neat way of lighting candles! This shows that even soldiers on the front lines are capable of having a bit of innocent fun...
6. #1
v. n.y. ,   usa   (12.19.06)
you are amazingly rediculous. cheapening your customs? are you ther same "jew" who constantly comes on these talkbacks to spew your jewish hatred and anti israeli views? i thought so!
7. Kol HaKavod to the Engineering Corps!
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (12.20.06)
You guys are out there risking your lives for us. You are so appreciated. It is great that you find ways to have fun and a few laughs. Very creative use of Andros! Guys, keep up the good work and stay safe. Hag Sameach!
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