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Syria talks bad for Israel
Dr. Dore Gold
Published: 26.12.06, 20:37
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1. Oh C'mon Dore, Olmert & Livni know best...ALWAYS !!
malcolm   (12.26.06)
2. isnt it strange
Yisraeli   (12.27.06)
were not hearing anywhere including Ynet about America halting military aid or arms shipment to Israel......its all quiet, not even a whisper, unless of course this report is totally untrue but Ive heard rumours of it.
3. Dr.Gold ...as usual you are on the money
Chai ,   Isreal   (12.27.06)
ever consider running for office?
4. Dore Gold - sellout
yephora ,   NY   (12.31.06)
Dore Gold always made sense when he was a hawk columnist writing for the JP. Then he sold his principles and his soul to become a mouthpiece for Prime Sinister Sharon's evil policies. Now he would advise Israelis what's good for them? No credibility anymore, Dore, when you talk one way but walk another way. Just like Bibi.
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