King Abdullah: Israel not as strong as we thought
Published: 26.12.06, 09:36
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REUVEN ,   USA   (12.26.06)
2. Shooting from the hip..
Talula ,   Israel   (12.26.06)
So, some really unhelpful comments from His Maj. Israel is isolated because every country that surrounds us, hates us and wishes we weren't here. I'm thinking that it's not Israel that needs to change, it's acceptance from our very hostile neighbours that will finally bring peace over here. They don't have to love us, just accept that we have the right to be here and leave us alone. He also failed to mention that after an agreed ceasefire, the residents of the south have been on the receiving end of some 50+ rockets. I've completely lost respect for this man. The man who said he doesn't want an influx of Palestinians into his country. REAL BROTHERLY LOVE (NOT)!
Bhaskar ,   Canada   (12.26.06)
Arabs as usual demand more, more and give nothing. They simply want to kill non muslims by any means. They could not do it by open war. So use other means. Europe is already lost to Islam!. Now, turn of America.
4. egypt believes it won the '73 war
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.26.06)
they even have a museum commemorating it. just because israel is perceived as having lost the war doesn't mean that neighboring countries will be rushing to pick a fight. last i checked, this summer israel took lebanese territory, didn't lose any of it until they voluntarily left under the agreed withdrawal, and lost much fewer fighters than did the lebanese. not to mention the overwhelming unchallenged air supremacy. call that a "defeat" for israel if you like, you're free to say nonsense.
5. it's logical that the ennemi thinks that way...
stephane ,   france   (12.26.06)
after the weakness demonstated by olmerde in lebanon and in gaza;it's VERY logical that the ennemi "believe that the only way to get Israel to listen is through force and not negotiations "! thank you OLMERDE !!!!
6. Palestine = Jordan
Leo ,   Miami, USA   (12.26.06)
I believe your majesty should deal with the so called Palestinian issue. They are all your citizens and you have neglected them. Its easy to give the problem to Israel, since in the end of the day, it should be your problem. Its your land and your people that lost the war. Why cant u accept them back?
7. To King Abdullah:: Pls visit Beirut suburbs & south Lebanon!
KMR ,   Middle East   (12.26.06)
8. "Perception" might be in the free world's favor
Yoseph Sittizen ,   Jerusalem   (12.26.06)
Abdullah is not as hamstrung as his father was when it comes to political manouvering. As a product of the modern world (Sandhurst as well as an Ivy League university, no?) he knows that economic success will help move his society forward. As for perception, while Egypt got militarily thumped in '73, the perception of a "victory" over Israel paved the way for the peace treaty. However, it's not that Israel is not as strong as the Arabs thought, rather the Arabs are slightly more directed by extremism than they used to be. If the Arabs look at the recent Lebanese war as a pretext and justification for further wars, then the results will probably be the same. Those results may point to an Arab "victory", but at the cost of massive destruction to their societies. Unlike Egypt and Jordan, the future warring Arabs may not have peace as their end goal. Unfortunately, so long as they can afford to arm themselves and keep their corrupt regimes in power, it's easier to make war against Israel instead of improving their economies and empowering their populations .
9. #6 Keep dreaming, you're laughable!
Hani   (12.26.06)
10. well said number 6
hunt the truth ,   tokyo   (12.26.06)
Ulmert have to resign its not the time for testing his capabilities as the leader of isreal.
11. Israel is strong; only Olmert is weak
john ,   nz   (12.26.06)
and AbDollah, yor statement is shortsighted.... probably due to an overdose of Western luxury and comfort.
12. Not Constructive comments #1 I agree!
Mark ,   USA   (12.26.06)
13. Cartoon heros
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul   (12.26.06)
FIRST, STOP BLAMING ON THE OTHERS ! Israeli-Palestinian conflict Doesnt remains the main source of Middle East tension. It is more than that. There is a religion fight in the Islamic countries in Middle East. Palestine also has been taking into the religion fight. I dont know how they will join it. -------------------- ‘The perception in the Middle East is that Israel lost Lebanon war’ IT WASNT A REAL WAR. -------------------- "More and more countries in the region will now believe that the only way to get Israel to listen is through force and not negotiations" YOU DONT BELIEVE THAT. ------------------------- “The Arab countries are very interested in moving the peace process along, THEY DONT WANT ISRAEL'S EXISTANCE. and this conveys a message to the Israelis: If we advance the peace process and implement a two-state solution, all the Arab and Muslim countries will agree to establish (diplomatic) relations with Israel THE ONLY DIPLOMATIC RELATION IS SELF INTERESTS. AND WONT CHANGE. --------------------- "may I remind you that we are expecting three civil wars in 2007 (in the Palestinian Authority, Iraq and Lebanon)" WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO STOP THE CIVIL WARS ? ALL I SEE THEY PUT OIL ON IT. -------------------- "Abdullah summed up the interview by saying that the only way to fight the radicalization in the region is through education" You (The muslim countries) have a very good example there called Israel, try to understand their education systems, standards. YOU MUST CREATE NATIONAL CHARACTERS. YOU HAVE TO STOP TO BLAME ON OTHERS. YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND YOUR BOOK.
14. why did Jordan refuse?
Leo ,   Miami, USA   (12.26.06)
To take their brothers of the cisjordania back to their country, where it belonged before the 1967 war? As far as i know they lost the war, the land and then signed a peace treaty with Israel, but they refused the people and the territory back. I would like a plausible answer, please.
15. "King" Hussain
Marcell ,   Israel   (12.26.06)
His father was appointed "King" by the British. He inherited the throne. No blue blood here! He has a major problem with Palestinian refugees and dare not think like his father did, in fear of losing his little Kingdom. Instead, he pays lip service to his Arab brethren while doing business with Israel: what a juggling act!
16. Abdullah, stop being a foolish coward...
Ohev Tsion ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.26.06)
...and start talking about "honor" killings of women and about violent jihad which are both rampant evils in Arab Muslim culture. And don't blame the "honor" killings or the jihad on Israel - they're both a lot older than the modern Jewish state. p.s. If you and your family don't share more power with your majority Palestinian population, you might quite possibly be violently overthrown, so stop preaching to Israel, vain king, and get your own house in order.
17. John #11, you stole my thunder!
Steve ,   USA   (12.26.06)
18. Try us "king"...
Dan ,   Israel   (12.26.06)
If you Arabs think that you can destroy Israel through military confrontations, try us anyday of the week....
19. king abdulla
salam ,   Tripoli Libya   (12.26.06)
what is been taken by force must be return back by force.
20. Poor little king
David ,   Rio de Janeio, Brazi   (12.26.06)
Israel didn't loose the war. If it happened , as the arabs desires, Israel has already benn ripped of the map. The King speaks english very well, but the meaning of the words he didn't learnin at school.
21. Isael might not be strong
Ryan McNany ,   Ireland   (12.26.06)
But it can kick Jordans ass as well as any country in the Middle East
22. Now watch the rules change
Shai ,   Israel   (12.26.06)
Before, the Arabs said that israel had to make the concessions, and not the Palestinians, because the Israelis were the strong one in the conflict. Now that the Arabs see themselves as stronger, anyone willing to take a bet that they'll remember "the rules"?
23. Correction to #15
Yoseph Sittizen ,   Jerusalem   (12.26.06)
Marcell - his grandfather was made king, not his father.
24. king abdulka
fish ,   tel-aviv   (12.26.06)
I love that - this pathetic midget who can get his act together in his own country - jordan is an economic shithole, and political sham, and he preaches the free world.
25. Hani, Hope You're Still Laughing
tinashkuli   (12.26.06)
Jordan is Palestine by Gary Fitleberg - February 2, 2004 Jordan is Palestine. Palestine is Jordan. This is the royal decree and sentiments of two of the kings of Jordan. "Palestine and Jordan are one..." said King Abdullah in 1948. "The truth is that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan," said King Hussein of Jordan, in 1981. Let's closely examine the facts of history from the Arab perspective, rather than the Jewish one, regarding Jordan and Palestine. "Palestine is Jordan and Jordan is Palestine; there is only one land, with one history and one and the same fate," Prince Hassan of the Jordanian National Assembly was quoted as saying on February 2, 1970. Accordingly, Abdul Hamid Sharif, Prime Minister of Jordan declared, in 1980, "The Palestinians and Jordanians do not belong to different nationalities. They hold the same Jordanian passports, are Arabs and have the same Jordanian culture." In other words, Jordan is Palestine. Arab Palestine. There is absolutely no difference between Jordan and Palestine, nor between Jordanians and Palestinians (all actually Arabs). This fact is also confirmed by other Arabs, Jordanians and 'Palestinans' who were either rulers or scholars. "There should be a kind of linkage because Jordanians and Palestinians are considered by the PLO as one people," according to Farouk Kaddoumi, then head of the PLO Political Department, who gave the statement to Newsweek on March 14, 1977. Distinguished Arab-American Princeton University historian Philip Hitti testified before the Anglo-American Committee, "There is no such thing as 'Palestine' in history." the rest
26. HATE leads to STUPIDITY?
KUMA ,   Sweden   (12.26.06)
HEY! DID YOU READ THIS ARTICLE? READ Jordan’s King Abdullah WORDS AGAIN: “The Arab countries are very interested in moving the peace process along, and this conveys a message to the Israelis: If we advance the peace process and implement a two-state solution, all the Arab and Muslim countries will agree to establish (diplomatic) relations with Israel,” WHATS WRONG WITH THAT. THIS IS A COUNTRY YOU HAV PECE WITH. AND STILL ALL THIS HATE?????????
27. These are the moderates we gave so much land. Israel wake up
Norman   (12.26.06)
28. That's because Olmert is giving Israel a bad image!
but don't mes with Israel dear king abdul!
29. Rightnow, Israel is as strong as its weakest link, Olmert
john ,   nz   (12.26.06)
30. Abdullas Daddy also thought Israel was weak on eve 6Days War
Alan ,   SA   (12.26.06)
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