Ahmadinejad: UN resolution a piece of torn paper
Published: 24.12.06, 11:30
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1. this obviously bothers ahmadinejad
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.24.06)
just listen to all of this crying, pouting, and carrying on like a spoiled child that has been reprimanded. it is good to see a spoiled brat get a little of what he deserves.
2. Regrets, I have a few.
Johnson ,   USA   (12.24.06)
But, for a resolution against Iran, and its crimminal regime I do not.
3. #1
enzo ,   london,uk   (12.24.06)
I agree with you, Mike. And hopefully this is only the beginning of the end of his regime. Iranian students...Rally against this dictator and get rid of him!
4. Lacks originality!
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (12.24.06)
Didn't Israel use that line first re: the Zionism=Racism resolution?
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.24.06)
Ahmednejad's words should be remembered,Enzo.The resolution is nothing but a torn paper.You may dream about this being only the begining but the end had already reached when Bush administration took it for granted that they would easily corner Iran and get away with surrounding it from Afghanistan and Iraq.Nothing of that sort happened and therefore Puyin accepted these cosmetic sanctions as an IOU to Putin.A face-saving measure,Enzo.Do you mean to say that upto now Iran has been dealing with various countries freely in acquiring any technologies???Of course not.With these sanctions now in force,very soon you will get a list of companies blacklisted by the USA Govt. but by that time whatever Iran needs will have been supplied by these blacklisted concerns.Read in the coming months what I mean,Enzo.
6. Hitler is waiting for you Ahmenajad...
Menachem ,   Israel   (12.24.06)
in hell together with all other losers throughout history who failed to destroy the Jewish people.
7. Iran UN Resolution
Kemp ,   Nahariya, Israel   (12.24.06)
The only people who would be surprised at Iran's contempt for the West and the UN are the governments of both not the common citizen who knows better
8. Americans love the Persians..
Abdullah ,   Afriqa Safon   (12.24.06)
Did anyone notice that the Presisident of Iran said a "nuclear iran is the interest of the west"? What does he mean?
9. Ha ha - he's throwing his toys out of the sand box in temper
Talula ,   Israel   (12.24.06)
stude ham ,   outremont, canada   (12.24.06)
As anybody could conclude in respect to any and all past UN resolutions!
11. May be Iran should be expelled from the UN?
Herut Zion ,   UK   (12.24.06)
12. I agree with him
Kareem ,   Egypt   (12.24.06)
He's totally right. The UN resolutions couldn't stop Israel from violating them, now u think they will stop Iran? I doubt it...Iran has nothing to lose and everything to gain...the West has everything to the price of oil go sky-high! Oh...thats if u could get ur hands on oil after passing this resolution. #11...Iran couldn't be expelled from the UN for violating 1 resolution..I wouldn't argue if I was an Israeli...look in the mirror.
13. 8 and 12
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (12.24.06)
8- Read Albert Pike's doctrine on one world government and the three world wars required to install it. And you will understand why the West might want a nuclear Iran and Pakistan. It's scary and would be a nightmare, and why civilians allow these elite few to pull these kinda strings is beyond me but I pray none of it is true, but everything so far has been, It would be about 80% complete at present. 12- The UN is powerless, biased, and just plain useless, too much diplomacy not enough common sense and direction. Your arguments over oil are futile, the only reason the price goes up is cause of Opec and world supply, but ask yourself something, if there were 1 million barrels left, do you think the US would get them, or Uganda? The ME supply dictates the cost according to OPEC, but the supply is not hindered, look up Canada in your atlas, and look at our resources, we have more than enough oil for North America, and our fellow English, and N. European countries, Italy too.
14. #5
v. n.y. ,   usa   (12.24.06)
you may be right. this resolution may mean nothing as so many deals can be carried out with iran behind closed doors and the un sec. counsel won't know a damn thing about it. what will bring ahmadinejad down are his own people. we are now seeing how the latest ellections came out. he failed miserably! the people talked. they looked and they made their choice. and it was not ahmadinejad. sanctions couldn't have come at a worst time. much of this country is poor regardless how beautiful certain parts may be. the economy is extremely poor. the country is underdeveloped after years of previous sanctions, the brain power has left with the downfall of the shah and the emergence of the ayatollah's fanatical regime. the young people suffer from severe unemployment, fear of speaking and demonstrating, even though some sre doing so on university campuses, etc.... if ahmadinejad doesn't take care of his internal and economical policies, he'll surely fall. no one will ellect him....and i hear that iranians love americans and everything about our country. they don't want the nuke. they want to be free to live well, dance, and progress. the hell with nuclear power. iran's poor conditions will kill ahmadinejad, complicated by additional sanction. nuclear power and defiance will destroy this insufferable regime.
15. idea
A.A ,   IRAN   (12.25.06)
i really agree with you.i think ahmadinejad is'nt the representative of all iran.he is president a minority part of far as i know most peaple in iran don't agree with him.
16. The Monkey is cornered and is growling
john ,   nz   (12.25.06)
Even without sanctions, Iran's economy is in a shamble. With sanctions, there's going to be more opposition at home. But sanctions has loopholes like what Saddam had found. There are always black markets and UN corruption to get around with. No wonder he said it's a piece of torn paper. He could be telling the truth.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.25.06)
Views expressed by you are very welcome.Of course the elections showed the results the way they were.Atleast,for the first time,views expressed by many talk-back showed clearly how democratic the whole excercise was.Upto now,any elections in Iran were rigged, but because the present leaders faction has lost to the opposition,all of a sudden the usage of rigged and predetermined results usage is abondoned by almost all the readers which is a good sign. Ahmednejad, no doubt, has concentrated more on the foreign policy and issues pertaining to military prepardness and has done well as such.It is not his intention of abondoning the masses poverty but you must appreciate the fact that he managed to get tremendous support on this front and has been undertaking visits to various provinces in Iran and has a record of conducting more meetings with local leaders than his predeccessorsThe 20 year plan vhas just been put into action.If what you are writing were to be correct, how come there is no uprising in Iran?You have to feel the pulse of the nation by contacting someone who lives there or has visited Iran recently.You will then get a clear picture of how the masses react to new developments in Iran and the region.By writing so, I am not trying to endorse all the policies that the present President is persuing.But all said and done,should Rafsanjani come into power,he has been described by your own press as being a very very crafty politician.Better the devil you know than the one you dont.
18. you are all nuts
Steve ,   Sydney Australia   (12.25.06)
So here is this madman...who you all allude to being a looney and he is threatening something in February and you all laugh? I am not 100% certain that is the right response.
19. Unfortunate reality
Forrest ,   Murray, USA   (12.26.06)
WHat can the UN do? Not much. The problem with having an international panel which purposes sanctions on other nations is that unless you get EVERYONE to agree to them they mean nothing. If you a parent and with your spouse yell at a child, your spouse sitting by miming support, and then you leave and the spouse goes over and coddles the child and says that it is okay and that you really didn't mean it the kid wises up and knows that there are no real consequences. Well the wolrd (exspecially dictators) have wised up and know that so long as they have one person who they can 'make a deal with' on the council that they can get away with anything. All they have to do for Europe is to say 'We really want to work this out' and Europe will say okay every time, For China and Russia all they have to do is say 'Trade', and the United States will bend over backwards if you say 'Fight Terrorists' The UN only has as much power as its members give it and none of them are really willing to give any power to it because they know that if they act as a whole they lose the power individually, all of the member nations have drastically different goals, hence wildly different motives. The UN Resolution truely is just a torn piece of paper. A meaningless portion of tripe. A sad statement of the world's powers inneffectiveness. On the bright side if the man was stupid enough to actually do something then the states around the world might agree for 6 months or so. It would only take the deaths of 1,000 to 3 million people to do it.
20. mahmood
toni ,   sabme   (12.27.06)
i like the end of your statment. tell me could you tell adevil if you saw one?
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