Satire gone wild
Anat Heffetz
Published: 23.12.06, 16:36
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1. Disgusting self-hating Jews
Dan ,   Israel   (12.23.06)
I am relieved to note that Israeli society is getting more and more tired of these self-hating repugnant people who claim to be Jewish. Self-criticism is not the same thing as self-hatred and anti-Israeli racist propaganda. Go to Europe where they already have the largest collection of self-hating Jews. We Israelis neither should nor will we apologize for our right to exist and live in our ancestral and eternal homeland.
2. Can't wait to see this!
Khalid   (12.23.06)
Sounds awesome. Hope it's on youtube.
3. a sample of reality!
freeman   (12.23.06)
wow this sounds like something ...exposing real hatred and racism is surely a good thing you would think...unless of course you yourself is full of hatred then you are too blinded to see any reality.
4. Yes, but do it also in neighboring countries
Logic ,   Israel   (12.23.06)
I want to see an Atia and Rose clip where these guys ask the Islamic Jihad to stand for a moments silence for killing so many innocent people. Also, I'd like to see them walk around with a "Free Israel" shirt even in downtown Cairo. Local satire should translate to international success! Maybe they will even go to Afganistan and play video satire on Mullah Omar too.
5. Sounds excellent
Yael ,   Tel Aviv   (12.23.06)
Where can we watch this?
6. fooyuh
Yisraeli   (12.23.06)
self defacating and self destructive. Sure Hamas and Saudi arabia will fund you. So hey go live there and just try that on with arabs and see how long you last before public beheading. You 2 are really scraping the bottom of the barrel amongst so called Israeli jews. More and more encouragement of any jew hatred emanating from Israel. What impatient for more amonahs?
7. It's Not Very Funny
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.23.06)
Borat is often very funny. We Jews have always made fun of ourselves; Jewish comics are the best. But these two jerks are not comics & what they are doing is just another example of Israel-bashing by leftist ideologues. I'm not laughing.
8. No words to describe this
VM ,   Haifa   (12.23.06)
These two fellas are trying their hardest to become the next Borat. I havent seen their "work" but it feels a little gross. Their desire to turn this hobby into a cash cow says a lot about them though. Hopefully, they'll go bankrupt before that ever happens and these two guys will end up working at an allnite drugstore in Tel Aviv.
9. Self hating/hand wringing jews! go live in iran its paradise
10. no new
pal ,   palestine   (12.23.06)
it is nothing new in this act, it is circle of genocide , nazi kill jew and israeli continue against palestinan , the victum act as criminal
11. very strong indeed!!
rina ,   israel   (12.23.06)
didn't see the movie unfortunately. we should have more of this on tv, self criticism is never a bad thing. very interesting article and very well written!!!! Who is the reporter?
12. Stupid Clowns
Steve ,   Tel Aviv   (12.23.06)
These stupid clowns should go to Ramallah and see how nice and friendly the arabs are. Arabs are the enemy, and these people are helping them? Sickening.
13. I wouldn't use term "self-hating Jews" if I were you...
Jonas ,   SAD   (12.23.06)
...cause Goebbles in World War II used the similar expression for Germans who saved Jewish lives - "self-hatting Germans"... Invent something else. P.S. Oh, yes, I would be very surprised if this post will pass ynet check.
14. Pathetic, Moronic, Stupidity should not be mistaken 4 talent
Bruno ,   Australia   (12.23.06)
Is this the Best Israel or Y net can come up with?
15. judging by its audience
m ,   i   (12.23.06)
Khalid can't wait to see it-speaks for itself soesn't it.
16. To #1 Dan
Edan ,   Israel   (12.23.06)
The only disgusting people are the ones like yourself who refuse to look at both sides of the equation. You can throw around the term "self-hating" all you want - but people just aren't buying it any more.
17. Where have you been all our lives????
Z Lando ,   Tekoa, Israel   (12.23.06)
Since they are using satire, I will use a bit myself: "Wow! I have never thought about this before. Where have you guys been all our lives? Israelis never say anything against what we do... our society is so dumb with news that we never think. You never hear left wing views that celebrate Arabs and defend them.... we are all a bunch of sheep, so stupid... ...wait... it will take me a few ovies to understand your deep thoughts.... buy, am I ever glad that someone like you two 27 year olds came around to enlighten us!
18. #16 / Negative Judgement of Someone who Disagrees with You
Jon ,   Israel   (12.23.06)
Not everyone in Israel has the Neo, "Village Voice" mentality of baseless bashing your own kind. Go find something constructive to do to help out Israel or at least yourself. People out looking to make a buck by producing "High School Quality" idiotic trash should be simply ignored if not ridiculed. After all if they were the butt of the joke, theyed also be whining out Loud.
19. How very brave of them.
Tracy W   (12.23.06)
It's easy to criticize a free society and easy to make fun of other people, as long as you don't have to worry about fatwas, persecution, decapitation, etc., etc. Have you taken a stroll around Gaza lately? It may give you a different perspective an appreciation for your country.
20. Just riding Borat's coat tales to make money
Jenny ,   NYC, USA   (12.23.06)
I think that's rather obvious, don't you? "Zionist powers here have so much propaganda power. " What is wrong with Israelis these days that they are so anti-Israel? We have the same in America, but at least America is not facing an existential threat and we are a superpower. What is wrong with these people? Do they really think Jews are more racist than Arabs? It won't be so funny when an Arab uses this movie as an excuse to kill some innocent Jews. Remember the Arabs used the "Mohammed Al Dura" farce to kill Daniel Pearl.
21. #13 Jonas
Leo ,   Israel   (12.24.06)
so what point are you trying to make by making a Nazi analogy? Your the second person to support these two on talk back, by making an Israel/Nazi analogy. Doesn't that already tell us something?
22. #19 Tracey
Leo   (12.24.06)
Its often those who act as "brave dissenters" in a free society who are are the first to buckle under a totalitarian one.
23. Racism?
Renee   (12.24.06)
I wonder what sort of responses these two would have gotten if they asked the same questions of Americans right after 9/11? I daresay that even some of the most liberal among us might have started to have racist feelings after that attack. And, that being the case, I can't even imagine how some Israelis must feel after enduring years of carnage at the hands of Palestinian suicide bombers and their fascist handlers.
24. those who have no talent break taboos & shock
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.24.06)
and these guys will go back to being nobodies when the shock wears off.
25. immoral
mordechai ,   jerusalem, israel   (12.24.06)
These two individuals seem to have broken the most basic moral code of all - an innocent person's right to privacy.
26. Nice work, Heffetz
Shmulik ,   By the heater   (12.24.06)
Nice article! I didn't get your opinion though. Describing is nice, but I want to know what you're thinking about the dudes. Ok, they are funny. Do you like their humor? Etc.
27. Making it in Eurabia as a "progressive" Jew
Dan ,   Israel   (12.24.06)
These "film makers" and Edan (#16) remind me of the countless "progressive" Jews that I met during my extensive years in Europe. Everyone knows that there is no antisemitism in Europe. Just ask Chirac or any other "progressive" double-speakers in Europe. The Jews in Europe know that the only way to make a career in Europe in media, film or journalism is to be more anti-Israeli than the non-Jews. Attacking Israel's right to exist and insult Israelis/Jews is considered to be "criticism" in the same Europe that would take offense if anyone would dare to question the Europeans' right to exist and the Europeans expect "their" "progressive" Jews to play along. These self-hating Jews wouldn't mind selling their own mothers if it would advance their careers.
28. Most Israelis (myself included) do not share their 'humor'
Dalia ,   Rishon Lezion   (12.24.06)
29. Pfeh!
The Raccoon   (12.24.06)
Mindless children, trying to be European by doing their best to destroy Israel. May they have a fateful meeting with a nice man from their beloved Hamas, or Islamic Jihad, or Al-Qaeda, or Hizballah, or some such friendly organization. Ultra-liberalism is a deadly disease. And these morons are worse than Neturei Karta.
30. I *heart* Anat Heffetz
RP ,   Israel   (12.26.06)
She rocks!
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