Ahmadinejad: Iran now nuclear power
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 20.12.06, 13:14
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1. Iran already have enough nuke-bombs. Why nuke plant drama?
KMR ,   Middle East   (12.20.06)
Probably to say to the world that bomb made by Iranians (To conceal the identity of their supplier).
2. Once open time, There was a King
and there was second man. The king always used to tell him "we have to make more money, lets make everything prices 20% high". The second man was okey guy. He used to make what The King says. The King always used to ask him "how they responce ?" The second man answers, always "they are very angry at you" and The King used to say "keep making the prices high". BUT ONE DAY, THE SECOND MAN COMES " My Dear King ! all people is smiling, laughing, they look very happy !!! The King says "go ahead , quick, stop the prices get high :))))) ----------------- you understand the point right ? Do they have it (the nuclear) or not :))))) we :)))))we will die :)))) do they have it ...:)))))) Atilla Karagözoğlu
3. That pathetic fool has a death wish
German Kafir ,   Regensburg, Germany   (12.20.06)
Sadly, he will drag millions of his people with him. They should depose him now or suffer the consequences of his actions.
4. He doesn't understand
Ironcandle ,   Atlanta, GA   (12.20.06)
what he is really doing. He is forcing us to deal with him as if he is a nuclear force. He may get his country completely destroyed if he continues this dangerous road.
5. What should be done about Iran?
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (12.20.06)
Given Iran's admitted genocidal intentions, the expulsion of Iran from the United Nations and a total oil, trade and diplomatic embargo are required. It may viably be argued that any state that does not agree with the above is effectively being complicit in genocide. The above measures should I think be taken before military action.
6. we're gonna get nuked
ro   (12.20.06)
7. well come to the Nuke Club
1.5 billion Muslims   (12.20.06)
Reality Check , world
8. Nuking Israel is a heavy price
E ,   Israel   (12.20.06)
The Mullahs now very well what the nuking Israel price is. However, Iran's neighbors must be very scared.
9. To Larry in Eastbourne
Ironcandle ,   Atlanta, GA   (12.20.06)
You are correct, of course. The problem lies in getting that done. Our "allies" will veto any such measure, as they threatened to do with Iraq. We KNOW now, that Iraq is not a threat, but the very same people who allowed Saddam Hussein to continue his mission of pursuing WMD will protect the Iranians against diplomatic measures until it is too late, then the only option left for us is war.
10. It's about time
John ,   Olympia, Washington   (12.20.06)
That Israel uses it's nuclear weapons or at least shows them off.
11. You guys make me laugh.......
Billy Bob ,   Freedomland, USA   (12.20.06)
From the king story to saying Iran has nukes and that they will use them on Israel. Iran doesn't have nukes, and when or IF they ever do get them, if they were to use them against a western intrest, Iran would simply cease to exist. It would be a simple glow in the desert. And welcome to the Nuke club? C'mon, Pakistan, an Islamic country, already has nukes.
12. Amateur Nuke Boy
Smart American ,   Raleigh, NC   (12.20.06)
He doesn't understand that nukes aren't really meant to be used but more of a deterrent. Look to the Cold War. Unfortuntately, he doesn't get that and will try to use one on Israel. Then, bye bye Iran. Feel sorry for those downwind of what the world will have to do to Tehran because it will be a pretty ugly radioactive scene. Iran isn't responsible enough to have Nukes.
13. Doesn't Iran know they will hurt themselves?
John ,   Austin, TX   (12.20.06)
Nuke Israel? Do you think the fallout is going to just contain itself in that area? And good bye Palestinians as well. I guess the PLO will have to redefine "martydom" as "being in the wrong place at the wrong time".
14. Re: What should be done?
Tom ,   Canada   (12.20.06)
All this talk about genocide is nonsense. There never was a claim to 'wipe Israel off the map'. Even the Israeli translation service MEMRI which works very hard to portray Israel's enemies in a bad light agrees. The actual statement, originally made by Khomeini, was that the Israeli REGIME should be eliminated from the pages of time. This is nothing more than a call for regime change, an interpretation that is bolstered by Ahmadinejad's recent statement that Israel should suffer the fate of the Soviet Union.
15. Let Monkeyboy be happy...
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (12.20.06)
Because it will not last long. Before Bush leaves office Iran will have no nuclear facilities.
16. Iran is a paper tiger!
Vanderknowledge ,   Marietta USA   (12.20.06)
Dear Friends of Peace, I see Iran as a Paper Tiger. It has no bite and will easly over streach its reach and power. I see the old Persian empire falling in this decade. Terhan will be a heap of stones unless the great Persian People rise up against it's Islamist masters. Goingdark7 speaks
17. welcome to the 7th century
1.5 bil nonmuslim ,   everywhere else   (12.20.06)
Thats where Iran will be when they try something
18. Hero awarded Magic Sword
usa is a monster ,   everywhere, earth   (12.20.06)
to defend holy cause from giant monsters and ensure freedom and idependence of iranian people
19. iran
adolph ,   austria   (12.20.06)
this guy is going to turn his country into a moonscape, maybe that is his wish.
20. Annoying little man plays all
realist ,   Tempe, AZ   (12.20.06)
America will not suffer the fate of Rome. We will not go gently into that goodnight either. Expect an overwhelming and disproportionate response to any nation that attacks the only power on the planet worth calling a superpower. Forget the fact that our conventional forces are stretched thin, this only gives us license to react with unconventional weapons if we find ourselves cornered. Remember, we have used nuclear weapons before, and if we are pressed, will do so again. We are the shining city on the hill, and if people try to extinguish our light, they are in for a terrible day of reckoning. We believe in our right to pursue a life without the absence of the rule of law. We belive that women have rights and are human beings too. We believe that people can agree to disagree without childish behavior taking over. Go ahead Iran. Incinerate yourself. Keep allowing Amadinijad to rule over you and you'll see what will happen. Keep waving your shotgun at my kids and you'll find yourself up a lava river without a kayak.
21. Bring it on!
Jim ,   Boston, USA   (12.20.06)
If Iran thinks that having a few nuclear bombs makes him a world power, he should think again. Where will he use these bombs, and how? The U.S. had more ability than this 60 years ago and we've actually used them (succussfully). We all know he wants to drop one on Tel Aviv. The poor citizens of Iran will pay for his ignorance.
22. IRAN'S Nuclear 'Strength'
Raymond A. Bruno ,   Schererville, IN.   (12.20.06)
How sad. Such 'bragging' from a man who could possiblt be living on a glass tabletop.
23. OK Tom, you stay there nice and safe in Canada
Doug ,   USA   (12.20.06)
Silly, silly liberal Canadian. Your Grandfathers fought bravely along side Britain and the USA to help fight 2 wars in Europe. But for the last 50 years Canada has been shielded by the USA and has had free access to the Worlds Largest market, us evil Americans. Please, just go back to your carefree life and let countries that CAN and Will do something work this out. You will be fine, the USA will not let a nuke hit Canada without a very strong response.
24. Congrats you Bonehead
Phil ,   Florida, USA   (12.20.06)
"Iranian young scientists reached the zenith of science and technology and gained access to the nuclear fuel cycle without the help of big powers." What a glorious regime you have! You've finally accomplished something that other countries accomplished 50+ years ago. May you rule for a thousand years!
25. Congrats on obtaining 1940s technology
joe ,   NJ, USA   (12.20.06)
26. All talk
James R ,   Boston MA   (12.20.06)
Ahmed is trying to lure the west to attack Iran pre-emptively so he can whip up his population. He failed to topple Lebanon, Fatah, and has not yet finished his goals in Iraq. Hes a failure and a hitlerian egoist. Just ignore the madman
27. Doom
Patriot ,   Ashburn, VA   (12.20.06)
Eulogia count down has already started. Iran you better make peace quickly or you will be pieces quickly
28. 'Nuclear Victory Soon'
W Goble ,   Odessa Texas U.S.A.   (12.20.06)
Ya'll need to get ya'll's F-16s and F-15'a warming up. It's time for ya'll to take offensive steps to protect your homeland and population.
29. No wonder!
loxoco ,   wichita/usa   (12.20.06)
man is built within to self destruct! Its a given! Be careful what you ask for, for you will get it! All men have the ability within! Why marvel?
30. It's a view of what's to come...
Scott ,   Ohio   (12.20.06)
It's a bluff. Ahmadineajd is dropping like a rock in popularity in his country as we saw with recent elections selecting more conservative leaders across Iran. They will probably SOON have nuclear technology and they know it, so in an effort to drive up support he announced something to make everybody feel proud. It could backfire and hopefully it does. Hopefully the Iranian people fear what could happen to them which is possible since they don't like his hardline policies. The fact he has made this announcement shows what the United States has claimed and feared this entire time. Iran needs to step down, or they'll find out really quick why the US is in countries on either side of them will 11 permanent stagging ground bases strategically places for a total invasion of Iran. We got rid of a dictator, the country didn't follow through as had been hoped but they are free and Iran is in the crosshair.
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