A-Zawahri: Abbas sold out Palestine
Associated Press
Published: 31.12.06, 01:20
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1. The idiot bastard Ayman a-Zawahri, disgusting face
Kornicov ,   Russia   (12.31.06)
The CIA had adoped Bin laden and delivered weapons to him to fight the Russians in Afganistan, but evetually he turned about and became enemy with the US, Similarly that happend in Israel, were the Mossad invented and nurtured the Hamas movement in the beginning of the 1987 to exterminate the PLO, but like the Americans the skanky Israelis dicovered lately that Hamas betrayed them too !! Paradox of the century.
2. Time to move the dome of the rock
Micha   (12.31.06)
off the holiest site in Judaism. Uh oh, big bad al-kiddo leader is belching more words. Better watch out, better not cry. blah blah, he doesn't get it ever. He's going to meet his maker eventually. Soon I think.
3. Ayman a-Zawahri is right!
Monk   (12.31.06)
Mr. Abbas is indeed abandoning the Islamic cause. He is doing business with and in essence venerating infidels. This is shirk --- idolotry. You shall not take Christians and Jews as allies, for they are allies of one another.
4. This guy's both a fool and a fake
USA   (12.31.06)
His only message is to remind his "brothers" to try NOT get along with others by 1. not agreeing to reconcile differences; 2. not compromising; 3. not using peaceful means to settle disputes. He is an Absolutist who offers no alternatives except violence and discord. His way is the wrong one and the entire region is suffering because of villains like him. Only losers and hopeless fools would listen to his endless stream of nonsense and chicanery. He can sit in that cave of his and rot, but his "people" won't see peace and prosperity until someone teaches them to get along with others, compromise, and settle disputes in a non-violent way.
5. Why do they always wave their finger at us?
enzo ,   london,uk   (12.31.06)
6. Deciphering Islamist-Jihadist Terrorists
Brod ,   USA   (12.31.06)
To decipher the nature and what makes Islamist-Jihadist terrorists like Zawahiri and others, a brilliant expert in this field, Dr. Mark A. Gabriel, former Professor of Islamic History at Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Eygpt, has rendered an excellent service to the world by writing books on the subject--"Islam and Terrorism" [2002] and "Journey Into the Mind of an Islamic Terrorist" [2006]. Born in Eygpt of an Islamist-Jihadist family, Dr. Mark was able to quote the entire Quran by 12 years old. He obtained his Doctorate at Al-Azhar University where he would later become a Professor. He saw the rising tide of Islamist-Jihadist terrorisms in Egypt before escaping their clutches. And he knows the history of this scourge from ancient time to the present. The information is mind boggling and a treasure trove for those in the frontline fighting the terrorists in the battlefields, or those working in spooky places, as well as, world leaders, government officials and diplomats. Dr. Mark's books are a MUST READ!
7. If the Shites really believe in 72 virgins
john ,   nz   (12.31.06)
why would they want to send Saddam there.... so fast too
8. To: Mr Kornikov In Russia
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (12.31.06)
You make a good point. Is there a lesson to be learned? I think there is - you can't make deals with Muslims because in the end, they turn against you anyway. But, the al-qaida leader has a point too - Abbas would sell out the palestinians for his own interests & the interest of the Fatah thieves. Then again, Hamas would sell out the interests of Palestinians to Iran & Syria just like Nasrallah sold out lebanon to Syria. But Iran would sell out Syria in a heartbeat. And the other Arabs have been selling out the palestinians for years. Like I said, there is a lesson in this.
9. TO 3
ANA MARIA ,   LATIN AMERICA   (12.31.06)
10. #3 - Abu Mazen does business with nobody - he's a failure !
redmike ,   tel aviv & london   (12.31.06)
Abu Mazen had never done anything for Israel. He didn't and doesnt try to stop attacks on us. Maybe he is seen as a traitor by devout Muslims because he is seen as doing nothing for them. In fact he just sits on a fence and does nothing for anybody including himself. He's not even true to himself ...
11. Palestine sold out
Dani ,   Israel   (12.31.06)
A-Zawahri and his comreds have put rest of Islamic regims on sale!
12. Read the Bible
Christian   (12.31.06)
A-Zawahri decided to mess with the people of Israel. BIG mistake. His fate is now irrevocabe, like that of all those that had done it before (we saw the end of the last one yesterday). Read the Bible.
13. Palestinians became a tool of the world-radical-Islamists!
KMR ,   Middle East   (12.31.06)
14. Has-bin-laden is dead
raybo ,   U.S.   (12.31.06)
Somebody had to die to make this idiot think that he's the new pope of alqueda.Why does'nt he just admit that binladen has been dead for the last two years?Islam just allowes any crosseyed moron with a turbin to speek as though he's the grand pubah. Zahairy is a pathetic sham just like other wannabe hitlers that use the braindead slaves of islam to fight their wars far them.
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