Minister: Free prisoners despite Shalit
Ronny Sofer
Published: 24.12.06, 16:40
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1. Gesture of Goodwill
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.24.06)
How about Ol' Merde makes a gesture of goodwill for the Israeli people?
2. Israel Has Become a Joke
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (12.24.06)
with a joke government and the peole keep them in power. The will to survive has gone?
3. israel has shown flexibility since 1948
flexibility,,, hah! ,   time israel stood up   (12.24.06)
4. Olmert: "WE are TIRED of DEFEATING our ENEMIES"
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.24.06)
"We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous, we are tired of winning, we are tired of defeating our enemies, we want to be able to live in an entirely different environment of relations with our enemies." -- Ehud Olmert in a June 2005 address to the Israel Policy Forum in New York. Olmert makes the stunning admission that he's tired of defeating Israel's enemies. Until now Israel won every war. The second Lebanon war was different. Under intense U.S. pressure, Israel's weak leaders chose surrender - agreeing to the UN resolution that prevented the goal vital to Israel's security - eliminating the rocket threat from Lebanon. UN Resolution 1701 successfully prevented Israel from defeating Iran's terrorist army Hezbollah thus aiding and empowering Hezbollah who now threaten to take over Lebanon. Israel surrendered Gaza - Jewish land in exchange for war to PA/PLO/Hamas terrorists. Tired of winning, Olmert is determined to surrender the strategic high ground of Judea and Samaria to Israel's implacable enemies, so that they can win. Peace never came through phony peace agreements or resolutions. Peace is achieved only through utter defeat of the enemy. A nation that repeatedly chooses surrender will be taken over by barbaric enemies who show no mercy. Dear Israelis - surround the Knesset. Demand a stop to the surrenders. Demand that your enemies are utterly defeated.
5. Get back Shalit now! Chesbon Patuach!
Marc ,   USA   (12.24.06)
6. i don't believe this. tell me i am not seeing this!
v. n.y. ,   usa   (12.24.06)
my god!!!!!! are you crazy olmert????? pacify and release palestinian terrorists because it's a nice gesture on an arab holiday????? the shalit family didn't have a chance for you to bring their son, gilad, home for rosh hashana, yom kipur, hanukah and you ared doing a nice gesture for the palestinians? you israelis, allowing this to happen to your brothers in the army and shutting your eyes and not taking to the streets points to the fact that apathy and carelessness rules the people of israel. you have given up. you lost it guys. what is the matter with you??? where is the israel and leaders i used to know like moshe dayan, golda meir? are you willing to release prisoners without seing your boys and military friends home. i thought israelis had balls, but i am so disappointed, so ashamed and so incredulous that you let rule people who would rather kiss arab ass than protect your lives and dignity. shame on you olmert. shame, shame. you are a moron of the highest degree, a puppet in the muslims' hands to play with as they wish. you are evil!
7. Gestures, flexibility, generosity
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (12.24.06)
my ...foot. We must demand Gilad Shalit alive, well and home as a prerequisite for any further discussions. If we try to appease the enemy they will know they have a carte blanche to kill or do as they will to any Israelis in the future. Anyone who puts himself in the terrorists shoes can see that plainly. It is sad that Israeli governments are so blind and unimaginative that they fail to see the enemy only hungers for more blood is we exercise this pathetic restraint.
8. Olmert: Why Don't You Give Them Your Wife Too?
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (12.24.06)
You put up their cursed flags in OUR holy capital city- AND you invite their terrorist leader, you give them money, you give them guns. And they give us nothing but Qassams, attempted suicide bombings, and shootings. You are a disgrace to our nation. Go home and let a REAL leader lead.
9. Goodwill Gesture
poppy   (12.24.06)
Why doesnt Olmert ask the families of the kidnapped soldiers what they think of his goodwill gesture. How can the Govenment even contemplate giving prisoners without getting back our soldiers???? Havent the Government got any feeling for their citizens especially their soldiers who put their lives on the line for the country? SHAME ON OLMERT AND HIS PRIORITIES.
10. another unilateral deal?
sc   (12.24.06)
i'm sorry. this is taking the mickey now. i was willing to ignore the flags on the dining table (and even ynet's confusing need to report exactly what was on offer at supper) but i think this is just pushing it now. perhaps given how successful the last unilateral deal was - and the residents of ashkelon and sderot will doubtless agree - this one is just to push us over the edge to peace. ahem. oh, dear palestinians, where do we sign our death warrants? forget gestures of good-will - what was the last one?? ok, they've managed to bring themselves to the brink of civil war in gaza - (and long may it last, might i add) - what exactly are you hoping to achieve here olmert?? aside from anything else, this time we're not talking about land, are we? there's a young guy's life at stake here who's been in captivity for 6 months. enough's enough. he needs his family, his family need him, stop pussy-footing around these barbarians and start showing them who's boss.
11. It may be in Israel's interest to leave Shalit
Uzi ,   Haifa   (12.24.06)
in Hamas custody for very long time. Alternatively, taking this approach may well cause Hamas to treat him better and release him earlier; who knows?
12. Good or Peretz
mordechai ,   jerusalem, israel   (12.24.06)
I am happy to see that Minister Peretz is beginning to have respect for religon -although we are going to have to wait a little longer until he respects his own. As part of a delegation of Labor MK's , he was the only one who refused to cover his head on a visit to the Cave of the Patriarchs.
13. I can't believe it, even though I know it's true
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (12.24.06)
I can't believe that the Prime Minister of Israel is wiling to release hundreds of Palestinian terrorists, even without the release of Gilad Shalit, but of course I know it's true. I can't believe that the Prime Minister of Israel is willing to continue to fail to defend the people of Sderot and nearby areas, even after 51 rocket attacks following a "ceasefire", but of course I know it's true. I can't believe that the Prime Minister of Israel is willing to hand over $100 million which will undoubtedly find its way into terrorists' hands, but of course I know it's true. I can't believe that Israel's Defense Minister is intending to make more "gestures" (concessions) to the Palestinians and that he thinks these are "in Israel's interests", even though Israel is receiving nothing in return, but of course I know it's true. Mad mad mad mad mad...................
14. "goodwill gestures"!!?
stephane ,   france   (12.24.06)
olmerde allows the pals to launch 52 quassams during the "single side "cease-fire without any retaliation.he welcome abbas the terrorist as if this arab was an angel coming from the sky.he give him a present of 100 million dollars to continue the terror against israel!but olmert thinks that it's not enough!!! now he want to free 100 nazislamists as a "goodwill gesture" for the "aïd"! did the arabs make us "goodwill gesture" by liberating only one of our soldier for hannoucah ?...the israelis must protest in all cities of israel to chase this crazy traitor from the government! with a such weak government the israeli people are in danger.israel will pay a heavy price for this stupid "restraint policy",during the israeli restraint the pals are smuggling 24/7 weapons from egypt by the tunnels.israel is again doing the same mistake than in lebanon from 2000 to 2006.they let the frredom for our ennemies to prepare themself for attacking israel.i'm french,my english is not perfect,i hope everybody who read understand what i write.
15. Prisoners (but only Palestinian ones)
mark ,   raanana   (12.24.06)
Olmert and his cronies have completely lost the plot. God help us all!
17. Why Do Shas and Israel Beteinu Stay?
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (12.24.06)
in this government? They are suicidal fools, too? Israel will not survie a Kadima/Labor government much longer. Throw them out before it is too late.
18. Generosity?
Brod ,   USA   (12.24.06)
But where are the Jewish soldiers kidnapped by the savages? Do you reward kidnapping and murder of Israeli citizens by the savages by giving them generosity??
19. Gesture of Goodwill
Maurice ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.24.06)
I applaud this proposal! It's about time someone tried to end the cycle of violence in this sad and battered part of the world. The constant rounds of strike and counterstrike resemble two children arguing "'Tis-'Tisn't". Unfortunately, these two children have rifles and rockets. Actions motivated by goodwill are more likely to succeed than actions motivated by hate and ignorance.
20. Duh...Who woulda thunk ???
malcolm   (12.24.06)
Duh...Who woulda thunk ??? No Surprise: Olmert delivers to the enemy everything and anything they want on or before schedule. Surprise: It's surprising his overseas financial affairs are not being scrutinized with an atomic microscope. Is there a link he has to an Iranian Swiss bank account? Or perhaps a contract on an apartment on the Champs Elysees arranged by Chirac? How else can one explain his long list of traitorous behavior? Even Bigger Surprise One thing is for certain. At some point Israelis are going to wake up to an even bigger surprise regarding Ehud Olmert. It will be as big a shock to them as the shock the Syrians had when they discovered their beloved Kamal Amin Ta'abet turned out to be Eli Cohen.
21. # 17 Please don't be foolish
malcolm   (12.24.06)
On paper you are 100% correct. Shas could have and should have easily taken down the government on the heels of the Lebanon surrender. But does everything have to be spelled out? Ok then. Shas & Beteinu have real power… Power over billions of shekels in the budget… Power to manipulate, swerve and sway huge sums of cash to their constituents & friends. One would expect Shas to act ideologically and religiously correct by not supporting a traitorous government. A government that is hell-bent on the destruction of Israel…a government that is obviously working for Tehran. Instead Shas has chosen to sleep with Olmert and thus become accomplices to the Lebanon & Gaza defeat and the murder of their own people. Every crime against Israel that Ehud & Tzipi do, Shas is guilty of as well. And like Olmert, their motivation is pure greed and lust for power.
22. Olmert is so predictable, he always picks the worst option.
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (12.24.06)
Whatever is the worst possible choice for Israel that's the what he chooses. No one should be upset except those that didn't vote for Kadima. If you didn't see this coming you're blind.
23. Israel must be freed from Olmert idiocies
Francois ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.24.06)
24. Where was the "good will" on hanukah?
gabriel ,   mtl   (12.24.06)
You dont deal nicely with terrorists if you wanna win. Get this idiot out of gov. Time for some real jewish leadership
25. Were is our SHALIT? We want a Chanuka good will gesture
YB   (12.24.06)
We are asking for just one person, not the thousands the PA is asking. What a lunitic!
26. It's time to show flexibility and generosity
Sidney ,   USA   (12.24.06)
to the people of Israel and especially the people of Sderot. By releasing terrorists and murderers, Olmert is guaranteeing that more Israelis will die. Rewards for terror bring more terror. Get rid of Olmert!
27. gestures
arthur ,   Jersey City NJ USA   (12.24.06)
Since even before Oslo Israel has made gestures,releasing prisoners, releasing money, ceaqqse fires, giving aid. Time and time again Israel has followed the same path of gestures and concessions to build faith, assist weak PA leaders etc. This policy is a disaster . The PA. Fatah Hamas etc attack Israel and to Israel has to make gestures of reassurance. Enough already. They must make gestures, little things like releasing prisoners or stopping terrorism.
28. Where is Shalit???
AR   (12.24.06)
29. I hate Olmert more and more with each passing day
RA   (12.24.06)
The guy is an absolute moron!
Roni   (12.24.06)
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