Tennenbaum concealed drug deal from Shin Bet
Vered Luvitch
Published: 20.12.06, 12:04
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1. Swap him back for our soldiers
Talula ,   Israel   (12.20.06)
This man is the lowest form of life. Disgusting human being.
2. Question
this one from those who call themselfs CHOSEN PEOPLE OF GOD ????
SID EMESS   (12.20.06)
With people like him in Israel it is no wonder the country is in such a state. Corrupt illegal dealings apear to be an everyday occurrance. How is it that the government was advised by the wonderful Mossad to negotiate his release with the terrorist Hizballah when they really knew nothing about his activities? There must be a public enquiry into this and heads must role - there has been to much cover up for this to continue when innocent people are used by the government and security agencies to cover up the latter's activities and the innocents are thrown on the scrap heap - like Jonathan Pollard. Such actions are destroying the state and must be stopped now!
4. #1 - Great idea, but I'm sure they don't want him
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (12.20.06)
So, the boys lost in '82 and Ron Arad and the three boys now rot, while this scuzz with friends in high places got to go home. I don't think what I really want to say would get through the censor here.
5. #2 OBVIOUSLY NOT!!!!!
6. #3 I wouldn't put Pollard in the same class with our POWs
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (12.20.06)
After all, money was a factor for him, too.
7. tannenbaum--we knew this all along
bob ,   potomac, md usa   (12.20.06)
All along we knew he was a drug dealer--but the govt. traded him for actual terrorists they havd captured. He was not worth the paper the deal was written on. He should be put into lifetime community service.
8. He was not kidnapped, went to rehab clinic in Lebanon
9. #4 - Throw Benny Sela into the deal as well!
Talula ,   Israel   (12.20.06)
It makes me sick to my stomach to think that we released terrorists (even though some were bodies, I believe one was Nasrallahs' son) to get back this piece of nothingness garbage. What's wrong with our pathetic government? Can they not see how much anger this creates? How about the families of the current kidnapped soldiers? How d'you think they feel when they read this?Their sons were not wanting to smuggle drugs into Israel to end up on the street for sale to children. They were serving their country. Three decent human beings. Scumbag Tennenbaum should be locked up. He should be MADE to serve a prison sentence. If not, then all drug dealers should be released from prison!!!! I get so ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. The stupid government liberated terrorists for this bastard
11. I wonder just how proud his kids are of him now??
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (12.20.06)
What a piece of scum.
12. #7 what community deserves him in the neighborhood?
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (12.20.06)
HENRYK ,   RAMAT GAN /ISRAEL   (12.20.06)
14. Why? Professional courtesy
Ariel ,   Judean Hills   (12.20.06)
He is a criminal like Sharon. It was just a matter of professional courtesy.
15. What's he taking?
A.Grin   (12.20.06)
It's making him smile. Can I have some?
16. To No: 1. Here, Here!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (12.20.06)
He would be no loss to us! Give us Udi and Eldad and they can have Tennenbaum back!
17. tannenbaum
sas ,   israel   (12.20.06)
an absolute disgrace. he should be jailed for life or sent back to his friends.
18. to #2
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.20.06)
We are not all perfect.But look at the track record of other religions. We were chosen by G-d,He never chose any others.Not before us or AFTER us!
19. Sharon
Jacques ,   Belgium   (12.20.06)
All this is part of Sharon's "destructful legacy"- Sharon could have gotten Pollard out, prefered not to. Sharon got actively involved to get this scumbag out- because of past friendship- Where there is will, there is a way. It's all corruption- even how he got brought back to Israel.
20. shin bet fooled again = Israel protected by fools
dante ,   uk   (12.25.06)
after the disaster in lebanon, the failure to stop the rockets, and numerous other failures, we have another failure, the failure to determine the facts of tennebaum's adventures in lebanon and his criminal activities. it is clear that Israel is being protected by clowns. while Israel has its heroes and its brave and ingenious soldiers, their efforts are compromised by the clowns in the government, the security services, and the desk-generals.
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