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Opposition group: Iran behind 80 percent of terror attacks in world
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 27.12.06, 14:55
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1. iranian terror network
karl ,   switzerland   (12.27.06)
what's the scope of making this information public??? why not hit and destroy them first???
2. The US added the NCRI to it's list of banned terrorists
Lebanese in Canada ,   Montreal   (12.27.06)
so where is her credibility?
3. Keys to this article, and answer to #1.
Khalid   (12.27.06)
"In 2003, the US State Department added the NCRI to its list of banned terrorist organizations, and froze the organization's assets." AND SO, "In its statement, the NCRI said that "Tehran has the most extensive terror network in the world. It is responsible for some 80 percent of all major terror attacks - directly or indirectly - in the past two decades." In order to suck up to America and get its assets unfrozen. People, Iran is bad, but these guys are just doing it for money, and that's why they made this information public, karl.
4. liars
I am not a jew hater ,   bint Jbeil Lebanon   (12.27.06)
stupid karl that's because this is all hot air from the zionist state. They shudder from the underarmed Hezbollah fighters, they're now having nightmares about Iran. This is all a charade.
5. This is like saying....
Mush DeLeon ,   Brooklyn, New York   (12.27.06)
...Hamburgers are behind most cases of obesity, or alcohol is behind most accidental pregnancies. What's the news here?
6. Modern Brigands !
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul   (12.27.06)
Brigands rule in short time. Brigands lose in long run. This was just like that in the past. This also will be just like that in future. Look at the sun, it is always up there, it is always in same direction. The God is powerfull than The Devil. We always had bad times in humanity history (devil's best days) but The Devil always lost in the end. If Iran is behind 80 percent of terror attacks in world (I am just reader) that is something too bad. Terror creates more terror. We shouldnt forget , where the money comes from which is been using for world terror. Many poor countries, poor people in world. working hard for living. Why they cant get good money for living ? some how, the money goes into the bad guys pockets. I offer Modern understanding to Modern Brigands. THE BRIGANDS CANT BE THE KINGS OF OUR WORLD. it will never happen.
7. @3
witheld ,   Copenhagen, Denmark   (12.27.06)
You made an excellent point, and I do not trust NCRI's reportings 100% BUT, Mr. Ahmadinejad himself stated, that a brigade of international fighters, are being trained by Iran in Iran. A force of suicide bombers, all of both Iranian and non-Iranian decent. Some, he claimed, are even Jewish. So you tell me this, is he bluffing? Why is he going through all this trouble to upset so many people, and to stir up the conflict? Unless he truely wants a conflict.
8. no4
toni ,   sabme   (12.27.06)
then you must not be muslim. good for you.we shouldnt hate the jews for one reason. mohummad bought his religious quotes from the jews. whith the jews islam is lost.
9. Really, No kidding!
D ,   Israel   (12.27.06)
Why don't you print something we don't already know. Is has always been Iran and the world just keeps lookinjg the other way. So what do you want? Terror to stop, when all nations ignore it? Wait Iran has done so far is nothing, wait till they get Atom Bomb.
10. saddle up for ww3
Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv   (12.27.06)
11. PAKIS in Londonistan catchingup too !!!
KMR ,   Middle East   (12.28.06)
12. Yeah, right!
W Dean ,   Manchester, England   (12.30.06)
And their next press realise will give us the location of Saddam's WMDs
13. Nice list of targets
Johnson ,   USA   (12.31.06)
14. #2 - NCRI not on the US LIST OF TERROR
Michael ,   No SPs allowed, USA   (01.06.07)
From the research I have done on the US State Dept and Wikipedia, the NCRI is no longer on the US list of terror organizations. The EU also pulled them off of the banned list in 2004. If you can dispute this do so with your citations of information. Perhaps that little tad of info should have been included in the article above.
15. Terror Propaganda is a big fat LIE
Rosie Stone ,   USA   (01.17.07)
Yet another example (see below) of the propaganda mill being used to ramp up to attacking IRAN. Ahmed Chalabi, the crook who got us into IRAQ is back, doing the Bush administration's dirty work. "Opposition group: Iran behind 80 percent of terror attacks in world Iran opposition group releases detailed brief on Tehran's Qods Force, an 'international Islamic army' exporting attacks worldwide Yaakov Lappin Published: 12.27.06, 14:55"
16. NCRI/PMOI/MEK IS a terrorist cult
William ,   Virginia   (01.26.07)
Sorry Michael, you should read up on the group. The NCRI, aka "Mujahedin-e Khalq" (MEK) or "people's Mujahedin" -- etc.! IS still on the DOS terrorist list - and has been not since 2003, but since early in the Clinton Administration. The article here is appalling in accepting Mooj allegations at face value. Read anything by Ervand Abhramian on this cult -- one establihsed scholars on Iran have nothing but disdain. Even the leading US neocons are split on whether or not it's good to be a "Mooj Stooj" - with Patric Clawson (of WINEP) being among those at times willing to call for US to back the Mooj cult, along the slippery logic of "the enemy of my enemy must be my friend." Alas, we've heard that siren song before.... Worse, for decades, the Mooj had a free ride in Congress - both sides of the aisle. (but came back to be key reason why NJ Senator Torricelli - once a top mooj-stooj - was defeated) Its sad to see Y-Net repeating Mooj propaganda as fact.... (alas, sometimes they get allegations right - but usually only if the info has been recirculated to them by.... well, "other" players....) Apart from their feeble following among the uninformed in US, Israel, & Europe, the group has utterly no legitimacy inside Iran, in part due to their role as shock troops on behalf of the Saddam.....
17. I'msure the Iranian expatriates are just as reliable as the
Apartheid ,   Boston USA   (02.13.07)
Iraqi expatriates who said whatever they had to say to encourage an American invasion of Iraq.
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