Former Jerusalem Mayor Kollek dies at 95
Ynet reporters
Published: 02.01.07, 10:37
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rebab ,   Raanana, IL   (01.02.07)
2. R.I.P Dear Friend.
3. Thank you Teddy
Talula ,   Israel   (01.02.07)
For all that you were and everything you have done. A precious wonderful man. We shall miss you.
4. A man Jerusalem will be gratefull for ever
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (01.02.07)
Men of this stature harldy exist in our generation Sad news Yehi zichro baruch
5. Teddy Kollek was racist
zeev geneva ,   geneva switzerland   (01.02.07)
Teddy Kollek, an Austrian as his unfamous compatriot, discriminated the non-jews living in Jerusalem, and his racist policy was continued by those who followed him. He is responsible of injustice. Don't flatter unjust people! Blame them! Unjustice should never be praised. This man is responsible of war and violence.
6. 5 You know what they say...
If you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut. Teddy Kollek was a lovely man and cared for his people.
7. I won't mourn
Daniel van Dalen ,   Jerusalem   (01.02.07)
I'm not forgiving him his hatred against religious Jews, which surpassed the borders of constituting anti-Semitism. I will not forgive him the 1982 Toldos Aharon pogrom, the destruction of Jerusalem by hunting religious residents out of the city and bringing secular ones into it. Lupolianski the 'religious' traitor is not much better. The rightful leadership of Jerusalem are the rabbonim of the Edah, led by Rav Dovid Soloveitchik shlita, Rav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss shlita, Rav Moshe Shternbuch shlita. Nobody else has the right to make decisions affecting the Jews of Jerusalem.
8. Teddy Kollek
Tova Weiss ,   Scranton, PA, USA   (01.02.07)
Teddy Kollek, was, indeed a great mayor for Jerusalem and a powerful man throughout his career. He did incredible things for Jerusalem architecturally and economically as well as in serving the varied population. I think it must be noted, however, in any fair biographical sketch, that during the War of Independence for Israel, Mr Kollek was one of the Hagannah oficers who took part in the "saizon", the so-called"open season" in which Hagganah members turned in fighters from the other underground groups ( Etzel and Lechi) to the British, allowing them to be incarcerated, tortured, and sometimes killed. One needs only to read through the Hagganah's own records of that time to know this.
9. Teddy z'l great man, but made mistakes
dante ,   uk   (01.02.07)
he did a lot for the city and was an incredibly effective spokesman for Jerusalem. but, {sometimes in order to win support for pet projects) he allowed the construction of a number of horrible buildings, awful architecture, poor construction. since Teddy's retirement, however, things have gotten far worse. of course, olmert cared only about himself and, so, as mayor of Jerusalem, he allowed the construction of a lot of junk.
10. Zeev, since when is Budapest Austrian?
Jake   (01.02.07)
Teddy Kolleck was born near Budapest, in Hungary. He is not Austrian, unless you want to argue everyone in the Austro-Hungarian empire was Austrian. Anyway, he was a Jew and an Israeli, and you make no sense in anything you said (as usual).
11. Tovah Weiss, which is worse?
Jake   (01.02.07)
The Hagannah saison and 'Altalena', which resulted in a united IDF under one command and a victory for the newborn State of Israel....or 3 separate Jewish militias fighting for their own agendas, and eachother, while the invading Arab armies conducted their invasion "to rival the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades".
12. Too bad Olmert destroyed much of Teddy's Jerusalem
malcolm   (01.02.07)
He worked tirelessly for years and did an incredible job in making Jerusalem shine. ButjJust as he is destroying the entire country as we speak, Olmert destroyed Jerusalem in short order after he took the reins.
13. Teddy Kolleck grew up in Vienna
zeev geneva ,   geneva switzerland   (01.02.07)
Born to a Jewish family in Nagyvázsony 120 kilometres from Budapest, Austria-Hungary. He grew up in Vienna. ( He discriminated the Palestinians for the only crime of being non-jews. There is no reason to praise him. He is a racist.
14. Zeev
MK ,   USA   (01.03.07)
I would like to hear your specifics concerning Kolleck. The Wikipedia article that you posted printed the following: "He was a mayor and a father as well for the Jews as the Arabs with whom he had very good connections."
15. Teddy a racist?
David ,   UK   (01.05.07)
Racist? Responsible for injustice? Zeev, you cannot be referring to the man I knew well, and counted as a personal friend. As a non-Jew in Jerusalem, I found Teddy to be totally non-discriminating. The prophets spoke of Jerusalem being rebuilt and returned to its former glory. Mayor Kollek did more than any other person in the 20th century toward the fulfillment of such prophecies.
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