Jordanian teachers attend secret Yad Vashem seminar
Zvi Zinger
Published: 21.12.06, 10:04
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1. secret?
2. is it a secret?
3. let's see
v. n.y. ,   usa   (12.21.06)
it is not a secret anymore, now, is it? why should this be done in secret? who says that any arab should hide if he wants to learn and educate himself as to the world around him. i commend the jordanian monarchy and these jordanian educators for having the spine to flaunt this action in front of the arab world, to stand up to bigotry and the denial of a very tragic historical fact. ladies and gentlemen...this is a supreme example of an arab country that made peace overtures to israel in the past. it was an honest overture, an honest desire to live in harmony and respect one another's existance. and indeed, israel and jordan have not had any difficulties as a result of this honest and lasting peace between the two. i commend king abdulah for permitting in his country the quest for knowledge and the quest for truth. this is a ruler, although most arab countries paint him as corupt and a weakling when it comes to israel, that doesn't subject his population to ignorance and hate. unlike most arab dictators, he is moderate and sees the need for peace in the region. no wonder he refuses palestinian citizenship in his country. he knows what they cause...mayhem, violence and destruction everywhere.
4. listen to that
v. n.y. ,   usa   (12.21.06)
"they had no knowledge whatsoever of the holocaust. they were unfamiliar with its effect on israeli society" "the one month stay in israel changed the jordanian teachers' perception of israel, the jews and judaism" very interesting, don't you think, that a country neighboring israel for more than 60 years has no knowledge of the holocaust and its historical significance. why are muslims in other arab countries and their governments so adamant about not teaching the holocaust as a huge part of ww2 in their classrooms. and these were EDUCATORS AND TEACHERS!!! and they still had no idea. how can one be an educator, teach world history and tear out page after page from the history books having to do with ww2? UNLESS YOU, AS THE PALESTINIANS DO, REVISE HISTORY TO SUIT YOUR OWN AGENDA. OR ELIMINATE IT ALL TOGETHER TO AVOID KNOWLEDGE, DEBATE AND QUESTIONING BY YOUR SUBJECTS. the reason the holocaust is eliminated and not mentioned in these countries is because acknowledging the holocaust is acknowledging the birth and right of israel to exist. and this, the arab dictators do not want. i bet that if any muslim country ignorant of the holocaust and judaism and israelis in general sent thousands of delegations to find out the real truth, these dictators will be out of a job. but, they like to keep their people ignorant like mushrooms in the dark and feed them bull shit. my hats off to you king abdullah!
5. A country at "peace" with Israel yet they visited in secret?
Sarit   (12.21.06)
Hmm. Could it be that they are afraid of other members of the Religion of Peace who will get mad that they are getting educated by Jews?
6. #1 trough 5 have you found Hocaust denial in Aradic Ed
7. #1-5 have you found Holocaust denial in Arabic Ed. texts ?
have you foud the Green Line in Israeli Ed. texts? It's Israel which keeps facts secret !
8. 5
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (12.21.06)
This is a bit off topic but I just wanted to say that I love the name Sarit.
9. #7
v. n.y. ,   usa   (12.21.06)
obviously it is not a secret since you know about it! and so do all. israel keeps nothing a secret unless it has to do with atomic bombs, and even then we say maybe, maybe not.
10. their muslim fathers risked their own lives to save Jews'
observer   (12.21.06)
during the Holocaust. They should be proud of their Muslim fathers. A few weeks back the Times published an article about Satloff’s research : In the event, he found not one saviour but many. Wherever he went he collected stories about Arabs welcoming Jews into their homes, sharing their meagre rations, guarding their valuables so Germans could not confiscate them, and warning leaders about SS raids. Abdelwahhab, who died in 1997 aged 86, features prominently in his gallery of heroes, along with Si Ali Sakkat, a former mayor of Tunis who hid 60 Jewish workers who had fled a labour camp, and Si Kaddour Benghabrit, the rector of a Paris mosque, who helped 100 Jews evade persecution in 1940. Similarly, the Bey of Tunis, Tunisia’s wartime ruler under the Germans, is reported as having told members of his government: “The Jews… are under our patronage and we are responsible for their lives. If I find out that an Arab informer caused even one hair of a Jew to fall, this Arab will pay with his life.” As one old gentleman from a small town in Tunisia remarked, “The Arabs watched over the Jews.” Today, Schindler and Wallenberg are perhaps the most famous men to have been officially recognised by Yad Vashem as “righteous among the nations”. They are just two of the 21,310 Gentiles honoured for risking their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust. Individuals come from Chile and Croatia, Lithuania and Latvia, but there is no representative on that list from Tunisia, Morocco or Algiers. “There are Turkish and Bosnian Muslims cited,” says Satloff, “but nearly 60 years after the war, no Arab has ever been officially recognised.”,,2099-2469952,00.html
Fasulia Hudra   (12.23.06)
Knowing the personal dangers that courageous people in the Arab world face at the hands of extremists, I STAND, SALUTE, and WELCOME our Jordanian cousins with a hand outstretched in peace - MARCHABA!!!! It has been said that no one has the right to judge a holocaust survivor for what they may have had to do to survive under those horrible circumstances. We must also try to understand the courage of such people in the face of extreme danger at the hands of extremists in the Arab world, to come to Israel to try to understand what we endured and to take enormous steps at building bridges. Marchaba - Marchabtayn. Ma'a Salame W'Allah Ma'akum
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