Iran: What about Zionists' nukes?
Dudi Cohen
Published: 23.12.06, 20:24
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1. Sanctions not enough...
Dan ,   Israel   (12.23.06)
Only a decise military strike against the heart of the extremist-regime in Iran will put the mullah-fascist-gang out of business and secure world peace.
2. The begining on the end for the monkey from Iran
Mike ,   Israel   (12.23.06)
3. This is only the beginning of the end
enzo ,   london,uk   (12.23.06)
As Defense Minister Peretz rightly said more significant sanctions are on their way if Iran does not stop playing "nuclear"!
4. Window dressing sanctions already
tea man ,   marjayoun leb   (12.23.06)
there iran is not getting any thing from the west remmeber south africa it build its arsenal and help israel bluid theirs while SA was under sanction so this sign for the obvious like go ahead build it up
5. "Zionist's nukes"?
RA   (12.23.06)
How can an idea have nuclear weapons. It makes no sense.
6. Nuke Iran?
mark ,   Seattle USA   (12.23.06)
To actually solve the problem, Israel needs to have it's nukes removed. Then they must be required to sit at the negotiating table and hammer out an agreement with the Arab states in the region.. including Iran. If not, the US should take Israels nukes from them until they realize they'll get spanked until they mind. Late
7. This sanction isn´t important
Jack ,   France   (12.23.06)
If america wants than Iran don´t have nukes,the only solution is a hard war on the region with a lot of badly consecuences.I don´t hope this,but is the reality.
8. #4 window dressing
nabil ,   los angeles   (12.23.06)
It strikes me that you compare a regressive regime in Tehran that lives in antiquity with that of South Africa. The only reason that SA was able to get anywhere close to nuclear is because it got help from the west (not to mention names) and that ain't going to happen with Iran. Iran is such a pitifully technologically deprived country that it can only hope to keep fighting with the sword. Now that Russia and China showed how much they care about Iran which is nil let us all watch where the sabre rattling and threats of Ahmadinejad will take him. If I remember correctly he threatened to stop the oil flow. Let us see him shoot himself in the foot. Can't wait.
9. to #6 Try it! You will not have olmert to hold us back
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.23.06)
for long.
must be taken away- USA please drop this nasty country- We should not be supporting and welfaring the racists zionists any longer. Thanks in advance Ynet for publishing these comments.
11. #6 Mark
patrick   (12.23.06)
Iran is not an arabic nation you ignoramus jerk!
12. Snactions won't work, They are hell bent to destroy Israel
john ,   nz   (12.23.06)
13. How About A Zionist Nuke On Teheran?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.24.06)
14. This proves Irans nukes not peaceful
Johnson ,   USA   (12.24.06)
15. Iran: What about Zionists' nukes?
Listen closely. The next "whooooosh" you hearmay be Ahmadinejad going poof.
16. Rockets are waiting
arie spigel ,   Baltimore   (12.24.06)
Israel will have to battle Hizbollah and Syria at the same time. Thats what I predict. The attention from Iran will go away for a while.
17. israel and nukes
v. n.y. ,   usa   (12.24.06)
what is iran afraid of? why should it fear israeli nuclear power or israel having these bombs? if i were the iranians, i will know for sure that: 1....israel has NEVER threatened anyone in the region with atomic annihilation or even thought of it when in fact they were very close to being annihilated themselves in the yom kipur war. 2....jews are NOT violent by nature. they are rather pacificts. at least no one can even compare the "violence" a jew shows to the kind of criminal acts and severe violence shown by muslims in any of their demonstrations, conflicts and terrorist attacks. 3. we had no business with iran prior to this war in lebanon. we left it alone, but knew what it was doing behind our backs. who appointed iran the liberator of the palestinian people??? let's face it. iran wants iraq, wants lebanon and wants syria and is in no way interested, neither cares about the palestinians and their cause. 4. our prime minister, olmert, stupid man that he is, has never uttered a single word about israel's wish to dismantle and destroy another nation. there is abig difference between wishin and acting on your wish. 5. the latest elections in iran should be a wake up call that whatever ahmadinejad did or said was unnecesasary politically. ahmadinejad thought to fire up the iranian people and it all backfired on him. people are not stupid in iran. they don't have a suicide wish, much to ahmadinejad's regret. i think iranians are too smart to have a megalomanic disturbed extremist flush them down the toilet, nuke research or not. they want job, health care, good prosperous economy. they could care less about atomic bombs. they want to eat, dance and live especially when the country is extremely young! and most love america! ahmadinejad....heed our warning. your people do not need you. their pride will come from having a wonderful economy and lifestyle, not from going nuclear. the people have spoken and so did the un this week. may you rest in peace, ahmi!
18. Zionist nukes
Brod ,   USA   (12.24.06)
Israel has NEVER threatened to wipe off any sovereign country. On the contrary, Israel has been threatened, by Arab/Islamist-Jihadist states and entities including Iran, to be wiped off the map repeatedly in the past 60 years.
KUMA ,   SWEDEN   (12.24.06)
Could you please cut the crap and destroy your nuclear weapons? It would be a nice gesture to the rest of the world. Maybe your big brother will follow in about hundred years (they are not that fast, we know, just look at IRAQ). Peace brothers&sisters!
20. The sad part
David ,   Israel   (12.24.06)
The Sad part is I don’t think the farsis I.e. Iranian is a wear of this problem at all "Marg Bar homeny" "Marg br ahmy Najat"
21. To #10
Mush DeLeon ,   Brooklyn, New York   (12.24.06)
Israel is spelled I-S-R-A-E-L. If you want to be taken seriously in the realm of logical, intellectual debate, that would be something to get down. Furthermore, the only thing nast and racist going on here are your comments. You are an enemy of the Jews, and shall be treated as such.
22. Israel Under Threat of Genocide
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (12.24.06)
Israel has a right to nuclear arms. Since 1948 the Arabs have threatened to destroy the Jewish State and now the Iranians have also joined the club. No one is threatening Iran's existence.
23. u can not let man down too long unless
1.5 Billion Muslims   (12.24.06)
u r down with him . Iran will get Nukes ( how much money it takes to hire N, Korea, Bakistan , Russia , ex- soviat scientist $500 for mounth ) get my point . Reality Check , World
24. to 1.5 billion...., what is Bakistan?
Lora ,   usa   (12.24.06)
25. Bakistan?
john & gill ,   australia   (12.24.06)
to Lora,USA.Do think he means Pakistan.
26. If Israel had nukes....
Herut Zion ,   UK   (12.24.06)
how long would it take to reach a major Iranian city? Anyway, would MAD, like in the US - USSR "cold war", be of any use confronting religious nutters like the Iranian rulers?
27. To v. n.y. , usa
Abracadabra ,   Absurdistan   (12.24.06)
1....Israel black male the international community with his nukes and he should be not excepted from international regulation. 2.... Kuhn Bela, Kaganovics, Rakosi, Pauker, Lenin, Walter Roman. Some examples of violent jews They had killed many many millions of people. 3. You have "business" with Iran since 79. 4. Olmert finally told the truth. 5. Let Iranians decide who they want
28. Hypocrisy
Hermes ,   USA   (12.25.06)
Israel and its lap dog, the USA are engaged in hypocritical propaganda. There is no proof that Iran is engaging in a nuclear weapons program. Why doesn't Israel open its nuclear weapons stockpiles to IAEA inspections? Those already exist. By the way, the Ages of Aries and Taurus have passed. Pisces is on the way out. If the Zionists still have designs for he entire Middle East, they may wish to clear that with Aquarius? Not on my watch.
29. To the Clueless Rocket Scientist in #6
Paolo ,   Detriot   (12.29.06)
You are pretty clueless and I bet you send money to the Iranian terrorist group that killed those innocent Jews in Seattle. As always, you have no idea what's going on. Iran has it's terror fingers into every country in the Middle East and openly promotes the distruction of ALL FREEDOM LOVING COUNTRIES. Why don't you move back to Iran with your Clinton girlfirend and Kerry the combat hero movie producer and see what freedom is all about. You might want to give up your drugs as a New Year's resolution because you are really smoking them now. Get a clue!
30. To #26, the rocket would fly faster than the F-16's did
Paolo ,   Detriot   (12.29.06)
The rockets would fly faster than the Israeli F-16's did to bomb Ithe Iraqi nuclear power plant in an hour and a half.
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