Iran: UN resolution won't stop nuclear work
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Published: 22.12.06, 00:02
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1. They said this before, whats new?
eNosho   (12.22.06)
2. This one I agree, with most Isrealies
713 ,   Seattle US   (12.22.06)
Anyone who's heard my ranting would probably be confused with my responce to this report. I usually make Isrealies mad.. :) Someone has got to kill this Iran's president! Seriously, I am all about Isreal chillin out for a while, in concerns to PA, but Iran's President needs a bullet in his head. As much as I don't agree with the way Isreal did the Lebbenon war, they way they treat the PA's, they don't desearve to get nuked. Niether does the Iranian civilians. Send in a secret force unit, and put a bullet in his head. Save thousands upon thousands of lives, and just do it!!!!
3. Iran Nuke--would mean Armageddon
Brod ,   USA   (12.22.06)
The West needs to understand that they are not dealing with a rational regime when it comes to Iran. Hence, sanction does not work and will not work for such a country. Iran is open about its plan and determination in making their nukes. In dealing with such an irrational and fanatical regime, the world needs a different approach in ensuring that it does not get its hands on nukes. Nukes plus ICBMs in the hands of fascists and fanatics would mean Armageddon. It would mean the destruction or collapse of the world's economy when these dark forces tamper with the sources of energy in the Middle East.
4. Legitimate resistance
Steve ,   USA   (12.22.06)
B"H "Iran: UN resolution won't stop nuclear work". Right. But it is sure a sign of legitimate resistance against clearly belligerant attititudes at the top. The resolution is to legimize the resistance to the belligerancy of Iran and I think that it is an important step.
5. 2@
armit ,   ME   (12.22.06)
israelis had a right to defend themselves in lebannon war, which ws imposed on them agaist their will Israelis had the obligation to bring back abducted soldiers back home Israelis have no responsability for Lebanese shooting from every residential home , and only residential homes
6. Of course Not
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (12.22.06)
But it will apply economic pressure on your government and people, and according to the last polls you monkey man lost, I don't think he is getting much support from his locals. A collapse from within would be the perfect solution, and without Iranian backing, Hizbullah will fade away, Syria will shut up and the world will be safe. I also support bringing back political assinations. It would save lives. I wonder how he feels about the military buildup. Persian gulf fleets, US bases in Iraq, NATO in Afghan, Israel not far.
hpd   (12.22.06)
It appears that there is now some legitimate oppostion to hardliners in IRan itself
8. it Just Nukes lat Iran have their Nukes
1.5 Billion Muslims   (12.22.06)
Oop they Muslim and will give the Terrorist ; Not Bakistan is muslim Country and Osama bin Ladan do not have nukes so please let us encourage Iran to get nukes , u can send encouragment letter to AhmediNajad. Reality Check , World
9. The Organ Grinder is going to get his monkey back soon
Umm El Kul Naqba   (12.22.06)
Recent elections in Iran sent a very strong message that the Iranian people are sick and tired of Ahmadnejad (aka Meymoun or monkey to Iranians). People say that he did not keep his campaign promises and focuses more on counter productive antagonizing of the USA and west rather than resolving the important issues for Iranians such as employment (11% unemployment) and economic issues. Ahmadnejad's opponent swept the elections across Iran. The people want better relations with USA, etc. and to dump Ahmadnejad. Thank you Iranians for speaking out. Maybe it is not to late to undo the damage Ahmadnejad did and save Iran from being the next target of USA, EU, and Israel along with the enormous destruction and loss of life that they would suffer.
10. #30
v. n.y. ,   usa   (12.22.06)
i agree with you 100% i do believe, though, that THE ONLY OBSTACLE to our success with iran lies squarely with russia and china. if we want to "GET" to ahmadinejad, we, the un , the european union, etc... must put the pressure not on iran, but on russia and china. as long as iran has russia and china on their side (for purely economic and oil reasons), they have no reason to fear and no reason whatsoever to halt any of their nuclear enrichment programs. these three countries are knee deep in common interests of money, oil and arms. there is no way russia will forgo iran the opportunity to fatten russian money coffers to protect israel and bow to the usa. israel is of no interest to russia and they hate the usa after president regean's star wars program flattened the communist regime and russia's economy. the russians hate us and it is their opportunity now to show us who is boss here. china is not innocent either. it needs iranian oil more than anyone to continue theri life style and economic progress at an incredible fast pace. iran knows it and therefore thumbs her nose at the world at every opportunity. start with russia and china. this is where the west's problems lie.
11. Iran kicked UN in the groin and UN did nothing
john ,   nz   (12.22.06)
absolute disgrace for an organisation that is supposed to bring law and order to this planet
12. 11 - not 'nothing': the UN cried like a baby and is pouting
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.22.06)
it hurts one's feelings to have one's nuance crammed back down one's throat.
13. Is Iran for Iran ?
I would like to know that Who did help to Iran to grow until today ? Is Iran for Iran or for others ? Atilla Karagözoğlu Istanbul
14. #13 attila
v. n.y. ,   usa   (12.22.06)
iran was helped by china and russia (ussr) in exchange for iranian oil. read my post in answer to #30
15. Nuclear Technology
X-Slave ,   Detroit USA   (12.22.06)
If Israel can have Nuclear technology (and weapons) why can't Iran? The only nation devilish enough to actually use weapons of mass distruction was the U.S. during WWII. Perhaps the world should be fearful of the U.S.
16. #15, X-man
DR ,   Florida, USA   (12.23.06)
Wow, very surprising coming from Detroit, the Muslim capital of the US. Iran should not and will not get nukes b/c they have said openly that they want to fight and destroy israel. You cannot have radical countries hold weapons of mass destruction and hold the world hostage.
17. to DR if iran retaract and said no
X man ,   L.A. california   (12.23.06)
we are not going to destroy israel or any other country would let them have their nukes give an answer please they are waiting on the other line and they halting their B_2 cascade tto hear from you
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