Ahmadinejad: Israel, US will vanish
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Published: 20.12.06, 09:35
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31. # 24 - Antichrist
Bill Smith ,   USA   (12.20.06)
Where in the bible does it mention a prophetic antichrist? The word is only used twice in all the new testament and it is not in a prophetic sense... Just wondering where these ideas come from.
32. Please pay attention
Rick ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.20.06)
"The US, Britain, and the Zionist regime will vanish since they have distanced themselves from God. This is a divine promise," he added." Russia and China are watching from the fence. Waiting, waiting for the right moment... mark my words
33. Threats
Lowell Bethel ,   Atlanta, Georgia   (12.20.06)
The Bible states that those who harm Israel will perish themselves. Also. No sane person threatens the United States of America. We're half-crazy to begin with, so don't push us little Iranian man. Let's go to War right now. We have troops next door in Iraq, and I have nothing to live for anyway. Let's go, little Iranian man. Let's go. We all die anyway. I just want to kill you first. God bless America. As God is my witness, I would launch the Minuteman mssiles from Montana to Theran at this very moment so help me.
34. This leads to Gog Magog
JB ,   Dallas Texas   (12.20.06)
Iran's constant belligerance is because they want us to bite hard on Israeli nuclear disarmament. They want the world to believe war is eminent with nuclear weapons, in order that they may use the U.N. to disarm Israel. They don't won't a fight - as everyone here agrees is insane. Maybe they're not insane. If Israel agrees to disarmament - she is defenseless. If she disagrees - Russia, Syria and the nations of Ezekiel 38/39 will attempt to disarm her using force - just as America and our allies disarmed Saddam. They now have the positioning to make a moral argument out of it. (I understand the moral difference - but the UN doesn't nor do the Muslims) This is going to escalate dramatically from here. This is not going to go away. The sole intent of all of Iran's arrogance and constant drumbeat of destruction - has been to this end - Olmert opened the door - a long droning march to war is next. But G-d says it will end in their destruction not yours Israel. We are praying for you.
35. Ahmadinejad.
Norm Fox ,   Minneapolis, U.S.A.   (12.20.06)
Ever since someone spilled tomato sauce on his dinner jacket (Ah! My Dinner Jacket!), this man has never been the same. Maybe it was an Israeli. But he is right from his own perspective. Israel, the United States, and Britain will disappear when he croaks. And the world will be a better place.
36. Damn, Lowell, I hope I don't live next to you.
Ironcandle ,   Atlanta, GA   (12.20.06)
37. #31 I was kidding about the Antichrist reference
Lucia ,   USA   (12.20.06)
It wasn't really my point either. One of today's top stories on was (and still is) "Eminem, high school sweetheart divorce again". :>)) I'm not up for a challenge today.
38. This Monkey is contradicting himself
john ,   nz   (12.20.06)
First he said US, Israel and Britain would vanish, then he insist its own nuclear program is purely peaceful effort to develop energy. So, I want to know what method is he using to vanish US, Israel and Britain. Voodoo?Magic? It doesn't matter cos' this monkey got to be extinct, exterminated!!!!!
39. U N
john ,   nz   (12.20.06)
Like I said again, the new UN Sec. Gen was heavily endorsed by Sun Myung Moon. Now this guy has bribed his way to the top level of US politics. The question is, is Ban a puppet of Moon? If that is so, Iran's payment would be to Moon via Ban's effort in the UN. This equation is easy to understand if you know what I mean.
40. no mention of the Europeans
Not Bill Clinton ,   Los angeles-USA   (12.20.06)
You notice he never threatens the Euros, for he knows they are sheep that will adhere to his wishes. Oh yes, they will scream and demand sanctions etc... My god could you imagine the furor if the United States or Israel told the world that they were going to turn Tehran into glass. The Euro's would be in a tizzy. Weak Kneed pansies
41. #40
Cameron ,   USA   (12.21.06)
You made a perfect assessment of of modern Europeans. I have lost any faith or real respect for our so-called 'allies'(with the exception of the British and some of the Canadians). The Europeans have really degenerated into a pack of 'weak sisters.'
42. Gog from Magog indeed.
Lisik ,   Israel/Ashdod   (12.21.06)
43. its all in the bible
david ,   biloxi,usa   (12.21.06)
abraham had two boys,ismael(arabs)by his wifes servant,issac(israel)by his wife,learn the history of the bible
44. RE: # 24
Revere S. ,   U.S.A.   (12.21.06)
It would appear the Media either won't take Ahmedinejad seriously and or the media won't take the time to fundamentally investigate the facts. The media refuses to disect any of his speeches or statements. They refuse to see the underlying tone and threats of a seemingly straight forward speech. Take for example the recent "What would Jesus do?' Seems harmless and peaceful on the surface. Lurking below is the fact that at the end times when Jesus returns, so does the Mahdi. (Islam's Promised One) Shiite and Sunni beleive Jesus submits to the Mahdi and the world is ruled under Islamic Law. Or this classic U.N.speech 9/20/06 End Prayer "O, Almighty God, all men and women are your creatures and you have ordained their guidance and salvation. Bestow upon humanity that thirsts for justice, the perfect human being promised to all by you, and make us among his followers and among those who strive for his return and his cause. This is a prayer for the reurn of the Mahdi or promised one.(Returns after The Apocolypse) Missed again in the mainstream media that a prayer was said for the apocolypse at the U.N. with the world body present. Another goody, Opening line from 11/29/06 Letter to the American people. O, Almighty God, bestow upon humanity the perfect human being promised to all by You, and make us among his followers. Completely overlooked by the press once again praying for the Apocolypse. There are way too many examples that fly under the radar to list. A little research can go a long way. The only trouble is the media doesn't yet see or feel the need.
45. #32
v. n.y. ,   usa   (12.21.06)
i wonder how "faithful" and religious are china and russia. russia is a very big example of a non religious country. as a matter of fact, during communism, religion was a huge no no.....especially judaism. and china? don't see them praying 5 times a day on elbows and knees facing mecca. i see the chinese in mini skirts, high heels, sexy cloths, etc.... isn't this "getting away from god?" in ahmadinejad's version of religion. are china and russia much more religious and godly and in touch with god than britain, israel, the usa, etc...? oh, well, when you get many billions pouring into your country to go nuclear from these "secular" regimes like russia and china, who cares if they practice religion or not. money talks. and so does the iranian monkey! his verbal diahrea stinks. we are really tired of it. common, if you want to destroy us all, do something already, but for crying out loud, stop your incessant boring threats.
46. ahmadinejad-the kruschev of iran
nikita ,   ussr   (12.21.06)
but this time he is pounding his flip flops on the UN table!
47. Someone should step on this cockroach...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (12.22.06)
and make him vanish!!!
48. To Keren, SP
David ,   Raleigh, NC USA   (12.22.06)
Keren, you are undoubtedly trying to be logical and wanting to know why there is such hatred of Israel. The problem here is that you can't argue logic when your opponent is not sane. Israel is a Jewish state, populated by Jews and the fact that it exists is a thorn in the side of people who haven't been able to create anything in thousands of years. Their greatness is behind them. Way behind them. Israel has made contributions to technology, arts, medicine, science, literature. Iran is a backward, totalitarian state that looks at Israel with jealousy. Iran and their puppet state, Syria, are both rotten teeth in the middle-east. This is why they are dangerous. In order to placate their populations, they drum up the anti-Israel rhetoric to have something in common with the people that mostly despise their leadership. Iranians know now that they goofed by getting rid of the Shah, and Bashar Assad is barely a 5 o'clock shadow of his imposing father, Haffez al Assad. Either one of these countries can be brought down from the inside, with the use of good propaganda and the support of friendly western nations to the liberty movements in those countries. I think a great move would be to leaflet the whole country with talk of the overthrow of Ahmadinejad. Tell the people of Iran they are doomed if they don't get rid of their leadership. God bless Israel, the USA and liberty loving peoples everywhere.
49. support ahmadinejad
sarah ,   banda aceh, INA   (02.13.07)
I believe your nuclear facilities are made for peace. So, go ahead with your nuclear program... I always support you!!!!!!
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