UK newspaper: Jesus was a Palestinian
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 25.12.06, 21:23
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1. As always more propaganda against Israel
rachel ,   usa   (12.25.06)
2. Yes he was a Palestinian
Christian ,   Palestinian   (12.25.06)
The word Palestinian is not a religion or an ethnicity, it basicly means people with origins in Palestine. Hence, Jesus is a Palestinian no question about it. Palestine is the land of Canaan, and it had Canaanites who are originally from the Arabian Peninsula, and also Israelites live there. The todays Palestinians are ethnicly related to all these populations existing in Palestine. It happens that most Palestinians are muslims now adays, just like most Palestinians were christians 1200 years ago. Most Christian Palestinians were Jews. People forget that Jews converted significantly and the christians in the Holy Land were not only of Arab roots, but also Jewish ones.
3. rewrite history and blame the jews for the actions of terror
4. playing with history
mordechai ,   jerusalem, Israel   (12.25.06)
There is a mosaic in the British Museam in London, which the museam claims indicates that the first group of organized Christans were on the British isle. If this absurd claim were true , then the Palestinians are actually Britons which would explain the behavior of both.
5. Shameful, To Say The Least
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.25.06)
But not surprising. Anti-Semitism is based on lies & it matters little how big the lie is, the bigger the better. It's like denying the Holcaust, or Israel is the central issue of the Middle-East - the current big lies. So why not add this one to the list.
6. poor people
Mark ,   Washington   (12.25.06)
Stop victimizing yourself. This is not what history says, it's what a holy book says. Sorry that we can not change history to make you happy. But wait! Eventhough Jesus was palestinian, we can still blame Hamas of torturing hime, sounds good right?
7. #2
Dana ,   ny   (12.25.06)
That was one the stupidest talkbacks ever. By your logic, angles and saxons are celtic britons , Americans are Iroquois and White Australians are aborigones. The only connection you have to Jesus is that he referred to your kind as dogs. Eat your heart out!
8. Palestinian
Tom Wheeler ,   Emporia United State   (12.25.06)
Does that mean that King David was a Palestinian?!
9. If Mary and Joseph came to Bethlehem today
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.25.06)
Being Jewish "settlers", they would be shot in the head by Hamas, who would then fire off another 30 rounds into the woman's belly, to make sure the unborn Jew is also dead.
10. Jesus
Sam ,   USA   (12.25.06)
He was circumsized, observed Shabbat, considered Jewish Good as his father. But for these new Goebelses it's not enough. You people remember -- the lies wouldn't help you at all.
11. Quote by Hasan bin Sabah
Erik ,   Boston USA   (12.25.06)
The inventor of the political Assassins in the 10th century said as his dying words: "Nothing is true. That everything is permitted." I think many millions of Muslims believe this tenet as his following. We have to discern the difference between journalistic integrity and "politically correct" propaganda.
12. News that changes the world!
enzo ,   london,uk   (12.25.06)
Wait a second! From a christian point of view if Jesus is Palestinian, then also G-d is Palestinian!!! Oooh..the British media! Yesterday we had a report from the Guardian on YNET on the dangers of religion; today something sooo special from the Independent...What a joy! Pure culture! It just shows you how much the Brits know about religion! I hope YNET will start reporting on the Sun's third page too..! C'mon..! It's the most read newspaper in the country!!!
13. from a legal point Jesus was indeed a Palestinian
john ,   jerusalem   (12.25.06)
Jesus was born in Bethlehem. A city at that time in the Roman Empire Provence of Palestine. "Provincia di Palestina" in Latin.
14. Jesus was
A Mason ,   USA   (12.25.06)
All the fuss... Jesus and even Abraham and his decendents are from the Middle East, period. They were all tribes living in that region. This is not an Anti-semitic or anti Israel. This is History. And instead of looking at it as a negative issue, it should be used as a very positive one, that we all are the same and share the same roots. HUMANS.
15. #2 If you're here, please tell me
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (12.25.06)
where the word Palestine came from. To get the truth, go to - the site of another 'palestinian.'
16. Sad
Murali ,   India   (12.25.06)
It is sad that the original point of the referenced article is ignored and instead focus is turned upon the nationality of Jesus and Mary. It is sad that innocent people are getting caught in the crossfire in conflict zones around the world. It is sad that the principles Jesus stood for - non-violence, love, forgiveness - are completely ignored and people are waging war in the name of nationality, religion and what not.
17. britain is the enemy of israel!
avraham ,   jerusalem   (12.25.06)
we will deal with them in time. god of israel is god of revenge. he spoke about those people many times in the bible.
18. anti - Israel
Richard Barrett ,   Lakewood, CO USA   (12.25.06)
The world is tiring of the Jewish policy of attacking everyone that criticizes Israeli behavior as being anti-semitic. Israel must at least show the respect for other cultures it demands for itself. Take your medicine & call someone in the morning that cares to listen.
19. 21 st centurys marys terrorized
mike clark ,   canada   (12.25.06)
what crap, just like the one who wrote the article, must be they want hittler back to finish what we stopped him from doing,world war two has been over for 61 years. There seam to be a lot of people wanting world war 3.
20. History
Itzik ,   Haifa   (12.25.06)
Most Arabs in Israel and Jordan came from Arabia (like Jordans kings), Somalia, Sudan, Egypt about 100 years ago. Only 100 years ago there were only 10,000 people in Jerusalem. Most were Jews, some Armenians, and a few Muslems. As to Arab Christians, they were "converted" to Christianity only about 100 years ago. Many still practice Islam at home but since they live from the tourists, etc., they are Christians outside home. As to the Christians that lived there 2,000 years ago, they were ALL (all with no exceptions) killed by Muslems very long time ago. As a good politician, Arafat was also celebrating Christmas on Dec 25 but was a Jihadist and Muslem martyr the rest of the year.
21. If you follow their logic Jesus was from Tonga or Mongolia
Melanie ,   USA   (12.25.06)
22. Insulting your Christian lord or smoking grass?
Dan ,   Israel   (12.25.06)
Who wants to equate his or her lord with something fake? There has NEVER been any "Palestine" except as a Roman historical distortion for JUDEA. Your lord was a Jewish lad born and raised in Roman occupied JUDEA. No Christian or Arab Moslem invaders and revisionists will ever change the historical and indisputable truth and fact that JUDEA was, is and will always be the homeland of the JEWS.
23. “A Question of Security: Violence Against Palestinian Women
Suzanne   (12.25.06)
My fellow women, this concerns me more than all the checkpoints combined:
24. @2, interesting fact :)
Suzanne   (12.25.06)
25. the independent
Dave - Lebanese ,   uk   (12.25.06)
this is the most pro arab newspaper on the planet. nobody buys it here in london. its like the manar of british media - waste of paper who cares if he was palestinian or israeli - jesus is the man!!
26. The Truth About "Palestine"
MichaelF ,   Silver Spring MD USA   (12.25.06)
The term “Palestine” is derived from the Latin word for the Philistines. The name as imposed on the region by the Romans in an attempt at ethnic cleansing. The name continued to be used by Muslim and Christian conquerors, the Ottomans, and finally the British. Prior to 1948, the term Palestinian was used to describe Jews only. No Arab called himself a Palestinian until the 1960’s. All organizations with the word “Palestine” or “Palestinian” were Jewish. For example, there was The Palestine Post, now called The Jerusalem Post. The Anglo-Palestinian Bank was Jewish owned. The members of the Palestine Symphony Orchestra? All Jews! In 1948, Israel became an independent state and Jews dropped the colonial terms of Palestine and Palestinian. Check the newspaper accounts of that era if you don’t believe me. The mythical Jesus would have been a Palestinian Jew. At that point in history, there were no Palestinian Arabs.
27. Some Arabs/Euro anti-Semites keep repeating the lies
Roger ,   USA   (12.25.06)
so many times that they begin to believe them.
28. If Jesus was a Palestinian then all Jews are the Aborigines
Barry ,   USA   (12.25.06)
from Australia. No wonder the Brits hate the Jews. They wipe out most Aborigines.
29. Jesus was a Palestinian as much as he was Hamastani
Dotti ,   USA   (12.25.06)
The anti-Semites and Arab revisionists love to fantacize because if they lived in reality they would have to work hard and renounce the violence and it is not easy for them to do it. It is a lot easier to live in a make-belief blaming the Jews/Zionists and Americans for their hatred and inability to advance.
30. #13
Why is it Christians like you can't count???? Actually Romans only changed the name AFTER they destroyed the kingdom of Yudah. Jezeus was curcified by the Romans well before they renamed the place palestina. So actually Jezeus was in fact a judaen. So where you figure "palestinian" is beyound me. Hell even hadrian would agree with me on that logic if the mamzer were alive.
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