Iran: Mahdi will defeat archenemy in Jerusalem
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 31.12.06, 13:01
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1. shi'ites: better get your excuses ready
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.31.06) to who is to blame when it doesn't happen, for we all know that you can't possibly be wrong about something like this.
2. How can the world allow this madman to have
john ,   nz   (12.31.06)
nuclear arms is unclear... it's beyond human comprehension.
3. Good luck with your acid trip. That's never going to happen.
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (12.31.06)
4. he he ha ha HA HA HA LOL LOL LOL, Dream On
Bruno ,   austr/tel aviv   (12.31.06)
If you believe this crap, then let me tell ya 'bout the tooth fairy & the easter bunny.
5. Wow
david ,   tel aviv   (12.31.06)
this story is great ! I bet Mel Gibson is bidding for film rights !!
Frank ,   France   (12.31.06)
7. prophetic battle
mordechai ,   jerusalem, israel   (12.31.06)
Sounds good to me. Let theShiites in Iran battle Al-Kaida for who is the true representative of radical Islam.
8. Decisions, decisions....
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (12.31.06)
That Mahdi can do whatever he wants to as long as he won't knock on my door on Saturday mornings at 7:30. 1. I'm usually not dressed and 2 a verbal altercation between the Mahdi, the Mormons and/or the Jehovah's Witnesses just wouldn't make a good impression. At least, the last two have worked out an every-other-week schedule and don't run into each other, anymore. On the other hand, if that Mahdi and Jesus look like Jon Bon Jovi and Gal Hirsch, I might change my mind and invite them in. But if Jesus doesn't look so hot, what'll I do with him while I entertain the Mahdi? Send him next door? All these religious problems, and it's not even 7:30, yet.
9. Beit ol-Moqaddas= Beit hamikdash!
ben Avraham ,   tel Aviv   (12.31.06)
The moslem fascists at least gor the ancient Arab name of Jerusalem right! If that doesn't prove that it belongs to the Jews I don't know what does.
11. Amadman says Jesus will be Vice Captain to the Mahdi
Alan ,   SA   (12.31.06)
At least the Iranians have something to offer.
12. Sounds like a cult sect
Suzanne   (12.31.06)
like those described here:
E. Rauch ,   Tel Aviv   (12.31.06)
14. Why are Jews silent about Holy One of Israel ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.31.06)
The cult of death has much to say and threatens Israel with annahilation daily . Is there no faith in Hashem in Israel. For sure Israel's leaders are faithless fools who trust in Idols to save them.The american eagle will not save you Israel. Seek Messiah for your security and salvation.
15. Mentally Deranged Running A Govt
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (12.31.06)
Tell me this isn't crazy. And these people want nuclear weapons. Crazy cultists looking forward to the end of the world by provoking conflict is hardly responsible to run a gov't. Do any European leaders listen to this crap? Do ours? I take it seriously - I have no doubt if we don't hit Iran with a preemptive strike we will eventually get nuked.
17. #14 You are right
Michael Ben Raphael ,   Tel Aviv   (12.31.06)
you are right marcel. This goverment is the worst since Israels existence. Olmert is bringing a great catashtrophe on the Jewish people. And his coalision should all be ashamed of themselves. They care only to stay in power for the glory of themselves and not for the children of Israel. But the day is not far off when enouph Jews will see what is happening and there will be mass protests. we must also remember that everything that leaders do is also g-ds will, even if it is seen by us mortals as evil. But it is also G-ds will when we shall start to protest.
18. Shiite messiah(sic)
Lazerbenabba ,   London   (12.31.06)
It would appear that this so called messiah is going to persue an agenda of military conquest against all other beliefs or even non beliefs. Is this not the complaint of the shiites that they allege the western democracies are guilty of, namely the destruction of Islam. Any way there prophesies are a load of hot air which the Imams are generally guilty of.
19. And Santa Claus
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (12.31.06)
will be his chief of staff.
20. keep on dreaming. that will never happen.
only the prophecies ,   of israel wil happen   (12.31.06)
21. No. 8 M. Hartley
NYC Girl   (12.31.06)
",,,if that Madhi and Jesus look like Jon Bon Jovi and Gal Hirsch, I might change my mind and invite them in." You go, girl. At least you have your priorities in order.
22. They're trying to teach & we won't listen
malcolm   (12.31.06)
They are telling the West that they are insane, destructive and hellbent on global war. But no one wants to listen...even the Russians & Chinese. The US radical left, that is taking over the Democratic Party, also won't listen. When Bush speaks of caliphates they mock him. Anyone with interest could have had this information through researching the internet as early as last year. Now it's in our faces. What's the world gonna do? Nothin'....exactly how they dealt with Hitler.
23. New Video Game?
elijah ,   Beirut   (12.31.06)
Yeah & Bush conquered Iraq and made it a free democratic country.
24. Ynet missed the REAL fun part
Alexander ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (12.31.06)
If you follow the link in the beginning of the article which leads to the Iranian website itself, and take the reouble of reading up to parts 7 and 8, you get to their movie critique, and it's hilarious. Consider: "Yes in the film Matrix made in 1999 the future man has turned into a machine and lacks identity and a central computer controls all his life. In this movie the only utopia in the world and the way for man's salvation is the city of Zion that is under the ground. This city that is filled with Zionist symbols is like the supposed Temple of Solomon, which the Zionists believe is under the al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied Islamic city of Bait ol-Moqaddas. Other symbols of ancient Judaism like the Sanhedrin Council have also been reconstructed in this symbolic temple. In this movie the world's future depends on the emergence of the Jewish messiah. Instead of being a divine prophet, this messiah is a computer technician. He does not believe in any religion or in God and he saves the world by relying on his human will. Matrix was made in Hollywood with a cost of billions of dollars and was purposely awarded 4 Oscars in order to increase its fame and popularity around the world. In this film the Zionists' role in the world is that of saviors."
25. Please clam down everyone
Mahdi ,   California America   (12.31.06)
Relax everyone. I decided before I set about conquoring the whole world I would kick back and enjoy a nice vacation in America. The problem is that I'm having so much fun I've decided to stay here. I just got myself a nice cadillac and two beautiful blondes ;) Allah ahbar, inshallah, coosemah, etc.... peace be unto you all and in the mean time eat your hearts out when you see me burning the tracks in my new caddie :)
26. Mahdi also has 72 virgin wives ?
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (12.31.06)
27. #24 Alexander in Ramat Gan
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (12.31.06)
Thanks, that's really funny in a sick & bizarre way. So, we could re-write it and the robots would be brainwashed suicide bombers. Can you imagine being trapped inside these peoples heads? I'm telling you, this is mentally deranged, the kind of crap the Nazis churned out or the ex-Soviet Union. Ideology run wild!!!
28. Mahdi's archenemy is Sunnis..Did Mahdi revised enimity?
Theologian   (12.31.06)
29. How about Jesus?
Texan ,   TX, USA   (12.31.06)
How come nobody is writting such articles about Christianity belief on the return of Jesus?
30. Congratulations wives
John Brew ,   Tacna Peru   (12.31.06)
He must be so busy conquering the world that he hasn't time for anything else. Good luck to all the wives
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