Qassam hits strategic facility in Ashkelon
Anat Bereshkovsky
Published: 25.12.06, 10:38
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1. What is wrong with these Morons?!!!!!!!!!!
2. Stop calling this a truce
Art ,   Sydney   (12.25.06)
The media must stop calling this farce a "truce". It must be described for what it is: a fraud perpetrated against the Israeli people by their own Govt. The policy of "restraint" must also be described for what it is: gutless appeasement that Neville Chamberlain would be proud of. SHAME SHAME SHAME on the pathetic Israeli so-called "Govt" of weaklings.
3. Olmert the Genius strikes again
Yakov ,   Ashkelon   (12.25.06)
Our resident genius Olmert wanted to get his picture in the international press so he gave the Pals $100 million dollars, promised to release prisoners, and exposed Israelis to being murdered by agreeing to reduce security checks. What did we get in return? Kassams on our strategic facilities in Ashkelon. Olmert is a Jew-hating secular political hack who would destroy Israel and Jews to get his name in the international goyim press.
4. Reply to No. 1
Seth ,   Ramat Gan   (12.25.06)
The Olmert Govt. is just waiting for there to be a sizable body count in order to justify retaliating. It's pitiful.
5. Qassam hits Ashkelon
marlene ,   Israel   (12.25.06)
Mr. Diskin what calm are you talking about. There is no calm, only one attack after another. Knesset members wake up before it is too late.
6. Qassams
Aryeh ,   Arad,Israel   (12.25.06)
Olmert has a yellow streak where his backbone should be.
7. Time to release another 100 million and more Pal prisoners
Sarit   (12.25.06)
Someone wrote the other day that Olmert is an efes gadol i couldn't agree more
8. Bolmert thinks Kassams aren't missles but Fireworks of Peace
Bruno ,   australia/israel   (12.25.06)
9. Difference between Olmert and Sharon
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (12.25.06)
The only difference between Olmert and Sharon is that Sharon is lying down!
10. do NOT respond
james ,   london uk   (12.25.06)
lest we spoilt the calm. LOL! Is madness a disease?
11. Irresponsible reporting
PS ,   Netanya   (12.25.06)
Reporting the location hit is aiding and abetting the enemy. I don't understand the media in this country.
12. Olmert should be put on Viagra (because he's too calm)
Emanuel ,   Sydney   (12.25.06)
13. Dont believe what you read #11
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul   (12.25.06)
it is going to be good start to understand the play behind the closed doors. Media is not innocent. trust me. they take sides .) #1 you right my friend. they didnt publish my other comments too :) bad friends there :)
14. How much of $100 million kicked back to Olmert?
Bennie ,   Jerusalem   (12.25.06)
Abbas and his PA henchmen will pocket a good chunk of the $100 million that Olmert released. The big question is, how much of the $100 million will be kicked back under the table to Olmert and overseas accounts of his children?
15. #10 James
mark ,   raanana   (12.25.06)
Yes it is and it's infectious. Just look at who sits around the cabinet table on Sunday morning to see how contagious it is
16. Olmert the geius
jo moor   (12.25.06)
Agrre with Yakov. Perhaps the genius thinks wanking is the capital of China - only he will know the answer to that!
17. Who is to blame for Palestinian crimes?
Jacob ,   Palo Alto, CA   (12.25.06)
To the author of the article (Anat B): Please inform us who the "Palestinian gunmen " who fired those rockets work for. Is it the PA, Hamas, islamic Jihad? And exactly who is holding the Israeli soldier prisoner? Your story is very incomplete without that infomation.
18. The Reason There Are No Injuries
MichaelF ,   Silver Spring MD USA   (12.25.06)
HaShem is looking after His people. Israel, you may lose faith in your leaders, but do not lose faith in your G-D.
19. #11 PS - In principle you are correct but ...
Umm Eq Kul Naqba   (12.26.06)
In the first Gulf war a stupid CNN reported was on a tal building in Tel Aviv and announced the relative distance and direction that the missile missed a critical target in Israel. Israel pulled the plug on the report mid-sentence and justifiably so. The difference is that the rockets were being launched from Iraq and we don't know the "smarts" of the technology. We do know that the technology of the Qassam is very stupid. They have no serious trajectory controls and they didn't know which Qassam they launched actually hit a target. But in principle you are correct that we should not be helping our enemy in any way.
20. Nothing New....
justme ,   losangeles   (12.26.06)
I don't know what peace plan Olmert is talking about, but he's not standing underneath the rockets. I"m sure all that aid rolling into Gaza will enable the purchase of more rockets. However, Iran usually gives the weapons away to Palestine.
21. $100 million
Leo ,   London   (12.27.06)
I do believe the $100 million dollars was the Palestinians anyway. Olmert simply tried to make himself look very generous by giving money that was theirs in the first place..
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