Peres says Hamas key to peace - report
Associated Press
Published: 27.12.06, 06:51
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1. Israelis and Palestinians .... PLAYING TOGETHER???
jason ,   usa   (12.27.06)
what kind of alterd world are we entrering to.. Israeli: pass the ball! PASS THE BALL!!!! Palestinian: i got it.. i could do it Israeli: COME ON! Palestinian: oh yeah? *lsraelis and Palestinians START arguing* other team : even if its not politcal reasons they cant even get along UN: i know
2. Retire Peres to a Nursing Home
Sam WEinstein ,   USA   (12.27.06)
Retire Peres to a Nursing Home
3. I guess now we'll get to see Peres
Esther ,   Ofarim Israel   (12.27.06)
French kiss Haniye on television. Since the loss of his brother, Yassir, Peres has been at a loss whom to suck up to. All jokes aside, it's time to put Peres out to pasture. He's definitely not ticking on all channels.
4. Ye
5. hamas
zichron   (12.27.06)
a long term truce to accept the reality of a secured jewish state in palestine allowing gentiles who can live in peace with judaism and jews to live well.
6. send peres to bedlam
fish   (12.27.06)
outrageous!peres is senile, demented, and obviously belongs in the olg age home, and it's evotling that he continues to experiment with the lives of innocent israelis. like there's been masscare here since his bloody oslo. there has to be a legal way to stop people like beilin, sarid, peres rule our lives and dance on the blood of israeli children.
8. Peace process - Code words for Israel's Destruction
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.27.06)
European Jew-haters adore Peres.
9. Is Peres related to Carter?
Jay ,   Israel   (12.27.06)
All the problems we have now are due to Peres's insistance on the oslo accord. Why is this absolute fool still in government? Go retire in America.
10. senile stooge suffering from 'chamberlain syndrome'
Arie ,   Afula   (12.27.06)
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