Iraq bombs kill more than 70 as Saddam executed
Published: 30.12.06, 16:42
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1. Death of Saddam
Simon Shiffman ,   C.T. South Africa   (12.30.06)
May we not forget the falsy accused Jews hanged in Bagdad in January 1969 under the direct orders of Saddam Hussein.
2. Celebrating New Year With A Bang
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (12.30.06)
I guess the fun-loving Iraqis want to finish the year with what they do the best - car bombs. Wait until the Americans leave - then we'll see some real action. I'm sure all the neighbors will want to participate, they would hate to miss the party. My money is on the Shi'a militias.
3. people against death penalty...
YOEL   (12.30.06)
Those 70 persons were condemned to death penalty, without facing to justice. They've also been killed randomly, just because they were somewhere at some moment... We will speak about them for 2 min and forget them very soon. What about Saddam? Don't forget Saddam sponsored suicide bombers' families; palestinian people who killed innocent israelis. He hated us, why should we show any kind of symapthy to him? I'm already sick to hear about Saddam. He was a murderer and whatever happened to him, it's nothing compared to what he did to all of us. Any media you will switch on today will speak about him, and this makes me tired. Y'mah Shemo Vezichro!
4. Iraq: Business as usual.
Eddie Shor ,   Arirl Israel   (12.30.06)
5. A new year gift to Israel: Saddam Execution & Mass murders
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (12.30.06)
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