Judge: Iran partly responsible for 1996 terrorist attack
Associated Press
Published: 22.12.06, 18:40
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1. What a difference
Arie ,   Afula   (12.22.06)
That a US Court can properly assign blame for terrorism while our own Courts do everything they can to aid and assist the enemy
2. What about Hezballah bombings in Argentina ?
Alan ,   SA   (12.22.06)
3. Arie.
Khalid   (12.22.06)
You are such a loser. Stop complaining so damn much.
4. Surprise!!
Kareem ,   Egypt   (12.22.06)
hahaha..this is just as credible as "Iraq has a lot of WMDs and is a threat to the world!" The USA is trying so hard now to find any type of connection between Iran and terrorism on Americans so that it could convince the public to go to war with Iran. Another symphony played by Bush and his gangsters...thiis time tho we're prepared...go ahead and find an alibi!
5. To # 2
TOM ,   BSAS,ARGENTINA   (12.22.06)
We have here an accusation made by a Judge and some lawyers about Iranian involvement in AMIA 1994 Bombing here in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In fact, now The Interpol now have the ability to chase them, but Iran has said that they don´t want to be deliver to Interpol. If They don´t have nothing to hide, or they are inocent, then why dont´they want to come Here? Interesting.... Long Live Israel
6. Foundation of Iranian foreign policy is Subversive acts.
KMR ,   Middle East   (12.22.06)
7. AWWWWWWWWW poor poor khalid
Arie ,   Afula   (12.22.06)
You can never argue against the truth so you attack the messenger. The world is waking up t your people and their mission of anarchy ad genocide. Like hitler before, it took the world a while to wake up, but when they did, he was destroyed. So go pray to your prophet of mayhem and doom while we look forward to a civilized world of joy and harmony! In the interim, why don't you just go enjoy an honour killing or two. It should cheer you up!
8. Khalid, Big Man
Khalid's a ,   Coward   (12.22.06)
The point is you are a coward behind a keyboard. ROTFL.
9. may be we should sue too the american
lebanese american ,   glendale california   (12.22.06)
gov. and israel for complicity in terrorist attacks inside lebanon in which american lebanese killed the amount of money is really tempting we have evidence for at least 7 attacks 2 by cia and five by israeli and their agents
10. I am with you Arie
Ginette ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.22.06)
Forget the Khalids of this world. Shabbat Shalom!
11. Time Wasting Judge
Geronimo   (12.23.06)
May the same Judge find if Israel had anything to do with the sinking of USS Liberty and the machine gunning of the crew as they abbandoned ship.
12. #9 lebanese(SHIA) american
13. to #9 ... GREAT ENGLISH, BUDDY
aaron ,   ra'anana   (12.23.06)
14. What a shock!
Tam   (12.23.06)
Muslims being held responsible for the deaths of innocents. You call this news? The little monkey boy of the middle east deserves an ass kicking and thank GOD the world will be wearing the boots to do it!
15. Geronimo, knuckleheaded buffoon, idiot
SAM ,   USA   (12.24.06)
and non-American. You idiot. The USS Liberty did not sink. nor did any Israelis machinegun the crew. Moron. Get the lie right before you tell it. The Liberty was where it was not supposed to be. President Johnson said in the UN the US was neutral and no US ships were in those waters. READ A BOOK IDIOT!. The Israelis bombed the ship being it had the same silohette as the Edyptian destroyer in those waters . READ A BOOK, MORON!! The Israeli Airfoce had the ship sunk but didnt sink it. They stopped because they thought it could be a Russian ship. the Israelis were actually glad it was a US ship because we all know the Israeli navy couldnt do squat against the Russians. You must be the dumbest white supremist I have ever seen. You come here and tell your lie? why? Stick to the Neo-Nazi sites. at least you all will be lying on the same page. You have chosen Satan. Satan does not win. Read the book, fool
white man or black m ,   SALE M   (12.24.06)
c'mon man you know the story read the book of survivers they know the truth more than anbody if you want truth that is if you you wanna be a spinner thats different
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