Opinion  Sever Plocker
Stalin's Jews
Sever Plocker
Published: 21.12.06, 23:35
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3. plocker is a sick man who HAVE TO LEARN HISTORY
Ron   (12.22.06)
5. Jewish humanists and educators
Alina ,   Tel Aviv   (12.22.06)
They were sometimes called "Jewish humanists and educators". The were the most vicious killers. Not the first in our history. In 15th century the Grand Incvisitor was also of Jewish origin. When the Jews convert to 'humanists" they become very ugly. The same probably happened in Israel's history too.
6. yes
hondo   (12.22.06)
This only proves that Jewish people are not granted any privileges by the Almighty . He does not love them more than any other people. However he has chosen them to uphold his laws , but people are weak , some do evil. Israel has survived because the ALMIGHTY does not break his promise he gave to Abraham and then to Moses
7. Communists were true internationalists
Gaby ,   Boston, usa   (12.22.06)
There were a lot of Jews who were victims of the Communist terror as well as many who were perpetrators. To mention some victims - my Grandmother's family was wiped out due to Communist induced hunger in Ukraine. She was the only survivor. She herself got TB as a result and died of it later during WWII.
8. Wha a stupid pointless article
Way to jack up antisemitism Ynet!
9. Bravo Ynet...
Gene ,   Raleigh   (12.22.06)
History denied is history repeated...much of the Western world is oblivious.
10. this is the stupidest thing i've ever read
Moron ,   Plocker   (12.22.06)
11. Courageos Article
Avi ,   MD, USA   (12.22.06)
The tone of much of the talkbacks is so predictible. Go ahead and hide your head in the sand! Sever's article is courageos because he dares write about what unfortunately is a taboo subject. And here is some news for those with their head in the sand, if you can read it: this article adds nothing new for the antisemites. Those stupid enough to use this information for antisemitic purposes will neither be validated nor offered more ammunition by this article.
12. He reminds me of Hitler!
Harry ,   Kansas   (12.22.06)
13. The lights are on but no one is home
Jibly Eli ,   Brisbane, Australia   (12.22.06)
Being brought up in Israel I remember a children's joke about two young kids selling news-papers on a street corner one selling Maariv and the other Yediot The first one selling Maariv shouts Ma-ani (what am I) the other answers idiot (idiot). I don't know who is the biggest idiot the one who wrote the article, or the one who published this rubbish, but I know this in both cases the lights are on upstairs' but no one is home.
14. we r all not sacrified ...
tom ,   berlin   (12.22.06)
... and as long some people believe they r, there will be always unjustice.
15. And your point is???
ambrosine shitrit ,   london   (12.22.06)
ANDREW ,   MIAMI,FL   (12.22.06)
17. Jews Are Just Like Anyone Else
Raz ,   HaAretz   (12.22.06)
Good, bad, and in between. What's the whole point of this stupid article?
18. This is a disgusting, baseless attack on Jews!
RA   (12.22.06)
gabriel; ,   ca   (12.22.06)
Now;s time to write something pro jewish or pro religious for a chnage! I can think of better things to remember than jews who gave up their judaism for the soviets
20. Keep contributing to anti-Semitism there's not enough
Sarit   (12.22.06)
in the world already. What is the point of this article? The only thing it proves is that leftist Jews are the most evil Jews of all but we already knew that.
21. Futile efforts of delegitimization
Andres Alt ,   US   (12.22.06)
Jewish ideology, religion and life has nothing to do with promoting submission of the masses, ethnic cleansing or mass murder, in contrast to some religions and ideologies, that openly promote that. That some Jews adopted a foreign ideology is irrelevant to Judaism . However it is common in Jewish culture to promote and extol knowledge, and that is why Jews tend to recognize Jewish sages. To some self-hating Jews, this recognition is intolerable and they will try to deligitimize anything that tends to preserve the notion of Jews as a nation or as a culture. But they just make them stronger.
JO CAMEL ,   CANADA   (12.22.06)
were the jews in charge of the stalinist terror?same as saying the kapos were in charge of the nazis
23. I also had relatives wiped out by Stalinism
Jake   (12.22.06)
As far as I can tell, some of the waves of purges directed by Stalin were aimed at Jews. If some Jews happened to participate in these killings, it is no different than the kapos who participated in the Holocaust, before they themselves were murdered.
24. Courageous article breaking the silence
Miriam S. ,   Chicago USA   (12.22.06)
Thank you for bringing this to light. As many as 60 million killed in the Soviet Union and not a word in our schools. Not a monument, not a movie nor television show. WHY ?
25. Very good article
Haim ,   Chicago   (12.22.06)
I am from Russia, and everything he said is correct. As Jews convert to communists, humanists, free thinkers, etc. They became very bad. I am surprised that some people do not know how bad were marxists, especially of Jewish origin. In Israel you had criminals like Vilner; and even some in the Government. Look at your Roman Bronfman or Sarid or Beilin. These marxists will be the first to get rid of "religious" Jews if hamas were to gain power. Do not doubt it.
26. Woow
1.5 Billion Muslims   (12.22.06)
Reality Check , World
27. Did he compare murderers to Einstein?
Incredulous   (12.22.06)
28. What a revelation, there were Kapos?
Mike Jefferson ,   Washington, D.C.   (12.22.06)
So what? There were "Kapo" Jews in the Stalin regime - no big surprise. Guess what, there are Jews who are in jail for murder, Jews who are addicted to drugs, and - gasp - Jewish homosexuals. What is the point of this article? That people can be evil and ignorant of their heritage? I doubt that a single one of these so-called "Jews" was obvservant of the Torah.
29. Yes, those particular Jews were bad ones
Micha   (12.22.06)
but I think they are outweighed by the good ones. This is in contrast to the millions who preach to kill Jews and wipe out Israel.
30. Excellent piece...
Yoni ,   Toronto, Ontario   (12.22.06)
Nicely done. It's always good to know that we are open minded and mature enough as a people not to be afraid to poke around our closet... It's very unfortunate to see the immaturity with which many of the talkbacks are taking this, however. Perhaps I can find some solace in the fact that these are mostly the North American Jews who as Dershowitz put it, try to be more Israeli than the Israelis themselves...
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