Olmert: Hamas demands disproportionate
Ronny Sofer
Published: 01.01.07, 10:46
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DAVID ,   USA   (01.01.07)
2. certainly, releasing shatit for free is disproportionate
Israel's release of 1000 prisoners wouldn't stem from incomptence of politicians. These prisoners are deemed to be released sooner or later. Unlawfully jailed minors and women would be rewarded a compansation by releasing the rest till no 1000. Think of Shalit release as a for-free gift not an imblance in the swap. Think of it this time without prejudgment !
3. olmert
Am Israel ,   Be'eretz Israel   (01.01.07)
What happened to that war that you started as to release Shalit during the summer ?? Why did you end it so abruptly without any positive results for us ? You stopped it because aba Bush told you so (Same as Lebanon) Now go an eat your hat
4. What's too much?
Mel ,   Ra'anana   (01.01.07)
Is there a magic formula for this decision? If PM thinks 1000 is too much does that mean that 945 is satisfactory? Of course the price is high but we have paid more for drug dealers. These are combat soldiers who could have taken desk jobs or left the country. I am sure the families are asking themselves similar questions.
5. Shalit's release
Hiram ,   Tel aviv   (01.01.07)
He should not have been abducted to start with. However, it is good to know that if true, one israeli life is worth the life of 1000 criminals.....Hamas has goone very far in self humiliation !
6. Maybe Olmert just a partial, not complete idiot.
Yacov ,   Ashkelon   (01.01.07)
The last time Israel stupidly released a large number of terrorists in a prisoner exchange, those released terrorists came back and killed over 130 Israeli Jews. Maybe even Olmert is not so stupid as to reward terrorism by releasing more terrorists. A better strategy would be for Israel to agree not to take 5,000 more Palestinians prisoner if Gilad is released unharmed.
7. olmert
kyle ,   las vegas usa   (01.01.07)
Military action should have been taken and the unconditional release of our soldier should have been the goal, but olmert you are inept and you should release 1500 prisoners in return for our soldier back so we can get intel from him and then crush the terrorists and give them a brutal message that they wont forget for decades. What is the difference between releasing 800 and 1500 nothing you are being played a fool either way, just resign and watch from the sidelines please!
8. This Is A Tragi-Comedy
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (01.01.07)
First, the whole article might be a way for Olmert to "test the waters", to see what the reaction would be among the public. Then again, maybe he agreed to some deal but then saw the reaction & changed his mind. Olmert is a lousy PM but a slick politician. I mean, please, look at him - does he look honest? Like the americans used to say about Nixon - 'Would you buy a used car from this man?" Othewise, the whole idea of negotiating is a sham, a comedy. Abbas could free Shalit, it's impossible that he doesn't know who has him & where he is. Hamas obviously knows where he is. Don't feed me this BS about some small group has the decision on this. But the whole idea of negotiating especially releasing ANY prisoners is the wrong strategy. Even if we don't invade Gaza, we can squeeze the shit out of them. Arrest all their leaders, both Fatah & Hamas. If we want to prevent this type of thing in the future, the terrorists must LOSE, plainly & unequivocably. We are being blackmailed by thugs.
9. Its another day :)
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul   (01.01.07)
I want to say Hi to all. News are same in all days. No suprices. But we are not same, everyday we learn, we face the life , we stay strong, I am in my holiday. I said my self, Let me see My Ynet. Anyway, you know, I like Olmert's human face. He has got okey face. But I dont know what is in his head. Okey. Lets stay out of politics today. Below, I have just wrote some from life, some from News, to my friends. Let me share it with you. All from my heart. I wish you have great day. ************ It is great feeling to see another day with a HOPE. We create the tomorrows. This is perfect world. We are all perfect equipmented by The God. NO DOUBT about it. Are we ready to give our lives out for better world ? why not The more we give, the more better we create. and it is worth. WHY MANY PEOPLE AFRAID OF THE GOD ? He is not scarry Dady. He is not Mob Boss. HIS LOVE FOR US, 100 TIMES BIGGER THAN A MOTHER'S LOVE TO HER BABY. all of us have a potential TO BE A PRINCE / PRINCESS OF THE GOD. Lets not afraid. They can call us ; stupid, dumb, nut, crazy, mad, sick..... These years will go as wind. In 40-50 years we will meet Him, we will see the facts. we will ask him our questions. I WILL ASK HIM, WHEN I DIE, TO COME THIS WORLD AGAIN.....I will ask him some Healing power WHY NOT. any way, dont get me wrong, my head health is just okey. We never know what the tomorrows brings. WE NEVER AFRAID OF THE GOD. I never afraid of Him. Well, if he wont give me what I will ask, Rock in Roll (fight) Joke or not joke. He did create every feeling. Saddam Died. They didnt even let him to complate his last words (according to religion) Even He was an animal in all his life, No human deserve to die as an animal. These are to make Islam world go into dirt shit. to show it to world. Well, it is okey. Islam has no leader today. They lost their way. maybe some day, someone makes them wake-up and work for world peace. NO ONE LIKE WEAKS. ISLAMIS PEOPLE ARE THE ONLY ENEMY FOR ISLAM. 99 % OF THEM IN WRONG WAY. Their Islam died but Mine is survives. Lets see .... ***************** I am with my parents. I am Happy. I wish you all happy. Mahal Kita _________________ Atilla Karagözoğlu Istanbul / Turkey
10. Reply #1
LIza ,   Israel   (01.01.07)
And how are the Shalit's supposed to get back their son if there are no prisoners released? I'll bet Olmert would give all the prisoners in exchange for Shalit if he were his son - so what's your solution?
11. #10 Liza: Solution
Yacov ,   Ashkelon   (01.01.07)
I fully sympathize with Gilad. Also the other soldiers kidnapped by Hizbollah, who seem to have been forgotten. A better solution would be to take 10 Palestinians hostage for every day Gilad his held hostage. Set the example for what can happen to Hizbollah if they don't return our other soldiers.
12. the only solution: destruction of hamas
13. Shalit alive...
Ariel ,   Jerusalem   (01.01.07)
I pray that Shalit is still alive. I recommend the Gazarabs to do the same.
14. Jews are sadistically funny!
Marwan ,   Amman, Jordan   (01.01.07)
So you people sympathize with ONE Gilad Shallout and think his release is worth a high price, HOWEVER you still can't grasp why Palestinians would keep giving you as much hell as they can till you release their 10 THOUSAND POW's?!
15. new deal: Israel arrests 1400 PA a day until Shalit is free
Joseph ,   Really Sick of this   (01.01.07)
What is this crap? Nobody negotaites with terrorists, you learn that in hostage101. If Israel needs a stronger postion then go out there and GET IT. They are not realistic people to deal with, arrest 1400 a day until they agree to release shalit or until half of them are in Jail. What low life animals are these people, to value their own people at 1,400 to 1. Very sad excuse for a nation.
16. Yes, Hamas wants Millions in cash, Guns & longrange Qassams!
KMR ,   Middle East   (01.01.07)
17. Re: Jews are sadistically funny!
Ariel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.01.07)
So please explain.
18. Olmert The John
Dan Friedman ,   NYC USA   (01.01.07)
Ehud negotiating with the hooker over the price of her services.
19. #15 - that attitude is why Israel inevitably loses!
PL ,   New York, USA   (01.01.07)
You cant label a whole supressed and deprived peoiple terrrorists! Israel needs to make friends in the neighborhood, not anger more. All the high tech American weapons will not allow Israel to remain a jewish state in the coming decades, when more than half the population in "greater Israel" is not Jewish. Demographics and the rise of neighboring Arab states will cause unstoppable pressure for Israel to treat ALL people as equal. Be reasonable and democratic (not just for Jews) and survive. Act like an an arrogant, inhumane oppressor to the majority of the population and lose it all in the end!
20. without deal Israel's loss is disproportionately far greater
than the Palestnians' loss. Palestinians have nothing to lose more than they have already. Think of it in this way. Be realistic.
21. #10 look to #11 response, Thankyou FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE
DAVID ,   USA   (01.01.07)
It doesn't matter if they are all eventualy set to be released, let that take place in time, according to an established justice ministries rules and regulations. If you exchange or swap prisoners we are lowering ourselves to the Terrorists standards and practices, if we are going to play by those rules we may as well do as #11 suggested and then we'll see how viscious we can be
22. Do the math!
Kirk   (01.02.07)
If Hamas wants 2,000 Palestinians for ONE Israeli, then, using simple math, Israelis must be worth 2,000 times more than Palestinians. Figuring how islamics allow their children to be killed for nothing, I'm not surprised that they believe they're so worthless.
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