Report: Videotape shows Shalit alive
Roee Nahmias
Published: 31.12.06, 12:10
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1. kidnapping business
yoni ,   jerusalem   (12.31.06)
it is time that we all worry now that we ourselves may get kidnapped since olmert is making the kidnapping business a very rewarding one. its obvious that olmert never had any lessons during his upbringing since he is rewarding the child for his evil. the more we give in to their kidnapping requests the more they will continue to kidnap us. the talmud tell us that it is a great mitzvha to free jewish prisoners yet at the same time relates a story of a great rabbi and sage whos daughter was taken captive because he was very wealthy and the captives demanded an absurd amount of money for her release. although he had it he did not free his own daughter since he knew that if he paid it the captives would continue kidnapping for profit. in short freeing 1500 prisoners is absurd and will damage society at large. please wake up
2. Surrender yet again....
Alon ,   Kochav HaShachar   (12.31.06)
What a surprise. What a wonderful lesson we teach the Arabs - all you have to do is kidnap one of our children...and we'll release 1500 murderers, terrorists and thugs. Absolutely brilliant...and just what I'd expect from the Olmert government
3. this article seems full of misinformation !
redmike ,   tel aviv & london   (12.31.06)
the first prisoner exchange would apparently be for a video tape which in itself is crazy and the family say that they haven't received one. Without knowing that Shalit is alive there is nothing to negotiate. Israel believes Shalit to be dead. The prisoner exchange figures have nothing in common with anything reported anywhere else and are much higher than everywhere else. It would seem that Israel hasn't even received a list of the prisoners yet so all of the talk is completely premature. If this article bears any ressemblence to reality and is indeed a scoop then I will eat my yarmulke.
4.  One step forward - # 1
almonimous   (12.31.06)
Just think of yourself being in the situation of Gilad Shalit's parents, God forbid !
5. What can you expect from Olmert ???
reality   (12.31.06)
6.  # 2 and others
commonsense   (12.31.06)
Better think that the same result could've come out SIX months a g o !!! Or - maybe the price paid - namely, the release of prisoners in return of our captive - could've been less had the exchange been then !
7. prisoners
arthur ,   jersey city USA   (12.31.06)
Why must Israel release 1400 prioners for one kidnapped soldier. Think of the precedence being reenforced. What ever happened to the refusal to release "those with blood on their hands"? Maybe release a few for one not 1400+. What happens after the release for the two kidnapped in lebanon how many will be released for two? The releases must be reduced to a realistic appropriate number
8. Why didnt Shalits father confirm the video?
Jay ,   Israel   (12.31.06)
9. oops, hes father did say he recieved no tape
Jay ,   Israel   (12.31.06)
10. One family' happiness = many families' grief
Asylum Aleikum ,   Guantanamo Bay, Cuba   (12.31.06)
How would you feel if someone who murdered your loved ones was released from prison in exchange for a schmuck captured while asleep?
11. Photoediting Software Can Do Anything
emanon ,   USA   (12.31.06)
Hey Terrorists, prove me wrong on this. If Shalit is alive, free him and the other kidnapped soldiers. That's it, no conditions. Just free them. That would be step one in restoring your credibility with the world.
12. Should Have Said Videoediting to be Technical
emanon ,   USA   (01.01.07)
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