Palestinian group: Egyptian arms will be used against Israel
Ali Waked
Published: 28.12.06, 15:02
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1. Naawwww.. Really?
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (12.28.06)
You'll use your new weapons against us? What a surprise. I wouldn't have guessed.
2. dont worry,,israel will be * RESTRAINED
3. Great job Olmert!
Danny ,   Tel Aviv   (12.28.06)
Thank you PM Olmert! I am seriously wondering if Olmert got a free appartment in exchange for his OK on this incredible stupid mistake!
4. Israel, you are hopeless, You killed Fatah
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (12.28.06)
And gave victory to Hamas with your own hands. I will count how many Israeli soldiers they will kill to see if they keep their promise.
Richard ,   Los Angeles, CA   (12.28.06)
Here you go PM Olmert, directly from the horse's mouth. Why don't you listen to Lieberman and not compromise Israel's security for some kind of half hazard diplomatic f***ed up Israel during the Lebanon war and now you're going to make sure we pay a greater price, thanks a lot
6. Oldmerde
cato the younger ,   USA   (12.28.06)
If indeed the arms that Oldmerde & his compnay of morons are giving Abbas are used against Israelis, then of coure, Oldmerde will have to be arrested for treason and imprisoned.
7. Tell Me Again Why We Should Believe . . .
emanon ,   USA   (12.28.06)
Egypt when they say Shalit is alive? Egypt is supplying arms to ther terrorists for use against Israel. This is *against* the alleged Peace Treaty between Israel and Egypt.. It leads me to believe that Egypt wants to struing Israel along, dangle the mirage of a living Shalit in front of the nation and use this as a means to leverage Israel to drop its guard so the terrorists can strike. Can't you see it? "Don't attack the Qassam launching areas in Gaza and we will broker a deal for Shalit. Take down the Wall and we will broker a deal for Shalit. Let arms through the checkpoints freely and we will broker a deal for Shalit." EGYT IS LYING TO ISRAEL AND THE WORLD! I have more respect for Hamas and Fatah than Egypt. At least the terrorists *admit* their goal is the destruction of Israel at all costs. The terrorists do not pretend to be friends of Israel. EGYPT, THE HISTORICAL ENEMY OF ISRAEL, IS THE MODERN ENEMY AS WELL!
8. Thanks Olmert for arming the enemy
Jay ,   Israel   (12.28.06)
9. Israel lacks strategic leadership
JK ,   Dallas, TX   (12.28.06)
10. No doubt: PM is very smart & wise guy !!!
Eddie Shor ,   Ariel Israel   (12.28.06)
11. Why do I have the feeling that they are afraid?
Suzanne   (12.28.06)
That they will loose their civil war and in which Fatah will win?
12. Good one Olmert! I don't think he's joking, do you?
13. SO WHAT???
15. #11 Yeah, Fatah Arafat was amazing for Israel NOT
16. guys
v. n.y. ,   usa   (12.28.06)
look, no one can be this stupid right? is olmert stupid, or does he have n agenda we are not aware of? is his decision to arm fattah crazy, or does it have a deeper reason we are not aware of? i am not saying to give this idiot some slack, just for anyone here to come up with a theory or reasons behind his decisions and behavior. anyone???? can anyone come up with an explanation except to call him a moron and idiot?
17. @15 did you hear me saying I love Fatah?
Suzanne   (12.28.06)
Thought so. I was referring to this Palestinian group who despises Fatah and dont want to let Fatah win. Anyway, whatever the outcome, you should keep in mind that Abbas =/= Arafat. You cannot compare two leaders with each other.
18. Maybe Blomert will invite this "Peacemaker" to Dinner Too
Bruno ,   australia   (12.28.06)
This terrorist is certainly more honest than the one he just dined with and forked over $100 mil.
19. Weapons transfer
Ken ,   Skokie, USA   (12.28.06)
DUH!!!!! Each time Olmert seems to be dumber than dirt, he amazes the world by showing that even in a vegetative state, Sharon (not known for his brains) is functioning at a higher level.
20. arms transferred; will be used against Israel
DANIEL ,   Israel   (12.28.06)
I wonder; what we ordinary people saw; why decision makers didn't see?
21. There isn't a line Olmert can cross that will take him down
malcolm   (12.28.06)
He's unstoppable! What better man can Tehran have running the country they want to destroy? And Israelis continue to take it up the butt one Olmert pump at a time.
22. Ladies and Gentlemen, Our Prime Minister.
Isabella ,   Israel   (12.28.06)
23. But they promised...
E. Olmert/Y. Rabin ,   Jerusalem   (12.28.06)
not to use them against us. And if they do...They'll pay the price.
24. Why don't we just shoot ourselves??
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (12.28.06)
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