Israir Airlines introduces 'Sky-Torah'
Published: 28.12.06, 18:41
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1. A "pious" hope
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.28.06)
Hopefully the ultra-orthodox will now fly Israir and let EL AL become a normal airline
2. My Torah- Our Torah
Eli M ,   Monsey NY   (12.28.06)
I'd rather have a Torah then those ultra-stupid movies. it's a smart marketing move for israir, mark my words elal will follow suit and also put a Torah on their flights. remember elal put Maiym achronim with the meals? #1 you fool you are ruining the business for elal.
Al   (12.28.06)
4. I want to fly Israir !
5. # 1 Wishful thinking
Sagi ,   Israel   (12.29.06)
but you got it wrong. Ever heard of competion ? Next week El Al will install a mikve.
6. Torah of the skies
peggy ,   UK   (12.29.06)
oh dear what next... and where pray will they place the Torah on the plane? Pilots cabin...baggage? or do they also plan a Bimah and Aron haKodesh. Hutzpar using a Torah for business reasons, and if it isnt, why didn't they put one on board when they started the airline!!!
8. Closest Place to G-d??
JD Edelman ,   Chicago, USA   (12.29.06)
So, Ynet, you know this how, exactly?? Unless you prove otherwise, I will continue to understand that Hashem is everywhere in the world, and not just up in the sky.
9. The nearest Torah to God !
Oded Ambar ,   Golan   (12.29.06)
10. It's absurd that...
aviela ,   KochavYaakov, Israel   (12.30.06)
an Israeli airline is having their sefer Torah written in any place other than Israel.
11. most reliable missle defense system
Lee   (12.30.06)
Much cheaper than the multi million dollar missle defense system that ELAL is putting on its planes to protect from rocket attacks but its also alot more effective. God can out preform any man made defense system. ELAL is going to follow this idea if it wants to keep its orthadox passangers
12. Torah
Avi Sheaffard ,   USA   (12.31.06)
The Colombian Rabbi was right on target!!
13. Torah on Board
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (12.31.06)
I suppose the female flight attendents won't be allowed to get near it, just in case they are in their "impure" days. Good thing for the male, albeit it largely gay, flight attendents!
14. Next Week, El Al introduces "Iin-flight mohel!"
Shai ,   Australia   (12.31.06)
whoever   (12.31.06)
16.  business GUIMMICK
reality   (12.31.06)
They will sell their mom for any business benefit ..... It's just business promotion for getting potential orthodox passengers from EL AL .
17. Israir--the new Tower
bob ,   potomac   (12.31.06)
Like Tower Airlines of not-so-blessed memory--Israir is known for bad service, bad scheduling and safety violations. They should concentrate on other issues before making their planes into flying shuls.
18. Torah Scroll ? 1st Keep Shabbat
Norman ,   New Yrok   (12.31.06)
Israir thinks we're all stupid. They fly on shabbat - every shabbat - but want us to think they value torah by bringing us this gimmick. Will they have "kriyat hatorah" on their shabbat morning flight ??
19. to#11.
mark ,   ca   (01.01.07)
Orthadox passengers have no choice but to fly ELAL. 1.Real cosher food. 2.Only ELAL can tolerate unruly conduct on their fligths. I still remember my last flight on TWA from JFK to TLV....brrrrr
20. to # 1.
mark ,   ca   (01.01.07)
No such luck.Israir not flying to NY :-)
21. "the closest place to G*d" ??
redmike ,   tel aviv & london   (01.01.07)
not sure whether this is making fun or just plain ignorance ? Not many people believe that He is up there and we are down here.
22. No. 11, Lee
NYC Girl   (01.02.07)
If you're planning to fly on El Al any time soon, I'd suggest you pray they never take your advice to give up their missile defense system. Putting something as critical as airline security in the hands of God is probably dubious at best. You'd better hope they continue to leave the safety of the passengers to the people who really know what they're doing.
23. WHY neither EL AL nor ISRAIR reach South America ?
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (01.02.07)
Anyone from transport gvnt office reading this and has a fair Answer ?
24. #23
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (01.02.07)
I'm not sure anyone's govt is involved, I think it's a commercial thing between the airlines.
25. Israir
robin ,   israel   (01.05.07)
They need the torah in the sky because their service is so lousy that when you ring for the flight attendent that never shows, you pray that Gd will send her to you. When I flew Israir in Nov. the stewardessses spent the entire flight talking with each other in the back kitchen area, instead of answering the pages. The whole flight was unprofessionally handled,bathrooms were dirty,I will never fly them again. Perhaps they need the torah to get their customers to stay with them.
RCA ,   USA   (01.08.07)
The TORAH, plus a missile defence system, will likely get you where you are going on El Al.
27. From Colombia
Marcos Peckel ,   Bogota, Colombia   (03.02.07)
Just to point out that Rabbi Shlomo Elharar IS NOT the chief Rabbi of Colombia as such position does not exist. Is is merely the Chief Rabbi of the sefardic comunity of Bogota Regards Marcos Peckel President Centro Israelita de Bogota
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