IDF against ease of restrictions on Palestinians
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 26.12.06, 00:22
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1. What's few Jews' lives, compare to...
Moti Dan ,   KarneShomron, Judea   (12.25.06)
pat on the back from my Euro & US friends?!! -Right, mar Olmert? We know damned well that removing 'mahsonim' will lead to terror attacks. Been two shootings on the roads in past 3 days. All they need are the detonators to be easily delivered & more bullets. Olmert is ready to help terrorists.
2. Endager people
Warn Ing   (12.25.06)
"Previous removals of roadblocks as goodwill measures often have been followed by terrorist attacks. Several children in the Gush Etzion and Kiryat Arba area were gunned down last year and two years ago immediately after the easing of travel restrictions, and suicide bombings immediately followed the Sharm El Sheikh accord two years ago."
3. olmert's not worried
Arie ,   Afula   (12.26.06)
he already has his villa on the gulf
4. what else the idf can say...
raed ,   uk   (12.26.06)
7 years and the sme arguments are heard from idf as if the security of israel depends only on roadblocks...this is the ugliest occupation in the history...many countries fall ander occupation, but this is the first time that people are prevented to go from city to city...something rediculous.....the fourth strongest army in the world with all its nuclear weapons depend only on roadblocks to defend its people.... so the problem is terrorism the solution is roadblocks HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH and the israelis call themselves CIVILIZED
5. If Olmert screws up on Roadblocks, what will happen when Ira
Umm Eq Kul Naqba   (12.26.06)
IF OLMERT SCREWS UP ON ROADBLOCKS, WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN IRAQ ACHIEVES NUCLEAR WEAPONS CAPABILITIES? It is clear that we have a failed govt that mishandled the operation in Gaza after Shalit was captured and again Lebanon after Hezbollah attacked us. While PALs continue to hold Shalit, smuggle weapons and money, continue to fire Qassams, and carry out shooting attacks in the West Bank Olmert has become the Israeli Neville Chamberlain offering PALs $100M, pulling roadblocks intended to thwart terrorist infiltrations, and to handcuff IDF when they have rocket launchers in their crosshairs. This is not the kind of govt. that will be capable of standing up to Iran when they achieve nuclear weapons and deploy them in their long range Shahab-3 missiles. In the past we had politial and military leaders who were respected and had the skill and cunning to scare and defeat the enemy. Olmert is only capable of scaring his own people knowing that he is their greatest vulnerability and he ties our hands behind our backs and strengthens the resolve of our enemies. It is time to seek out responsible leadership, bring down the current govt. with a vote of no confidence, and create a new strong govt. capable of properly defending its citizens against all forms of terror.
DEBRA ,   USA   (12.26.06)
7. The concern is more than valid, it's virtually a certainty.
Uzi ,   Haifa   (12.26.06)
1. Arab terrorists, of which too many are bloodthirsty professionals and do nothing else, can't help themselves. Money and materiel keep coming in and they must 'make a living'. 2. The 'axis of evil', want the strife to continue and worsen and don't want the Palestinean Arabs to normalize their life.
Nael ,   Hebron   (12.26.06)
Dear ALL I never supported suicide boming activities, and I will never support it because it's wrong and I have more than 1000 reasons that I can list down to support my view.. However, I will never accept the Israeli occupation to the west bank .. Going back to the checkpoints ; every Israeli MUST understand that the Jihad Tanzim which takes it's instructions from Iran has one startegy ; Everytime there is calm, they send someone to blow himself inside Israel.. Everytime, they feel that the normal poeple in the west bank feels a better situation they send someone to blow himself inside Israel .. Why is that? because they wanted to ensure that the peole of the west bank are ALWAYS in heat by making sure that the IDF will react to the suicide bomings that mainly will be a collective punishemenmt to the normal people tightining and adding more checkpoints and making life harder and harder for the normal people that has nothing to do with this war between Johad and IDF! normal people are always paying the high price !! Guys, the checkpoints are not the solution for the problem nor it brings more security to Israel.. Jihad Tanzim would never do any suicide boming if the situation is bad and unstable while you think that there are no suicide bomings becasue of checkpoints "THATS WRONG WRONG WRONG".. Look at what they do in Gaza now, they are shelling sderot with rockets (ONLY JIHAD IS DOING THIS NOW) because they want to crash the truce between Israel and the Palestinian factions !! So look what will happen now, they will keep doing this till Isarel retaliats and then all factions will be withdrawn back again to the clashes !! And to be more frank, you guys dont have a problem with Hamas, Hamas has not done any bomings since years now !! All the problems are coming from Jihad .. Yes Hamas is refusing to recognize Israel, but they are not doing anything against Israel in the west bank. So my point is, if you have a problem with Jihad, go and fight them RATHER than punishing inocent poeple and turning their life to hell for something they are not resonsible for nor they can do something against it ! The thing that Israel should understand is that The radical groups have managed to convince the normal people that the only way to deal with Israel is by fighting ! HOW did they manage to do that?? Well simply by letting them exposed to the IDF reactions after the suicide bomings !!! So those radical groups are putting everybody in a trap !! I wish the Israelis will undrestand this one day and will act accordingly and to stop punishing the normal people on 400 checkpoints every single day !! God Help US !!
9. Olmert is intoxicated with destroying Israel
malcolm   (12.26.06)
10. olmert: "stop me before I kill again..."
dante ,   uk   (12.26.06)
that pathetic fool olmert seems relentless in his search for more outrageous betrayals of the nation. his tenure is a challenge to the decency of the nation. he is like a psychopath in a crime storm crying out for help: "stop me before I kill again." where is an outraged public that wants to send him from office?
11. He Probably Has a Nice Retirement Plan
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (12.26.06)
He Probably Has a Nice Retirement Plan
12. Easing roadblocks--danger
Brod ,   USA   (12.26.06)
Easing the roadblocks may well give opportunity to the savages to carry out their terrorist activities through their army of demon-possessed human bombs. Israelis should be wary of this.
13. Olmert is destroying country
Michael Ben Raphael ,   Tel Aviv   (12.26.06)
If there are terrorist attacks after the restrictions are eased then Olmert must be tried in a court of law for manslaughter. He cannot say that he was not warned by the IDF and he should personally face justice. When i saw him kiss Abbas the other day i nearly puked. This guy is bringing disaster on Israel. G-d help us.
14. Olmert, you must resign immediatly
Jay ,   Israel   (12.26.06)
When the next suicide bomber gets into Israel because of this madness, the blood will be on Olmerts hands. He should be tried for murder.
15. Get your wall, checkpoints and settlers
A Bethlehemite   (12.26.06)
behine the green line. The majority of the Pals and the rest of world would woulkd not complain. Israel would be more secure w/ borders and with check points on the green line. You chose in 2007; land or a chance for peace with the rest of the world and many of the Pals as it was in the 70s before the major illegal Israeli expansion. This way, we all battle extremists who want it all. Together we stand; divided we fall. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah
16. You Israelis forget one thing, constantly...
Jonas ,   SAD   (12.26.06)
And that it is your tomorrow's neighbors that you are talking about. Us, the SAD, and Europe, that you so much despise, are sending you VERY generous help. One day, we will seize to do that - you will not be interesting anymore. We will have other alies. Yeah, you can call us antisemites when we do that, but, frankly, we will not care. You have your, Jewish, state - and any Jew from Europe, who disagrees with that policy, will have freedom to move to the Haaretz. And who will you lean on then? Your diaspora, who will be severely crippled like it was 1945 - 1967, when SAD and Europe didn't have any motif to help you, so THERE WAS VERY SMALL PORTION of help? Your technology, when Japan is already a top inventor? Claim that you have "covenant with The One", when ALL religions - Christianity, Islam, Budism etc. - are claiming EXACTLY THE SAME? So, sorry, guys, but you WILL be on your own one day - and this time TRULLY on your own, since now you have ONLY THAT PERCEPTION - you think that we in SAD, or guys in Europe do not back you up one millimeter. But what you don't see is that if Israeli government is not playing along, you will NOT get markets for your companies nor you will get financial aid, which was in 2006 - 2.4 billions, just from SAD. So, if I were you, I would start making friends with arab neighborhood. Yeah, you can claim here that "We have Jordan" - but from comments here, I see VERY different. You don't like Jordanians. So, it doesn't have to be a farsighted to see that your portion of troubles are going again. Not Shoa, O.K., but, yes, you will have trouble. Your problem is that you just do not know when to spit and when to swallow - except that you demand from everyone else that they swallow. Eveytime.
17. 16 - What a load of garbage!!!
Israel   (12.26.06)
If you truly believe what you wrote, then you are brain dead. Making friends with Arab neighbors? You mean giving in to their every whim and demand. You are clearly ignorant of the facts here in the middle east. Go and learn some before you write stupid comments.
18. How much will IDF take from Olmert?
Yacov ,   Ashkelon   (12.26.06)
Olmert is foolishly setting up IDF forces for heavy casualties by giving the Pals $100 million to buy weapons, not taking back the Philadelphi Corridor, allowing terrorist organizations a hudna to build their war capacities. All of Olmert's stupidity means that more IDF soldiers will be slaughtered because of his actions. How much will the IDF take from Olmert before it refuses the authority of the civilian government? A military takeover, maybe not. But a refusal to cooperate with civilian rule, or a refusal to fight on orders of a foolish civilian government is not an impossibility given the recklessness of Olmert as he plays with Israeli lives.
19. to # 8 from hebron
Guy   (12.26.06)
you may have a point or 2, but aren't you asking us for 2 much?, and if you all know the dinamics of this vicious cycle so well, maybe you should also do something about it before you preach to us? after all this is hurting innocent people, as you yourself said.........?
20. Playing roulette with our lives.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (12.26.06)
Every one of our people are in danger when these roadblocks are removed. Instead of holding the people's lives as precious in his eyes, Olmert would rather use our deaths for political gain... And the Israeli public is still rather quite, not too many protests, no real demand for change. We're in complete suicide mode, like sheep to the slaughter. If ,G-d forbid, we see tragedies as a direct result of the roadblock removals, blood will be on the hands of Olmert & Co and on the silence of Jews everywhere.
21. #15 & #16
LEE ,   NY, USA   (12.26.06)
#15- "the majority of the Pals and the rest of the world will not complain"? - And what of Gaza. At this point we do not occupy one millimeter of Gaza and the Pals are not complaining. They're just shooting missiles everyday with no world condemnation whatsoever. Its only when Israel retaliates that the world remembers to complain. #16- I, myself, almost can't wait for the day when Israel will realize that it stands alone. Europe won't be a big lose as it provides no more benefit to us than a sack of molding potatoes. And on that day that we realize who we are, the Almighty Himself will be right there with us. And I know that's what kills you the most.
22. Leaders need to read
Brod ,   USA   (12.26.06)
Olmert's actions show that he has not read alot of books pertaining to Islamist-Jihadism and the Middle East conflict. The following books are a MUST READ for leaders in Israel, America, EU and the Free World: "The Politically Incorrect Guide to ISLAM" [2005] by Robert Spencer. "Journey Into the Mind of an ISLAMIC TERRORIST" [2006] by Mark A. Gabriel, PhD. (Former Professor of Islamic History at Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt) "ISLAM and TERRORISM" [2002] by Mark A. Gabriel, PhD. "Jihad Incorporated" [2006] by Steven Emerson.
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