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What to do with Iran?
Oded Tira
Published: 30.12.06, 15:49
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1. US is not going to do the same misstake in Iraq My Firend.
Kleavin ,   NY   (12.30.06)
If you feel Iran is a threat to Israel, please feel free to go and hit them ALONE, we are not going to be fooled by Israel again !!
2. Poor kleavin
Patrick ,   Quebec city (Canada)   (12.30.06)
You almost made me cry! Stop whinning like a girl and stop putting all the blame on Israel for everything that happened to the US army in Iraq. This is total BS as far as I am concerned! The preemptive war was a necessity in 2003 because imagine what the geopolitical situation in the ME would have been without that war...I personally dare not imagine the mess with Saddam still in power. Fortunately, the tyran is dead now and the civilized world must take action against the mad man in Teheran before it is too late. Be realistic for once kleavin and do not bury your head in the sand and face the reality...not like a coward you democrat fool!
3. The strategy
Brod ,   USA   (12.30.06)
The strategy on this should be kept confidential. This should not be a media forum.
4. u must to be dreaming: Like Hizballah.
1.5 Billion Muslims   (12.30.06)
Reality Check , World
5. look people, lets be realistic,
John ,   ON   (12.30.06)
US is not in the position to face the consequences of a much more complecated war in the ME. the case and the outcome of attacking Iran will be so dire that Iraq would look like a walk in a park. even if an attack was carried out, it would only SLOW DOWN the nuklear work not stop it. they will built them again and faster. Israel has enough of a detterence effect that nobody dares attacking her. Ahmadinejad is in no position to order ay military operations and his presidency will be over soon anyway. to be honest with you, the notion of attacking Iran and hoping the problem will be solved for good is only stupid. here is the final facts: 1.Iran (regardless of what regim in power) will be a nuklear state and Israel will have to live with it. 2. a desperate attack on Iran will solve nothing and create unimaginable problems you can`t even imagine. 3. they will have the nukes even if slowd down.
6. this article sounds like the Iraq pre-war case....
John ,   ON   (12.30.06)
in which everything went according to plan, and mision was accomplished immediately and "peace and democracy" prevaild after all and everybody lived happily ever after. this is just a very naive and philosopical way of dealing with this issue. have you consedered what if the plan didn`t work out? like what happened in Iraq? then what?
7. To John in Ontario
Patrick ,   Quebec city (Canada)   (12.30.06)
It is not promoting democracy in Iran which is at stake here but rather get rid of a man (Ahmadinejad) that has been constantly threatening Israel of being wiped off the map for months now! That must be taken into consideration for future geopolitical move in the ME and we've better learn from history before it is too late.
8. No. 1 is right. No more Americans to die for Israel
A ,   USA   (12.30.06)
the Iraqi fiasco will never happen again. Israel go ahead and attack Iran in way it wants.
9. Don't Count On American Help
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (12.30.06)
We'll have to do this ourselves. At this point, I don't even care how we do it, as long as we do it. If it means using nuclear weapons against Iran, so be it. Better them than us.
10. Action in Iran
Mikle White ,   Canada   (12.30.06)
Iranian Pandora box needs to be opened, so that their many oppressed minorities within Iran would regain their freedom and true democracy will prevail in Iran. There is a need to empower, help and encourage the oppressed Iranian minorities to rise against their oppressors “mullahs”. Coordinated strike against the mullahs will create several Iranian regions that would need to separate from Iran, and as such Iran will disintegrate per Iraqi model. Iraqi model needs to be implemented in Iran, but without mass land invasion, to avoid heavy coalition casualties.
11. # 2 Patrick
Kleavin ,   NY   (12.30.06)
Hey !! listen .. You are talking to the US people like we work as servants for you and your people !! STOP the BS and solve your problems on your own way !!! Our enemy is Osama Ben Ladin and not Iran or Iraq or the Palestinians.. You guys never help us to win, instead you win and we loose, loose our monry and our sons JUST to keep Israel secured !! NOW this will change ! So get the hell out of our backs !!
12. W*ise article, but what to do? Easy, very easy
zeev geneva ,   geneva switzerland   (12.30.06)
This article shows that dangers are growing. How to avoid these dangers? It is certainly not by war, but by peace. The only way to peae is to organise general election among Palestinians and Israelis and to create one democratic state with equal rights for all. Iran, or Syria, or Hizbullah will not be able to attack such a state where Palestinians and Israelis live together peacefully. Furthermore, this state will be a model for the other states in the region. Weapons will not protect Israel. Only justice will do.
13. What to do with Iran
Dani ,   Israel   (12.30.06)
"The UN and Lebanese Army do not enter those nature reserves and do no disarm Hizbullah." This is not the first time such thing happened; still we trust UN and "other side" government. When those appointed have no guts to interfear with Hesbullah activities why should we allow such armies to protect us? What to do with Iran Iran is not only Israeli problem, it is world problem. Although Ahmadinejad talking about Israel; the "Rest of the world; including Muslim countries" is the meaning of it.
REUVEN ,   USA   (12.30.06)
15. re:9
John ,   Michigan   (12.30.06)
Iran is not even a real threat to Israel. You have gone mad from all of you goverment and news propaganda. You would even go so far as to nuke another country when they have no chance against the Israeli millitary. YOu are special!!!
16. Tira is right but will Olmert/Perez do anything?
Dudu ,   KSava   (12.30.06)
17. #2 patrick
Mark ,   UK   (12.30.06)
I suggest you prove that you 're not a pussy cat by joining our forces in Iraq instead of embracing your pc in Quebec posting such BRAVE !!comments
18. to: Brod # 3
John ,   Australia   (12.30.06)
You're right, the plan for war on Iran should not be discussed in public and in open forum, just like the strategy of 34-day war on Lebanon !! and the operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 !!! You make me laugh. Don't play too much computer games buddy.
19. Mikle white in Canada # 10
Ingrid ,   Norway   (12.30.06)
I think you should worry about your country more as it is still a governorate under the British rule. Leave Iran to its people they know what to do. You go and sort out the plight of Canadian indians who were brutally displaced and treated like insects by your forefathers. Without US your country will go bankrupt in no time. Open your eyes.
20. Klevian - you are deluded...
Andy ,   Tel Aviv burbs   (12.30.06)
Don't pin Iraq on us.....that was the brainchild of your president, who hardly takes orders from Jerusalem. Tthe US chose to invade Iraq when Iran was the one who's developing WMD's. And if you think Iran is only our problem, then you're stupider than words can describe. Let the mullahs get nukes, let them wipe us off the map...then all your "allies" will fall, you won't have a drop of oil and you'll be slaves tot he Islamofacsits and their friends. Look far enough into the future and stop posting garbage. Realize that the strategic relationship the US has with Israel is important for the security of the US, Israel and free world.
21. Ingrid #19
Mikle White ,   Canada   (12.30.06)
“ You go and sort out the plight of Canadian Indians who were brutally displaced and treated like insects by your forefathers. Without US your country will go bankrupt in no time. Open your eyes. Ingrid , Norway (12.30.06) To my dear friend Ingrid in Norway: Canada has more oil in Alberta then entire middle east put together a few times over. We are world leaders in technology, with large yearly budget surpluses. Our native Indian minority free to vote in our elections. Brits have no say in Canada whatsoever. So, do some reading and even try to enlist into some school to improve your education. Take care for now.
22. Hangmans noose!!!!
jc ,   usa   (12.30.06)
I'm told that there is now a vacancy of the hangman's noose in Iraq. It will even fit around the midget prince of persias neck. They both will find out how allah will be nowhere to be found. Instead they will receive judgement from the one true G-D.
23. Concept of Iraq War was OK BUT US messed up the aftermath...
Alan ,   SA   (12.30.06)
The US is a great Country but frankly they couldnt organise a Coffee Evening at Starbucks when it comes to fighting guys whose HQ is a Cave with a laptop WiFi connection..(Maybe Fred Flintstone should get some of his Caveman friends to help US out or why not ask the Ethiopians how to clear out the jihadis !!) As long as the Hague Warcrimes Mentality reigns so long will Osama s gangs rule the roost. As long as boxcutters & Fertiliser overwhelm US military power so long will we all be on the run from the Jihadis. Make no mistake they will chase you US guys right back to Nebraska if you keep thinking like some of the posts in this article . ALSO writing & thinking that you are doing Israel some big favour by being in Iraq isnt going to change the way the Jihadis& other likeminded see Western Christian Civilisation!! Frankly you make me honk!
24. #21 Mikle White
Ingrid ,   Norway   (12.30.06)
1. Your country has been under the British rule ever since its inception and the governor general can constitutionally do anything he likes or shall we say anything that the Queen in London desires. 2.You go to war when the British wants you to and you make peace by the same token.A political puppet.You were even caught spying on behalf of US in Iran 3.You are part of the Commonwealth so don't count on your resources too much needless to say that native indians are the true owners.Vast oil reserves don't mean you are clever people. 4.Technology.You pick up an item in Canada that says MADE IN CANADA not CHINA .It is highly improbable. 5.Noam Chomsky is a good source for you to start educating yourself 6.I like your mounties though. By the way, you couldn't choose a different name for your currency , could you?
25. # 20 Andy
Kleavin ,   NY   (12.30.06)
We dont need Israel to get the oil .. We know how to get it without your help my friend.. We have enough and stronger allies than Israel in the middle east . And yes I agree with you that GWB is an asshole because he only cares about Israel and it's security when he doesnt even think of his own poeple... That's why we have kicked his ass out of the Congs.. Guys, Just take care of yourselves and keep away from us..
26. Ybet is banning the "N" word
27. To No 1 Kleavin
Dan ,   Jerusalem   (12.30.06)
Imagine a nother September 11 but this time with a Iranian Nuke in the U S ?
28. you are all mad
dan ,   romania   (12.30.06)
You are all very crazy...you Israeli people are capable of starting a world war 3 with NUCLEAR WEAPONS just so you can sleep better at night ? Think of other people not just you, stop being so selfish and 'special'. And you want the same scenario that happened in Iraq to take place in Iran ? God, think of the civilians casualties, think of the chaos that could happen to the 70 mil civilians in Iran, that could spread in all the middle east. Why not think of peaceful solution, but wait, you cannot do that. You want WAR. But trust me, WAR will not solve all your problems, not in 1 mil years.
29. Kleavin and Mark #17 and #25
Patrick ,   Quebec city (Canada)   (12.30.06)
To Mark: you are right to say that canadian forces are not present in Iraq alongside with the brave British and American troops BUT don't forget that our soldiers have been paying a great price for the freedom of Afghanistan since the begining of 2006. To Kleavin: that is funny to point out how the democrats (including the gist of your messages) can use a terminology close to the one KKK would use when time comes to talk about the Jewish people (and the so-called worldwide jewish plot) . And for your guidance, I am not jew but just a person who is clear-sighted enough not to put all the blame on one people for the setbacks the US army is experiencing in Iraq. This is close to antisemitism my friend! Watch out your mouth next time!
30. Where Did The US Citizens Vote?
Ray Schmitt ,   Edmonton Canada   (12.30.06)
At this moment, right now, Isreal has 400 nuclear weapons....Did the citizens of the US vote to assist Isreal to get those weapons? Did they vote to have a nuclear arms race smack in the middle of the worlds energy deposits? No. And so it is natural, given the Palestinian problem has not been solved, Arab countries too want the bomb....Do the citizens of the US support this? No I would say the citizens of the US want a nuclear free Middle East...Which country was the first country to violate a nuclear free Middle East -- Isreal And now should the United States expend its treasure, its sons and daughters to ensure that Isreal and Isreal alone has access to nuclear weapons? The Isreali lobby is too strong in the United States. It is to the United States interest to solve the Palestinian issue and buy oil without a political premium. Its in the United States interest to cut the gravy train of credit and weapons to Isreal and force them into a solution with their Arab neighbors.
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