Gaza: Muslim extremists set shops on fire
Ali Waked
Published: 23.12.06, 22:26
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1. while u Palestinians are fighting
Adi   (12.23.06)
with Israel and with each other, this groups are taking advantage of the chaos to infiltrate your society, just when you thought it couln't get any worst.............., the Iranians are coming!!!
2. Welcome to the Palestinian Hamastani Arab entity of Gaza
Ron ,   USA   (12.23.06)
3. Civil war?
jason ,   usa   (12.23.06)
4. Islam
Isac ,   Florida   (12.23.06)
I always told everybody that Islam is a peaceful religion and here we have again the proof of it!
5. Talibanising Gaza
john ,   nz   (12.23.06)
6. Other face of Brotherhood starts to appear with 'The Sword'?
KMR ,   Middle East   (12.24.06)
7. To Hanan Ashrawi:: Veil is coming !!!
KMR ,   Middle East   (12.24.06)
8. Praise the Lord, the end is near!
9. Time Travel Is Possible ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.24.06)
Back to the 7th Century - what a great achievement. Funny though, they like modern weapons & spreading hate on the internet.
10. Berserk
Betsy ,   USA   (12.24.06)
Some folks may be sent back to the Stone Age via modern technology if they try to force the rest of us to live there.
11. Once again, if there were a viable government
USA   (12.24.06)
in the Gaza Strip, then the police would find out who these "Sword" holligans are, arrest them, and throw them in the slammer. Right now, Hamas/Fatah/Whatever is allowing a mafia-like entity to run amok with intimidation and extortion tactics. For the sake of the citizens of Gaza, this group has to be stopped dead in its tracks, and literally if necessary.
ISAC GETS THE PRIZE ,   ..............DACON9   (12.24.06)
#4 , I CONSIDER MYSELF TO BE THE FUNNIEST THE RUDEST AND THE WILDEST, HALF OF WHAT I SUBMIT NEVER GETS POSTED.. I HAVE TO SALUTE YOU YOU BEAT ME BY A MILE.... THIS IS THE FUNNIEST OF ALL ONE MORE FUNNY ONE FROM YOU AND I WOULD HAVE TO RETIRE . Islam I always told everybody that Islam is a peaceful religion and here we have again the proof of it! Isac , Florida (12.23.06)
13. The Taliban in Gaza
Brod ,   USA   (12.24.06)
The Taliban has found a foothold in Gaza. Soon you will find executions in a soccer field infront of all the people.
14. i am an iranian, and have seen the islamic revolution
simple man ,   los angeles, ca   (12.24.06)
before the khomeini came into power, they used to say he is planing to bring pure islam, all of us wondering what would be the pure islam, some thing like heave, every morning some one will knock the door and give your share of petrodollar, then every body saw what happened, to the women, to the minorities, to the educated people, to the poor people this old would not be healed unless everybody would know exactly what islam is, and what it is not one of the easy ways to find out simply go to and read for your self and try to find out whatever they say is evidence based or not , it is very easy, the consequence would be seing every thing in prospect, and being able to undrestand many phenomenons
15. islamic fundamentalist that just want to HAVE FUN!
jerome ,   basalt, co   (12.24.06)
They are just doing there national past time. Just like baseball is to the U.S.
16. What did you expect in Gaza
Abdallah ahmad ,   Cairo, Egypt   (12.24.06)
They have only been learning fighting all these years, thanks to the dead egyptian pres abdelnaser and others. They turned into killers and now we all are scared of them. yung people in egypt now feel bad for israelis and just wish the problem will go away but we know that it is too late to turn back time. we are afraid of islam here too that it will be evel and a problem insted of just be happy peopel,
17. no4
toni ,   sabme   (12.24.06)
so what are you saying? islam might have problems? non starter ;cause they lump it all in as one.
18. fragile, this religion
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.24.06)
so let me get this straight - islam needs gangs to go around destroying defenseless stores that sell merchandise deemed offensive to the fragile and sensitive morals of islam? meeooow! islam is not the religion of peace, it is the religion of permanent male PMS.
19. All that financial aid
Tracy W   (12.24.06)
that I heard is coming from the Quartet to aid the Palestinians made me think that it would be a much better idea to distribute it directly to families to help them resettle in Arab countries where they can have the opportunity to make a living. There does not seem to be a viable future for regular working families in what they call Palestine.
20. Are the "Palestinian" Arabs fit for statehood?
Herut Zion ,   UK   (12.24.06)
They are answering this question.
21. Gaza
charles ,   petach tikva   (12.24.06)
I'm waiting for some of those fanatics to accuse Israel for what is happening there .
22. #19 Tracy - problem is other arab countries won't take them
sheri ,   rockville maryland   (12.24.06)
Amazingly enough that's the problem with that plan. 44% of young Palestinians pole as being willing to move to another Arab country in exchange for money. Almost every Arab country has laws (to the extent that they have 'laws') on their books permitting any Arab to settle there, except Palestinians. The Palestinians are definitely not getting much opportunity, but it's not Israel that's kept them down trodden.
23. The document expulsing weapons sounds great
sheri ,   rockville maryland   (12.24.06)
Not many specifics in the article, like which factions agreed to it, and how did they get groups to agree so quickly to stop carrying weapons when it's an essential part of who those groups are. But if it's true, it's means the Taliban thugs are too much for the Palestinians. Also, that they are making an important move in the right direction to reduce violence and increase coordination. Maybe that will spread to coordination with their neighbors? It's pretty bad when "The Sword of Islam" is too violent for Hamas's military & the Alqa Brigades.
24. #22 Sheri
Tracy W   (12.24.06)
Thanks. Then all Western countries should also close their doors to immigrants from those countries that have closed their doors to Palestinians. If the West really cared for Palestinians they would.
25. #14,Simple Man, you're Simply GREAT
john ,   nz   (12.24.06)
We need more ppl like you to speak up to what is really going on behind the veil of Islam.
26. nobody really cares about the Palis
jerome ,   basalt, co   (12.25.06)
the arab nations and only pretend to care and help the Palis so they will be a torn in the back side of Israel
27. #24 Tracy - interesting twist, good idea
sheri ,   rockville maryland   (12.25.06)
I don't think the problem is whether the West cares about the Palestinians. I don't think anyone has thought of your idea of mutual restriction. Maybe it's one that we should push & get some publicity on. There has been so much focus on a two-state solution that the other solutions, like relocation, have dropped out of visiblity. Also, everytime it's mentioned, it's cited as racist, & anti-Palestinian by some faction of Palestinians or Arabs and the far left in the West, & so Israel would still be at fault if they pushed for this. Also, it's not accepted as a solution for the Palestinian "Right of Return" by those Arabs in charge who want there to be no Israel. So with Hamas in charge that is the biggest obstacle to a solution like this, at the moment. Another solution, that's not one, is attaching the terroritories to Egypt or Jordan. However, after the year of "Black September" where the Palestinians tried to take over Jordan, neither Jordan nor Egypt will take them. The West could get behind relocation as one of the solutions to the problem--however, as I'm sure you've noticed, the West right now isn't thinking through the problems very clearly. Personally I think all three solutions should be pushed at the same time & whatever works, great. First problem though is getting some g'vt setup for the Palestinians that's responsive to ideas beyond removing Israel.
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